How to Make a Screen Screen on Iphone 7

How to Make a Screen Screen on Iphone 7

The seventh generation of the new smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus received a completely different Home button. Now instead of a physical button there will be a touch. Perhaps buying a new smartphone, you will have a question, how can I take a screenshot.

The new Home button is capacitive, however, the built-in Tapic Engine technology will allow you to feel the pressure the same as on previous iPhone models, where the button was physical. It also means that system features like entering DFU mode or a full iPhone reset will go a little differently.

So what about the screenshot? This can be done the same way as on all Apple devices.

How to take a screenshot?

Step one. Press the Power button (the one that locks the device) on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Step Two At the same time, press the Home button (the button at the bottom of the screen with the fingerprint sensor).

Step Three Your iPhone’s screen will blink for a second and at this time you will hear a sound similar to a camera shutter release. If this happened, then a screenshot was taken.

If you can not hold both buttons at the same time, practice again. If you do not pinch them at the same time, Siri may accidentally open, or the iPhone will lock.

How to take a screenshot using Assistive Touch

If you do not want to use buttons Home and Power, then for you there is an opportunity to block the device and take screenshots on it only by tapping the screen. Assistive Touch Mode allows, in addition, to perform many more important functions. The function looks like a small gray dot on the screen.

Step one. First you need to turn on the mode Assist touch. Open the settings and go to: Basic Universal access. Assist touch.

Step Two Enable Assistive Touch mode by clicking on the slider.

Step three. In the same menu you will find the item “Configure the top level menu” (in the screenshot below, the English version is “Customize Top Level Menu”). Click on this tab.

Fourth step. Click on the asterisk with the caption “User” (the English version is Custom in the screenshot below).

Fifth step. By adding the “Screenshot” function (in the English version. screenshot. in the leftmost screenshot above), you get the opportunity to take screenshots using the iPhone with just one hand. To do this, using the Assistive Touch, just click on the transparent gray dot on the screen.

How to find and use these screenshots?

Step one: Open the Photos app.

Second step. Click the “Albums” tab and open the “Screenshots” album.

Step Three Scroll to the end of the album and find your last screenshot there.

Step Four To share a screenshot, you should find in the lower left corner a special icon similar to a box with an up arrow and click on it. Then you will see a list of applications to which you can send the image.

This is all it takes to take a screenshot. As you can see. nothing complicated and just like on previous iPhones.

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