How to make a screen screen on a samsung tablet

How to save a screen picture on the samsung tablet. Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab and the like

You need to save the screen on the Samsung tablet and you do not know how to do it? In this article you will find several ways to make a screenshot on tablets and smartphones Samsung working on the Android operating system.

Screenshots function allows you to capture all the information from the screen and saves it as a picture. Below you will find a few simple ways how to take a screenshot on Samsung tablets. Typically, those who are trying for the first time save the screenshot of the screen may not turn out the first time and may have to repeat the procedure again. Do not forget to leave below the review and indicate the model of the device and the method that approaches your device, so that other visitors to this page are useful from you.

1) To save Screenshot on Samsung, click on the tablet at the same time the “Home” button and the “inclusion/lock” button for a few seconds. The “Home” button is in the center under the screen. If everything went well, then you will see a notification on the preservation of the picture on the tablet screen and perhaps hear a sound notification. The stored screenshot can be found in the gallery or in the Pictures/ScreenCapture folder or the Pictures/ScreenShots folder.

2) If the first method did not help, then we are trying to scan the screen on the tablet in the second way. To do this, press the “volume reduction” button and button “turning on/locking” at the same time and keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds. With successfully maintaining the screenshot on the Samsung tablet on the screen, you will see a notification of the shot shot. The shot screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy tablet can be seen in the gallery in the Pictures/ScreenCapture pack or Pictures/ScreenShots folder.

3) If the above methods did not help to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung tablet, then try this option. Press and hold on the Android tablet the “Home” button and the “back” button, both of these buttons are under the screen. This method is mainly used on Samsung tablets with Android 2.3. The shot picture from the tablet screen can be viewed in the gallery or in the Pictures/Screencapture folder or in Pictures/ScreenShots.

I hope one way helped you take a screenshot on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate the model of the device and the method in which you were able to keep the screen of the screen of your tablet so that the others remains useful information from you. Thanks for the responsiveness!

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How to take a screenshot on the tablet Windows Phone

Windows mobile devices are equipped with preinstalled functionality that allows you to take screens. Manufacturers offer the following key combinations:

Due to the specific location of the keys on tablets, it will not be convenient for everyone to take pictures of the screen using this method. For such users, we will consider how to take a screenshot of the screen on the tablet using an application from third.Party developers.

How to screen record on your Samsung galaxy tab a

Hot keys are the easiest way to make a screen on devices with Windows Phone

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Quickcapture-a program for creating pictures of web pages. There is a functionality that will help create a full screen of the site. Software is available on personal computers and mobile devices, easy to use, allows you to quickly share contacts.

Turn a Tablet Into a Second Display With Duet


On many Samsung tablets, which have an old version of Android (2.3 and 4), you can take a screenshot in another way. You need to press and hold two buttons again. This is “home” and “back”. These keys are at the very bottom of the display. You can find a screen picture in the Gallery or in the Pictures/Screencapture folder. On some devices, screenshots are preserved in Pictures/Screenshots.

For reference! Some users connect the keyboard to the tablet for the convenience of entering information. In this case, taking a picture of the screen is even easier. It is enough to find and click on the Printskrin key. It is usually indicated like this. PRTSCR or Print Scrn.

Step.By.Step instructions for Samsung Galaxy

There are several options on how to take a screenshot on Samsung devices:

  • At the same time, click on the power button and the “Home” button. This method is the most popular. You can apply it in phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 and on it.
  • At the same time, clamp the buttons “volume down” and “power”. This method is suitable for almost all androids. You can use it in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, in which it is not possible to implement the first option.
  • On the old versions of Android, such as Samsung Galaxy S, a combination of simultaneous pressing “Home” and “back” was used.
  • In the latest models of Sumsus there is a function “Skart of the screen with a palm”. It implies that you need to draw a palm from one edge of the gadget to another. But this is a special case, not all devices have such a function. To enable it (if it is provided for by your device), you must go into the settings and select the “Gestual Management” item. The next section that you need is called “Acts when moving the hands”. And already in it we select the item “Palm Swipe to Capture”.
  • In Play, learning to download programs that allow you to take a picture of the screen, and then follow the instructions.

Third.Party Android programs from Google Play

Do not know how to make a screenshot on Android if you have an outdated phone model or you need more editing options? To do this, you can use mobile applications. Consider the two simplest options.

Screen Master

This screenster adds an additional icon to the main screen, by clicking on which you will get a ready screenshot. The application also allows you to take photos of the entire page page and process photos in the internal editor.

  • Install the Screen Master application and run software.
  • In the starting window, click on a large green button with the inscription “Turn on the screen capture”.
  • Expand the notifications menu by drawing a finger from the upper border down.
  • Slip “screen of the screen” and, if necessary, give the application the necessary rights.
  • The created photo will automatically open in the photo editor. Here you can edit photos or save it to the gallery.

If you want to create a long screenshot, click “sew”. When the software captures the entire area, click on the icon with a plus.

Screenshot Capture

The application allows you to photograph the screen with buttons, a special icon or shaking the device. In addition to standard tools, you can find interesting filters in the editor.

  • Install and run the screenster. In the starting window, allow the application to display on top of other windows.
  • Click “Start Service” to embed new functions in settings.
  • A small blue button will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on it and click the icon in the form of a camera.

If you want to enable shaking screenshot, select the “Screenshot” section in the starting window and set the appropriate settings.

How to make a screen picture on Android Samsung devices from the Smart Select panel

Another way to take screen pictures on Samsung devices on Android is to use the Smart Select Edge panel. You can use it to capture any part of the screen, getting rid of the need to edit images. Smart choice. One of your Edge panels. To get access to it, first find the handle of the Edge panel. The handle looks like a scroll strip and is located somewhere along the edge of the screen (in our Samsung Galaxy it was placed by default in the upper right corner). Click on it and draw a finger inside to put forward the outer panel.

You can even move left or right to view various Edge panels until you find Smart Select. Two buttons at the top allow you to select the capture form.

Use Smart Select to take screen pictures

Change the size of the grid in accordance with what you want to remove, and complete the creation of the screen, by pressing you ready.

Click ready to take a picture of the screen.

If you have problems using this method to create screen images on the Android Samsung device, you can configure some parameters by opening the “Settings” application. Then click on the display.

Access to display settings

Scroll down and tap the Edge Screen parameter. In the upper part of the next screen you can see animation on how to get access to Edge panels. Click on the Edge panel.

Turn on the switch or touch the Edge panels to get additional settings.

Then you can see the available EDGE panels and switch the option using the switch at the top. Smart choice should be turned on by default, but do not hesitate to add any other panels that you want to use. If you have completed all the steps until this moment and cannot find your EDGE panels, click on the “more” parameter in the upper right corner.

Click more for additional options

Access to the marker settings, where you can configure the Edge panel to make it visible and easy to use.

Changing the appearance of the handle can simplify the use of this function

What to do if the keystrokes did not work

If the standard key combination does not take a screenshot, the problem is either in retention time (too short or too long interval), or in asynchronous pressing. You need to use the standard method 3-4 times, it may work. If nothing helps, then:

  • The problem is the firmware: either an outdated version or an unlicensed version, only a specialist from the company’s service department can solve the problem;
  • The problem is the device: either it is not Samsung (the smartphone is released by another manufacturer, the order is another), or a cheap fake is hidden under the name Samsung Galaxy.

If the phone is definitely samsung, the firmware is proprietary, but nothing comes out of the keys, you can take screenshots through the program icon on the display. Pressing on the icon activates the program, gives step.By.Step instructions.

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