How to Make a Screen on a Samsung Laptop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to take a screenshot (screenshot). We will learn how to photograph the entire screen or part of it.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

A screenshot is a screenshot, a photograph of what a person sees on a computer.

To create such photos on the keyboard there is a special button Print Screen. It may also be called Prt Scr, PrtScr, Prt Sc, PrtScn or PrntScrn.

How to Make a Screen on a Samsung Laptop

After clicking on it, nothing will happen. no clicks, no flashes. But the photographed screen will be fixed in the computer’s memory. For this image to be displayed, it must be inserted into the program for working with images. For example, in Paint.

The most popular way to take screenshots:

  1. Press the Print Screen button on the keyboard.
  2. Open the Paint program.
  3. Insert a snapshot into it.
  4. Save to computer.

But there are other ways. I’ll tell you more about each below.

In Paint

Let’s look at the steps to take a screenshot through Paint. This is the most popular way, because the Paint program is on every computer.

1. Press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. You do not need to hold it. just press and release once. It happens that you need to press two keys at once: Fn and Print Screen.

2. Open “Start” and at the end of the list, select “Accessories. Windows”. And from it select Paint.

And you can right in the open “Start” menu print paint and run the application.

3. Insert a snapshot. To do this, click on the “Insert” button in the upper left.

A photo of the screen will be added to the program window.

4. Edit the picture if necessary.

Since the resulting photo is larger than the program window, it usually goes beyond Paint. Its scale can be reduced through the slider in the lower right corner.

To crop the excess, use the Select tool. Click on it and holding the left mouse button select the part of the image that you want to leave. It should be indicated by a dashed line.

Then click on the “Crop” button at the top ().

Zoom in to 100% through the lower right slider. This way you will see a real picture of what happened.

5. Save the result to a computer.

To do this, click on the “File” button at the top and select “Save As.”.

A save window will appear. Go through it to the computer folder where you want to place the image. For example, if you want to add it to the desktop, then select “Desktop” in the list on the left.

In the File Name box, type a name for the picture. Usually it is called “Nameless” by default. You can print a number instead.

If necessary, change the file format in the lower field. In most cases, PNG or JPG is suitable.

Then click “Save.”

6. The screenshot will be recorded in that place and under the name that you specified when saving it (see the previous paragraph). This will be a regular photo file that can be written to a USB flash drive, sent by mail, published on social networks, etc.

On a note. If you want to take a picture of only one window that is currently open, press the key combination Alt and Print Screen.

Playing Scissors

Scissors (Snipping Tool) is a special program for creating screenshots. It is initially available in Windows 7, 8, and 10 (but not in all editions).

You can open the “Scissors” as well as Paint: Start → Standard. Windows → Scissors.

Or by typing the word scissors directly into the open Start menu.

Here’s what the program window looks like:

Click on the “Create” button. the screen is clouded. While holding the left mouse button, select the part that you want to photograph. After you release the mouse button, the image will be added to the program window.

The image is recorded on a computer in the same way as in Paint (see above).

On a note. In some Windows editions, the Scissors program is not. Therefore, if you did not find it on your computer, it means that it is initially absent in your system. Use one of those programs that I talk about at the end of the article instead.

Via keyboard shortcut

On Windows 8 and 10, you can take a screenshot using the Win Print Screen keyboard shortcut. The image is immediately saved to the “Screenshots” folder.

To do this, press the Windows key () and, without releasing it, press the Print Screen key.

Now open the Images folder. There will be a folder “Screenshots”, and inside your photo.

And in Windows 10, using the Win Shift S keyboard shortcut, you can run the “Sketch on a screen fragment”. This is an improved version of the Scissors app. there are more editing tools.

Services for creating screenshots

To create screenshots, you can use special services on the Internet:,, and others. They have editing tools: crop, rotate, print text, arrow, line, shapes.

How to take a screenshot through the service:

  1. Take a picture of the screen by pressing the Print Screen key. Or just one active window by pressing Alt Print Screen.
  2. Go to and paste the image by pressing Ctrl V.
  3. If necessary, edit the picture and save it: right-click on the photo. Save Image As.

Also, the photo will be available via the link. it is indicated in the “URL of this page” field.

On a note. To send screenshots over the Internet it is better to use the site Download the image and get a short link. on it the frame will be available to everyone on the Internet. This link can be sent by mail, through a social network or messenger, published on the site / forum.

Screenshot Software

There are separate applications for creating screenshots. They are convenient if you need to take pictures often. Next, I will briefly talk about the most convenient free programs.

LightShot ( simple, compact. It has editing tools: line, arrow, frame, pencil and marker, add text. Allows you to upload a file to and get a link.

Pick Pick ( is not only a photo of the screen, but also a full-fledged graphical editor. A large set of tools: lines, shapes, arrows, text, frame, shadow, blur, watermark, brightness adjustment and others. You can switch the program to Russian as follows: Options. General –Language. Russian.

  • Screenshot of a scrolling window
  • Download to social networks, mail, cloud
  • Configure Hotkeys

Hot Key Screenshot ( suitable for computer games. Quickly takes a picture with the assigned key and saves it to the computer in a special pic folder (located in the program folder). No installation required.

There are other free apps. They are approximately the same in functionality, but have certain restrictions: registration is required, there is no Russian language, support for only certain versions of Windows, etc. There are also paid programs for professional work: Snagit, Movavi Screen Recorder.