How to make a redirect from the iPhone to another

make, redirect, iphone, another

Calls forwarding on the iPhone: how to enable, disable, view the parameters?

There are many situations when forwarding is necessary under the “pressure” of life or production circumstances. Most often they are associated with the fact that there is no way to accept an incoming call to a specific number or desire. Some reasons lie in that:

  • The battery of the phone is discharged or soon “sits down”;
  • At the end of the work day or on weekends, it is necessary to limit the flow of working calls to a personal number;
  • During the vacation, the dessions to the service mobile phone must be redirected to a colleague who remained for a replacement;
  • Upon arrival in another country, the user purchased the SIM card of the local telecom operator;
  • The old phone number is no longer used.
make, redirect, iphone, another

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Redireing calls on the phone

Before proceeding with the activation of the function under consideration, it is worth noting that on some tariff plans it simply does not work. Find out if it is supported in your case, you can from the supplier of mobile services (operator) or in his mobile application.

The inclusion of redirecting calls on smartphones with Android and iPhone is performed in different ways and in different places of the operating system, and therefore further consider each of them separately.


In order to configure calls to calls on most mobile devices with Android, you must contact the Settlement Separations of the Pre.Established Application “Contacts”. In different versions of the OS and on the branded shells from manufacturers, it can visually differ, but often the point that solves our problem has an unambiguous name that cannot be ignored. Having found it, just indicate the phone number to which calls will be sent in the future. Some third-party tanning applications are provided with a similar possibility, the algorithm of which is no different from that in the standard solution. Find out in more detail about what actions will need to be performed specifically in your case, the article submitted by the link below will help.


On Apple’s mobile devices, most branded applications are deprived of their own settings menu, more precisely, such important management elements are made in the common section for iOS. That is, in order to make a redress of incoming calls, you need to contact the IPhone settings, where the standard means for making calls is represented by a separate item. “Phone”. It is precisely the function that interests us is that you first need to activate, and only then correctly configure, indicating another number. Understand that redirection works, a special icon in the notification line will help. All of the above, but much more detail, was previously considered by one of our authors in a separate material with which and

How to put a redirect on the iPhone using the “continuity” function

One of the useful functions, which is present only on devices running iOS, will be “continuity”. This parameter is also activated in the smartphone settings. Unlike standard forwarding, continuity is provided to the user for free.

The essence of this technology is that all the calls that enter one of the devices are simultaneously broadcast to all. So, if the user receives a call to the iPhone, then he will be displayed on the iPad, Iwatch and MacBook. Thus, all devices are connected among themselves.

At the same time, it does not matter if there is no SIM card on the device. The call can still be accepted. It also does not matter if the device is on the network at the moment. The call for the call is not removed, as it takes place on Apple.

On older versions of the operating system, this function works only under certain circumstances. So, to transmit the call of the device must be connected to one Wi-Fi network. But this restriction was fixed after the release of the operating system 9.

“Continuity” sets up quickly enough. To do this, you need to have several devices that work with the iOS operating system, and follow the instructions:

  • Run the settings of the gadget.
  • Open the “Phone” item.
  • Go to the menu “Other devices”.
  • Move the slider to activate the function.

For the correct operation of the function, it is necessary that all the gadgets work on one Apple ID account.

Read more about the function “Continuity” and other iPhone capabilities can be viewed in this video

What is forwarding and why is it needed

In simple words, redirecting is a redirection of incoming calls to other numbers, often belonging to the owner of the main number. The function is turned on automatically if the user at the moment cannot respond to the call or he has no desire. Let us give examples when the option works:

  • The smartphone broke down or a battery sat on it. Simply put, the mobile device is not available. In this case, the caller immediately hears the message in the tube: “The apparatus of the called subscriber is turned off or is outside the network of network” or “the number is not available”. The user who turned on the forwarding will receive a call to another connected number. It can be a worker, home or additional phone.
  • Loss of access to the number or change of mobile operator. It happens that the SIM card was lost or the user decides to change the tariff plan. It is obscene about this hundreds of contacts, but I don’t want to lose touch with loved ones because of this. In this case, it is enough to configure the forwarding, as it will save a lot of time. For the caller, nothing will change. The number in the phone book and during the call will remain the same, but in fact the call will be redirected to a new combination of numbers.
  • One of the devices is forgotten at home or at work. If the subscriber does not respond within a few seconds, then the call is automatically redirected to another device connected to this service. It is worth configuring this option in advance so that after 15-30 seconds the subscriber can get through to you.
  • The subscriber speaks another line. If the current number is talking with another user, then forwarding may be activated. This is very convenient if managers should not miss a single call from customers. In this case, subscribers will be able to get through to a colleague.
  • Limiting the flow of working calls for personal number. At the end of the working day, there is an opportunity to enable forwarding so that the calling people get to the service fishing line for the trimmer.
  • Vacation or rest. The function is activated if the subscriber is temporarily not working. In this case, calls from unfamiliar numbers (which are not in the “contacts”) are automatic redirected by a colleague who remained to replace.
  • Buying a SIM card of another operator outside the country.

Inclusion of a function through a telecom operator

There are several ways to activate the option specifically in your mobile operator.

  • Go to the operator’s official website and find the necessary service through the built.In search system. It is here that all complete and relevant information will be located. Read the additional conditions carefully if they are indicated.
  • Launch an application of a mobile operator on your iPhone. In your personal account in the same way, find the option and activate it.
  • Visit communication salon and specify everything with consultants.

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In what way to connect an option through a mobile operator is not important, but there is one nuance. For example, some operators have an additional connection fee if you contact them directly through the call center. Yes, this only applies to forwarding, but still such a small minus is present.

Turning on and off the redress

The function is available to the owners of all iPhone without exception, starting with the first model. The technology did not change, so the method of connecting is universal for all devices. In order to configure forwarding, the installation of additional applications is not required. It is enough to perform a few simple manipulations directly “out of the box”:

make, redirect, iphone, another
  • Inside the “settings” select “Phone” section.
  • Further. “ADVRESSION”.
  • Set the switch in an active state.
  • In the field opened, enter a mobile phone or instant messenger number, for example, Skype or Google Voice, to which the calls will be redirected.
  • Make sure that the function is enabled. Status bar will show the icon of the phone with an arrow. For verification, it is recommended to call the forwarding number.

If necessary, turn off the forwarding in the iPhone can be a simple mowing movement in the menu. In a situation where it was necessary to change the number where the calls will come, act according to a similar scheme. Open “settings”, remove the previously introduced number and drive a new.

Make a redress from one number to another is easy. But several important points should be taken into account. The main thing is that the mobile operator charges a fee for this service.

Also, being abroad and using a local “SIM card”, remember that the calling people will make calls at the “roaming” value, which is quite expensive.

And finally, there is a chance to put only complete redirection on your own. Choose the conditions under which forwarding will occur, the operator will help.

How to disable the redirect on the iPhone

If the forwarding function is no longer needed, it can be turned off. Here all actions will depend on how it was tuned. If the option was included in the smartphone settings, then it must be turned off exactly there.

  • Launch the corresponding iPhone menu.
  • Go to the point “Phone”.
  • Choose “ADVRESSION”.
  • Turn off the function by moving the corresponding slider.

After that, the call forwarding will be completely disconnected on the smartphone. If the user connected the service through special commands, it is necessary in the same way and turn it off. For this purpose, a special team “## 002#” is also used and click on the call command.

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If there are any problems when setting up or disconnecting the function, the user can contact Support. Operators will help to deactivate the service in a few minutes. After disconnecting the forwarding, the corresponding SMS message will come to the smartphone. Thus, the user may be sure that the calls will no longer be transferred to another device.

How to check the settings of redirecting in the iPhone?

You can also check the settings of redirecting on the iPhone using built.In codes that are relevant for all GSM network subscribers regardless of the operator. For example, by typing a combination #21 #, you can find out what calls were directed to another number.

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