How to make a program by yourself on your computer

Programs to create programs on your computer

If you have an idea for creating applications and you’re looking for a software that can make it work, here are the most popular utilities for developing programs. Contains a professional toolset requiring knowledge of programming languages. Others allow even inexperienced users to quickly grasp the full functionality to create their first simple program without the need for lengthy training.

Visual Studio is a powerful environment for application development that includes a wide range of functional tools. Supports all popular languages, including: C, JavaScript, Visual Basic, AJAX, Python, TypeScript, and so on. Contains tools of source code static analysis and its complex debugging.

You will be able to create software for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and mobile devices running Android and iOS. Enjoys real-time collaboration on the same project from different computers.

  • Large number of functions;
  • Availability of a debugger for JS;
  • Support for multiple monitors;
  • Using split windows XML and CSS;
  • Handy workspace adjustment;
  • Advanced code constructor and editor;
  • Simple and intuitive interface in Russian;
  • Ability to develop Windows Forms graphical elements;
  • Regular updates from the official Microsoft website.

IntelliJ IDEA. features the most powerful tools for creating commercial, mobile and Web applications. Regular updates from the developers’ site. Useful means of code quality analysis and autocompletion in its arsenal.

The list of compatible languages includes: JS, Java, HTML, Groovy, CSS, XML, ActionScript, Scala, CoffeeScript, Perl5, Erlang, Fantom, Lua, OCaml, GLSL, Haskell and many more. Support for application servers such as WebLogic, Virgo, GlassFish, WebSphere, Tomcat, TomEE, JBoss, Resin, Jetty, Geronimo. Working with databases and SQL files is available.

  • Remote access to your projects;
  • Built-in intelligence designer for Swing;
  • Professional development of Android applications;
  • Allows you to create a program and test it;
  • Convenient tooltips for parameter names and value types;
  • Support for all the latest Java technologies and frameworks;
  • Preview function in a popup window;
  • Works with modern Windows, Android, iOS, etc. platforms.д.
  • Integration with Perforce, Git, Team Foundation Server, Subversion, CSV, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial.

HiAsm. modern application builder with a rich set of features. You can do the program quickly and easily, even without having a high level of knowledge of any of the languages. No problems with the software usage. Russian localization and handy tooltip available.

A vast library of components opens in front of you, which can be connected to each other into complete constructions and schemes. Embedding of graphics and sounds is available. Standard functionality of the utility can be extended by connecting modules and packages, so you can create your own applications for almost any OS. It works on the principle of object-oriented programming.

Note the online version of HiOn, with which you can assemble circuits right in your browser, including from various smartphones and tablets. Accessible to repost screenshots of your workflow to popular social networks.

Key advantages of HiAsm:

  • Cross-platform;
  • Convenient controls;
  • Allows you to create a game in 2D and 3D;
  • Project Collaboration Function;
  • Sending your schematics via email;
  • A quality visual programming environment;
  • It is possible to draw your own GUI elements;
  • Expandable by installing additional packages;
  • A wide choice of shapes, colors and styles for the interior of the developed software.

Game Editor is a free program for creating games and applications for various platforms, including Windows, Linux, as well as Handheld PC, PC/Windows Mobile. However, in order to run the ready projects on PC, the Java Runtime Environment library is needed.

In the process of development, you can use a set of different game objects, each of them can be given a behavior that will depend on a particular event. Worth mentioning is the built-in library with all sorts of animations, textures and models. You can add graphics and music to your projects in Ogg Vorbis, WAV, MID, MOD, S3M, IT and XM formats.

A small disadvantage of the tool, the interface in English. On the other hand. There is a handy tooltip that is understandable even to a beginner. In addition, the free version of the software does not require special knowledge of scripting or programming code. For those who have scripting skills and want to sell their projects in online markets, there is an Express version for 99.

  • Extremely simple menu;
  • Allows you to create games in 2D;
  • It is open source;
  • Ability to edit the behavior of objects;
  • The latest version works with high resolution screens;
  • Quick compilation of the same project for different devices;
  • Add JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, XPM, TIFF, PCX, XCF, TGA files.

The Arduino IDE allows you to develop a program to control automatic devices such as: LEDs, relays, microcontrollers or electric motors. Contains options to export, save, search, and replace sketches. An advanced compiler and module to load new firmware for the board is present.

The advantages of the free Arduino environment:

  • C code study;
  • Availability of a convenient main menu;
  • Developed robotics and automation firmware tools;
  • High speed of installing the program (sketch) into the devices;
  • Ability to work with several projects simultaneously;
  • Full compatibility with any kind of Arduino board;
  • Compatibility with Max/MSP, Macromedia Flash, SuperCollider, Pure Data;
  • Plenty of help information and examples for beginners.

How to write a program

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These days, computer programs are used everywhere, from cars to smartphones, in almost every job. As the world becomes more and more digital, the need for new programs will always increase. If you have a similar idea, why not do it yourself? See. Step 1 below to learn how to start learning the language, develop your idea on the product you’re testing, and then perform tests on it until it’s ready for release.

  • Study your daily tasks on your computer. Is there any way you could automate some of these tasks using a program?
  • Write down all the ideas. Even if it seems silly or outlandish at this point, things can change into something useful or even brilliant.

Check out the other programs. What they do? How they could do it better? What do they lack?? The answers to these questions may help you come up with your own ideas for writing the program.

Write a draft of a document. This document will outline the possibilities as well as what you intend to accomplish with the project. Linking to a draft document during the development process will help steer your project in the right direction and be purposeful. Read the Handbook for more information on writing a document. Creating a document project will also help you decide which programming language will work best for your project.

Start with a simple. When you are just getting acquainted with computer programming, you should start small and grow over time. You will learn a lot more if you set realistic goals that you can achieve with the core program. For example,

  • C. C is a low-level language that works closely with the computer hardware. It is one of the older programming languages that still has widespread use.
  • C. The biggest disadvantage of C is that it is not object-oriented. C will be helpful here. C is currently the most popular programming language in the world. Programs such as Chrome, Firefox, Photoshop and many others are created with C. It is also a very popular language for creating video games.
  • Java. Java is an evolution of the C language. it’s extremely portable. Most computers, regardless of operating system, can run a Java virtual machine, allowing the program to be used almost everywhere. It is widely used in video games and business software, and is often recommended as a primary language.
  • C#. C# is a Windows based language, it is one of the main languages used when creating Windows programs. It is closely related to Java and C. It is easy to learn if you are already familiar with Java. If you want to create a program for Windows or Windows Phone, you should take a closer look at this language.
  • Objective-C. is another “cousin” of C, specifically designed for Apple systems. If you want to create iPhone or iPad apps, this language is for you.
  • Some languages are interpreted languages, which means they do not need a compiler. Instead, they only need a language interpreter installed on your computer, and programs can run instantly. Some examples of interpreted languages include Perl and Python.
  • Variable declaration. variables are a way of temporarily storing your data in your program. These can be saved, changed, influenced and accessed later in the program.
  • The use of conditional statements (if, else, when, etc.).). this is one of the main functions of the program and describes how the logic works. Conditional statements are associated with “true” and “false” statements.
  • Using loops (for, goto, do, etc.). loops allow you to repeat processes over and over again until you are told to stop.
  • Using control sequences. these commands perform functions such as creating new lines, indents, quotations, and more.
  • Commenting on the code. Комментарии и мнения владельцев are essential for remembering what your code does, helping other programmers understand the code, and for temporarily disabling parts of the code.
  • Deal with common expressions.
  • In addition to books, the Internet is an endless treasure trove of tutorials and manuals. Look for tutorials for your chosen language on sites like CodeAcademy,, Bento, Udacity, Udemy, Khan Academy, W3Schools and many others.

Ask questions. Internet. a fantastic way to connect with other developers. If you find yourself stumped on one of your projects, ask sites like StackOverflow for help. Make sure you ask in an intelligent manner and can prove that you have tried several possible solutions.

  • Your prototype will change frequently during the development cycle, as you come up with new ways to solve problems or come up with an idea later that you want to include.
  • The prototype doesn’t have to be pretty. In fact, art and design should be some of the last things you focus on. Using the calendar example again, your prototype should probably just be text.
  • If you are creating a game, your prototype should be fun! If the prototype is not fun, then your full game has chances of not being fun either.
  • If the desired mechanics just don’t work in prototype, it might be time to go back to the drawing board.
  • A team is certainly not necessary for small projects, but will greatly reduce development time.
  • Running a team is a complex and difficult process, it requires good management skills along with a good structure for the team. Read this guide for more information about running a team.

Start from scratch if necessary. Once you become familiar with your programming language, you can get prototypes up and running within days. Because of their speed, do not be afraid to abandon your idea and start over with a different approach if you are not happy with the way it works. It’s much easier to make major changes at this stage than later, when features begin to “fall into place”.

How to write computer programs

Contributor(s): Archana Ramamoorthy, MS. Archana Ramamurthy is the CTO of Workday (North America). Highly accomplished product specialist, security advocate, advocate for more integration on a level playing field in the technology industry. Bachelor’s degree from SRM University and Master’s degree from Duke University. Working in product management for more than eight years.

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As technology becomes more and more accessible to the general public, the need for programmers. Writing computer codes and programs, aka coding, is a skill that is acquired and perfected over time, but even the most experienced programmer was once a novice. There is a wide variety of programming languages that are great for aspiring programmers, no matter what field you want to apply your skills in (for example, JavaScript is quite complex, so it is better to start with HTML or CSS). Find out how to learn how to write computer programs by reading this article.

  • When choosing a language, focus on the purposes for which you want to create program codes, and then choose a primary language. For example, if you want to develop websites you would start by learning HTML5, and then add CSS, JavaScript and PHP. If you want to create computer programs, start by learning C or any of the other basic programming languages.
  • If you become a professional programmer, you may find that you never use the language you originally learned for your work. Instead, you’ll keep learning new languages through documentation and experimentation.
  • Here are just a few popular sites: Bento, CodeAcademy,, html.Net, Khan Academy, Udacity, W3Schools and many others.
  • On wikiHow, too, you can find a variety of instructions for beginners to learn programming languages.
  • You can find instructional videos for almost any language on YouTube.
  • Stack Exchange is one of the most popular forums where professional programmers answer any questions from users.

Archana Ramamurthy. CTO of Workday (North America). Highly accomplished product specialist, security advocate, advocate for more integration on a level playing field in the technology industry. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from SRM University and a master’s degree from Duke University. Working in product management for more than eight years.

Our specialist shares her story: “I came to writing code without knowing anything about computer design or programming. When I wanted to learn how to write programs I started by reading books about the language and using information from the internet. There are so many resources available in the world today that it is very easy to learn new skills!”

and How to | How to create your own program

Step 1

First we download the program Algorithm and install it (

2 step

And so, the programming environment in which we will create the program is, it is completely russian, so it will not be difficult to understand it. At the beginning, create a folder (for example on the desktop) and call it “password keeper” in it create an empty.txt file and call it “database.txt” That’s the first step, let’s move on

step 3

Now let’s open the program.The first thing to do (so you don’t forget) is to save, to do this, click on file/save as/and in the folder on your desktop “password keeper”

Step 4

Now let’s start the process of creation. We add a table, see the screenshot there everything is shown.

Step 5

Then you need to create a menu with two sub-menus. Create a menu at the beginning, see the screenshot.

Step 6

Now right click on “file” and choose “add item”.Add two items and do not forget to write in the “text” field for one item instead of “Menu1 Item1″ Item1.”open” and for the other instead of “Menu1 Item1 Item2”. “save” should turn out as on the screen

Step 7

The next step will be to create events, so that when you clicked, in our menu, “open” it will open and when you clicked “save” it will save.And so, we click on the “file” then “open”, after we pressed “open” we can create an event.Here’s a screenshot.

Step 8

Now create an event for the item “save”. Let’s see

Step 9

Now let’s compare everything with the screenshot.Then we save our project. Now you can run the program by clicking “run” (the green triangle at the top).

The program opens in front of us, we type in the table any data then we press “file” “save” and save. Now, to check, close our program and run it again. Now click “file” “open” and our table should be filled with the data we entered earlier.

Step 10

And now if we are successful, let’s save our program in the usual format.Press “file/create ready program” and save.exe file in our folder “password keeper”.Now run that one.exe and click on “create a ready-made program for FREE” and follow the link to the site. Next, click on “Create an exe file for FREE

Step 11

And so we can use our first program.The first time will be difficult, I know by experience, but over time, the program will master and it will be easier.When I got Algorithm, we were taking a course on quadratic equations in school, in algebra, and I decided to make a worthwhile program for solving quadratic equations.It was my first worthwhile program. Anyone interested, you can download it ( ) and watch to make sure that you too can create some kind of useful programs)))

How to create a computer program

Note: creating a computer program requires knowledge of one or more programming languages and a few other things. On this page I will make some general points and outline the path to follow from idea to implementation. There will not be step by step instructions, but I will give some specific steps.

The main purpose of creating any computer program is to get a machine to do what a person wants it to do. In essence, a program is a set of instructions, by following which the computer performs the necessary actions or produces a result. This is why the phrase “write a program” is often used instead of creating it. Don’t think it’s very difficult to create computer programs. it’s not. But you should at least spend some time learning.

Anyone interested in developing software, such as a program, game, or online service, should start by learning a programming language. There are many different languages, and creating a new program requires time to learn and more information than this one page can provide.

So this article is meant as a general overview to tell you how to get started. An important initial step is to develop a plan for what program you want to develop. For example, the plan will include the purpose of the application, game or service and the features you want to include. Develop a plan and set goals.

As I mentioned above, there are many different programming languages. Choosing a language to learn can be a problem in and of itself. Creating a program with many features often requires you to have sufficient proficiency in one or more programming languages.

A basic understanding of the concepts of almost any programming language can help you get started. The list of programming languages includes examples of the different types of software that each language can create.

For example, one of the first programming languages I started learning was Java. Because it could be used to create programs for mobile. on J2ME. Now J2ME is not so actual, because the market is flooded with Android smartphones and iPhones, but to create android programs you also need to know Java.

In order to create websites, I learned successively HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. In fact, you can create a site in Java or C#, but it is easier and more relevant to use PHP, Perl, or Python for most projects.

Generally speaking, the choice of programming language depends on the type of program or script you want to create. For example, Visual Basic is popular because of its relative ease. You can learn the basics of programming with Pascal.

Other popular languages. C, C and C # are used to create games, applications, drivers, operating systems, and many programs that run on a computer. Java and Qt tools are suitable for those who want to create cross-platform software. not only for Windows, but also for Linux, Mac.

Choice of Editor and Programming Environment

Editor. is any program that allows you to write computer code. They range from simple (like any basic text editor) to advanced software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, JDeveloper, SharpDevelop or Microsoft Visual Studio. Fortunately, any program can be written in a text editor, which means you can get started for free. As you become more familiar with the programming language, a more advanced editor is recommended, since it can make coding and testing the code more efficient.

For Windows users, I suggest the Notepad editor. because it is free and supports syntax highlighting. If you’re on a Mac, you can use their free editor called TextEdit. Also keep in mind that development environments have built-in editors.

Most programming languages are high-level programming languages, which means that they are easy to understand, but impossible for a computer to understand. In order for the computer to “read” your program, it must be compiled or have an interpreter. Your programming language is the deciding factor as to whether you need a third-party program to compile or interpret.

  • Download and install a compiler or development environment.
  • Find information on the web or in books on learning the language.
  • Creating our first program.
  • Run it on your computer.

I have been creating programs for quite a long time. I started back with Electronica UKMC, programming in BASIC. Since then I have progressed a little: I gradually mastered Java, C, C#, PHP, work with different frameworks and CMS. You can always order the development of my program. low prices, extensive experience, high speed and guaranteed quality.

Windows: How to Create a Program

In this article I will try to show you how to create a program yourself, because it is very simple. Many of us are constantly working with programs, both complex and simple, but many do not think about what is actually a program. If to describe in brief, the program. is a set of instructions that are given to the computer according to the events occurring. Events can be such obvious things as pressing keyboard buttons, moving the mouse and pressing its buttons. Also events that are not so obvious to the uninitiated user can be notifications from the operating system, the computer hardware timer, the clock, and so on.

I will not argue about why you may need to write a program yourself, everyone has his own reasons. Let us go straight to installing the development environment and writing a minimal program, which will have a single window, in which there will be a button, on pressing which the program will close.

Initially, the creation of a program can be divided into the following steps:

  • The development of an algorithm for the program.
  • User interface design. The size and properties of the program window, the position of the control elements within the window (boxes, buttons, menus, etc), etc.
  • Writing the program logic. This is the part which reacts to the events of the pressing of the buttons, events of the operating system and displays the results of its work on the screen.

Since most of us are not genius boys and girls, born with a keyboard in their hands and not absorbed programming languages with the milk of their mother, we need a program more functional and clear than notepad. This program is called the Integrated Development Environment (IDE. Integrated Development Eniroenment). There are many environments like this. These are Microsoft Visual Studio, SharpDevelop, Netbeans, and others. In this article we will write a program for Windows, using the C# programming language, so we’ll choose SharpDevelop which is a free open-source. SharpDevelop has all the features you need to write a full-fledged program: Visual User Interface Design, autocomplete code and more.

We will install the latest version, which is available for download on the developer’s website.


Now install the program, I think this should be no problem.

After installing it, start the IDE.

Press the New solution button, or the File menu. New. Solution.

In the dialog window select: C#. Windows Applications. Windows Application. Name of the program. Create

In the Projects tab, open the MainForm.Designer file, as shown in the picture below.

In the Tools tab, we select the Button control and drag it onto the form. We now have a button on our form.

Let’s rename it and assign it an action. will close the program if the button is pressed.

Let’s rename the button: In the Properties window we find the property Text, change the value of Button1 to Close

Assign the event handler for the button

To do this, double-click on the button and the program will automatically create the Button1Click function. Inside this function we write: this.Close;

When you click Close, the program window will close, and then the program will close.

In most tutorials for novice programmers, the first program outputs a simple message “Hello world!”. I think it’s a little dumb, because in order to interest a beginner programmer, you need to show something more and more useful than just a window of text, such as the possibility of programming language C# and.Net Framework. Let’s implement the simplest arithmetic operations in our program. I think this will be much more useful.

So let’s create four buttons: “”, “-“, “”, “/” and three text boxes: two for performing arithmetic operations and one for the result.

Assign the event handlers for the buttons we press

Here is the text for addition. By analogy, I think you can guess how to do subtraction and other types of actions on numbers, up to subtraction and so on:

void ButtonAdditionClick(object sender, EventArgs e)

make, program, yourself, your

Note that I haven’t yet implemented the check for the entered value in the text box. If you enter an invalid value into it. The program will display an error message saying that you are trying to convert an invalid string to a numeric value:

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to create your own program: an overview of tools

Software development is one of the most promising trends of our time. People enroll in universities, study for 5 years to get a degree in programming and in the future to work in this profession. However to create programs for Window it is not necessary to have a higher education, absolutely anyone can learn it, the main thing is to have a desire. There are many programs for developing software and some of them don’t even require programming knowledge! In this article we will tell you how to create your own programs and which tools can be used for this.

Construct 2

This program is a designer of games and programs for different platforms. But do not underestimate its capabilities. Construct 2 is ideal for creating programs, especially if you are just beginning and have no programming knowledge. Everything is built on events, quite simply. Your first game or program you can create on the first day of training. Construct 2 is the perfect way for beginners to get to know the world of programming. For what it’s worth, you can download it for free. However, to increase the functionality you need to buy a license, which costs about 100


Many people know this program, probably since school. After all, it was there, at computer science classes, that all students developed their first programs. In fact, it is a very powerful tool in good hands. If you remember programs like Winamp, Total Commander, they were created with Dephi. The programming language used in it is Pascal, which, in turn, is very easy to learn. Many believe that this tool is outdated and should not be used in the development, but it is not so. The fact is that new versions of Delphi have been released. They’re called Delphi XE. The functionality has increased significantly, as well as the price. It is true that the price of this tool to create a program is rather high, but if you do it at a professional level, the cost will be recovered in a short time. I want to note that Delphi XE allows you to develop programs not only for Windows, but also for other platforms, including mobile. Of course, the next question is about the relevance of working with this tool. If you want to develop software for yourself, that is release on their own behalf, then there is no much difference, but the development of software to order the language may simply not be in demand on the market, it should be considered. Still, if you have ever wondered how to create your own program, this tool will suit you perfectly.

Visual Studio

The tool is more serious than Delphi, and has more functionality. Is one of the main tools programmers have for software development. In general, Visual Studio was initially created for developing in the C# and C programming languages, but recently the possibility to write code in Python has been added. Although it is more powerful than Delphi, it’s more difficult to learn Visual Studio. Visual Studio has much higher system requirements, and you won’t be able to work on a simple office computer. But if you want to do it on a professional level, and in the future you want to create big projects, Visual Studio is an excellent tool. It should be noted that apart from developing programs for Windows, you can also create websites, mobile and web applications using Visual Studio. There are many books and tutorials, both in text and video format, to learn this tool. You can download Visual Studio itself absolutely free on the official site, but you have to be registered first. Create your program with both Delphi and Visual Studio is easy, the main thing is not to be lazy and start learning.

Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2 is very similar to Construct 2 in functionality. Both of these tools are intended for fast application development. They are mostly used to create games, but you can also create programs with them. Unlike Construct 2, “hammock” has its own scripting language which is called GML. It’s easy enough to learn, and you don’t have to use it when developing. The point is that you can create programs with events, without using a programming language, but using it significantly increases the functionality of this tool. But I want to say that the Game Maker Studio 2 is paid, of course there is a free version, but it cut most of the features. But luckily the price is low, only 100. which can pay for your first product. There are of course cracked versions on the internet, but keep in mind that when downloading an app development program, you may run into viruses as well. You should respect the work of the developers of this tool, because 100 is not a big sum, you can buy it. If you need to create a program in a small amount of time, and you do not want to understand a complicated interface, then feel free to look at “hammock”, because this is exactly what it is designed for.

Drawing conclusions

In this article we reviewed some of the tools for software development. There is nothing universal, everyone chooses for his tastes. Whatever you like, that’s what you work with. Still wondering how to create your own program? Download it and start to study it right now!

Parsing this program line by line

This example shows that writing a simple program is something that any computer user can do. By looking at some examples from the PascalABC example code, you can learn how to write a program that helps you get your work done.