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Vintaframe Editor

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An example of a suitable software is the Vintaframe application. It can be downloaded and installed for free via and will help us make a photo collage or frame for Instagram.

  • We are entitled to use up to nine photos taken with our smartphone. We can include them in the collage, having processed each picture using filters, enclose it in a frame, and add, if desired, any textures and effects.
  • This minimal set provides unlimited creative possibilities.
  • The Vintaframe app offers about forty vintage-style backgrounds, twenty-five stylized filters, over twenty frames, forty collage layouts, about thirty textures and effects, and so on.
  • All this assumes millions of possible combinations, created individually by each user. Well, we will be able to share the result via Instagram.
  • In the latest version of the program, new textures, effects, backgrounds, layouts and so on were added, but most importantly, bugs were fixed in it.

How to make a collage on iPhone: useful apps

The camera of iOS mobile devices will help us to take very good amateur photos, provided there is sufficient lighting. This article will show you how to make a collage on iPhone, if the need arises.

For this we need the iTunes application and special software.

Other software

From iTunes, we can also download a free application such as Magic Collage from the developer Astontek Inc. It has a clear and simple interface.

  • Like the previous program, this application is equipped with various backgrounds and structures, as well as frames and effects.
  • As for collages, there is a separate menu for this. “Collage Explorer”. It will help us quickly choose a collage template for our own taste.
  • Once the collage is created, you can add it to the library to the rest, create a whole series of collages, or view all your work as a slideshow with music or other accompaniment.
  • There are three main modes for collage in total. We can share the result with our friends.

The features of the application include optimization for the iPhone 5, the presence of one hundred prints to choose from, the ability to apply stylistic effects and various masks, the use of the most common proportions for the background (1: 1, 16: 9, and so on), a large selection of templates for collages, dozens of images for background, color and frame selection at your own discretion.

This universal program is suitable not only for mobile devices, but also for iOS tablets and players.

How to close tabs on iPhone 11?

  • Open the switch menu with a swipe from the bottom edge to the middle of the screen.
  • We hold down any application until the close icon appears.
  • Click on the new icon, or swipe up.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

How to take a screenshot on iPhone SE 2020

  • Press the Side button and the Home button on your smartphone at the same time.
  • You will hear a characteristic sound, and a preview of the screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pinch the preview of the screenshot to share it immediately in any application.

How to Make a Collage on iPhone/ iPad! �� [EASY METHOD!]

How to take a screenshot on iPad Pro 2020?

How to take a screenshot or screen recording on iPad

  • Do one of the following: On an iPad with a Home button.
  • Tap the screenshot in the lower left corner and then tap Done.
  • Choose “Save to Photo” or “Remove Screenshot”.

How to make a screenshot of the screen if the button does not work?

If the PrtScn key does not work on a laptop or netbook, you can try pressing it in combination with the Fn (Function) key. It is usually located next to the bottom right, next to the arrow keys. If you have Windows 7 or Vista, then you can use an alternative way to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone 11?

  • Press the Volume Up button and the Side button on your iPhone 11 at the same time.
  • You will hear a characteristic sound, and a preview of the screenshot will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • To share a screenshot immediately, hold down its preview.

How to take a picture on the screen?

If you want to take a screenshot of only the active window (program), press simultaneously “Alt” and “Print Screen” on the computer; Alt, Print Screen and Fn are on laptop. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. Now you can paste it into a letter, photo editor or Word (press simultaneously the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons).

How to take a screenshot if the button does not work on iPhone?

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X r without a button?

  • Press and hold the side button on the right edge of the iPhone.
  • Press the “Volume Up” button.
  • Release both buttons.


For iPhone owners, a large number of image editors are also available to choose from, with which you can create a collage. Firstly, on iOS, the already mentioned Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop are presented, which more than adequately cope with the solution of the existing task. Secondly, there are many other applications in the App Store that contain in their library many frames and template labels, sets of effects and filters that allow you to process and glue pictures manually or completely automatically. The most popular of them, as well as how to use them, were previously considered by one of the authors of our site in a separate material, the link to which is indicated below.

The instructions above give a general idea of ​​how to combine photos, but the procedure is shown using an example of a small number of applications, which significantly limits the choice. At the same time, you can create a unique collage using almost any photo editor for iOS, and a separate article is devoted to them on our website.


This application has been developed for both iOS and Android, so no one should have any problems with this. Moldiv has many different options for photo collages in its functionality, which is a fun and simple process.

Two content will be presented for you: basic and paid. Free will be more than enough to create a beautiful collage.

What is a collage, and what are its types

Collage is the creation of a small masterpiece from different photographs, in one image. Simply put, this is a small unique picture, assembled from several different.

There are two collage techniques. The first method is not entirely modern, but does not completely limit you in imagination.

For it, you will need a sheet of paper, scissors, glue and a lot of different materials, which will make up your composition. Now you can forget about the word “impossible” and create without limiting your imagination.

The second method involves the use of the phone, the Internet and some applications. You can make a great collage of images from your phone.

Types of photo collages

Yes, don’t be surprised! Even collages have their own classification, because we have a lot of life situations, and therefore captured emotions too. So:

  • Family collage. The perfect choice to recreate many of your family’s joyful moments in one image. And it doesn’t matter if there are a lot of children around with you in the photo, or you will be with cats or dogs!
  • Romantic collages. Such a composition will be an excellent and pleasant gift for Valentine’s Day or the little date of a loved one. You just have to create a collage and then print it.
  • Collage about rest. Many people go on vacation to the sea, where they take many beautiful photographs. Or someone loves to travel, then they will get beautiful screensavers of various attractions. But if you do not fall into any of these categories, then you will still have a few photos from the summer: rest on the river, nature.
  • The fourth type is suitable for those who like to set plans for life. “Collage of desires” will allow you to compile a list of photos of your goals in one image.

Now, after we have figured out the main types of collages, we can proceed directly to their creation. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that modern technology is developing at the speed of light, and today many phones take very high-quality pictures.

Owners of iPhones 6 and iPhones 7 with the ability to take “live photos” or Samsung, honor and other brands with high image quality may not worry that their photos may not be noticed. These applications will allow you to create individual collages with your favorite images, and most importantly for free.

How to make a collage on your phone with built-in tools

Android gadgets are equipped with a built-in graphic editor. It includes a basic set of functions with which you can create a simple collage.

To create an original image on an Android smartphone, you must:

  • open the gallery and the desired folder where the material for the collage will be located;
  • press the “Options” button, select the “Create collage” item;
  • select the required pictures and click on “Finish”;
  • at the end of the process, the system will offer to choose a style and place the photo in the right places.

Then you can save the work and view it in the gallery, in a new album. If you don’t like something, the project can be changed by inserting another photo or changing the style.

If the built-in editor lacks functionality or filters, it is recommended to download the optimal program from Google Play. In this service, you can definitely find an application that will allow you to create a high-quality collage.


If, after reading the above instructions, you still could not find a suitable application for creating a collage, with our review of photo editors. all of them are also endowed with the necessary tools (frames, effects, filters, templates).

Detailed analysis of actions

  • The first step is to open the Moldiv application, such a window should open. Yes, there is advertising in the application, but it does not interfere with the creation of the composition in any way.
  • At the second stage, you click on the “collage” and choose from the proposed basic templates the one that you liked the most.
  • In the third step, you click on the template of your choice and on the cells of the composition. Everything is accompanied by tips, it will be easy for you to find your way.
  • Next, you edit your pieces of the composition the way you want. And also add, if desired, a background.
  • Click on the “save” icon in the lower right corner, choose the image quality and through which social network you want to share your creation.
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How to create a video from photos with music on iPhone

Each photo has its own story. If you combine several pictures into one video from a trip, from a memorable meeting or a walk, decorating with music, you get an author’s masterpiece. Memories will become much brighter and more pleasant. Let’s figure out how to make a video from a photo with music.

Built-in feature on iOS 10

If the iPhone is upgraded to iOS 10, then it’s pretty easy to create a small movie from your photos. You don’t even have to edit anything manually here: the built-in function will do everything by itself (!). So let’s get started:

  • Opening the “Gallery”.
  • At the bottom of the screen we see “Memories”.
  • We choose one of the proposed.
  • Determine the “mood” of the clip.
  • Watching the finished video.

But if it suddenly happens that the automatic video does not like it, you can fix it. When creating “Memories” from personal photos, the user changes the background music, selects a photo, increases or decreases the speed of transmission of pictures, adjusts the duration of the video.

Slideshow Maker

For more opportunities in creating video from photos with music, it is recommended to download a special application from the AppStore. For example, consider the Perfect Video video editor.

The program offers pro and regular versions. The first includes a wide range of options, but it is “for the money.” Many people need a free account to create slideshows.

This program differs from “Memories” in that it offers the following features:

  • Insert text, subtitles.
  • Selecting the format of the created videos.
  • Cropping pictures.
  • Adding watermarks.
  • Self-selection of the desired “piece” of melody.
  • Sound effects, transitions.

The downloaded app helps you to fine-tune your video clip.

Work algorithm

When launched, there will be a mini-menu at the bottom of the screen, consisting of three items:

  • Add videos or photos.
  • Write text.
  • Choose a song.

The following functions are available during editing:

  • circumcision;
  • resizing;
  • adding subtitles;
  • changing file size,
  • adjusting the speed of the product;
  • selection of effects for pictures and transitions.

To add sound to a video, in the appropriate section, select one of two options: “Select your own track from the playlist” or “Record sound”.

After all the edits, revise the result, and then export and save as a video. The film is easily launched from the “Gallery”. You can share it with your friends.

If you need a simple editor with no additional features, the built-in Gallery, available since iOS 10, is fine. It’s simple, but it has all the basic features. Create a video from photos using the editor will work without problems.

But if it turned out that the device with the iOS version is lower or you need advanced functions to create clips from photos, it is better to download one of the free applications from the AppStore. Programs differ from each other only in the number of functions provided.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

In the latest generation of smartphones, Apple has changed the way a device is quickly rebooted. Now for this you need:

Press and release the volume up button.

Press and release the volume down button.

Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

You need to do this fairly quickly with a minimum delay between clicks.

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and earlier

In all iPhone models from the very first to devices released in the spring of 2016 (iPhone SE) inclusive, Hard reset is carried out in the same way.

To reset, you need to hold down the Home button and the Power key until the Apple logo appears.

This reboot method works on all iPad and iPod Touch models.

How To Make a Photo Collage on Your iPhone!

How to make a Hard Reset on any iPhone model

The so-called Hard Reset should only be done in extreme cases. This type of device reboot is used if the smartphone stops responding to user actions and hangs corny.

In all other cases, the standard shutdown of the device should be carried out by holding down the Power button (Side button).

Hard reset allows you to reboot the iPhone, but different models do it in different ways.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

These devices use a slightly different reboot method. For this, for the first time, it was not necessary to use the Home button under the display.

Recall that starting with the iPhone 7, this key has ceased to be a physical button and is a touch button, and the Taptic Engine mechanism works out the feedback after pressing.

In the event of a freeze, the touch button will not respond to user actions.

So to implement a Hard Reset, you need to hold down the volume down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears.

Artyom Surovtsev

I love technology and everything connected with it. I believe that the greatest discoveries of humanity are yet to come!

How to make your own collage on iPhone from photos

The Apple phone makes it possible to capture bright moments and get great photos without any special knowledge from the owner of the device. Manufacturers have made the process of taking photos simple and easy. When “uploading” pictures to social networks, the user wants to save as many pictures as possible, but the number of publications is limited by the rules. Then there is a way out: make a collage on iPhone from a photo.

Collage Maker

Find the blue icon of the repository (App Store) on the iPhone desktop, click it. In the window that opens, “tap” on the search, enter the name of the program inside the line: Pic Stitch. This is a popular application designed to create a collage from photos.

Click on the “Download” button, confirm the action using a password from Apple ID or a fingerprint sensor. We are waiting for the program to load on the iPhone.

Create a collage with Pic Stitch

We launch the application from the desktop. The main window contains layouts with collages, divided into two categories:

  • “Classic”: strict and traditional options.
  • “Fantasy”: informal, unusual.

To make a collage of photographs, then proceed according to the instructions:

  • On the start page of the application, select the template you like, “tap” on it.
  • Click on one of the parts of the form that opens, load the photo (or several pieces) into the editor. In this case, the application will ask for access to “Photos”. You need to verify your rights. The program will load the iPhone Gallery, and a photo selection is already made from it.

In addition, audio accompaniment is added at the stage of editing the composite picture. To do this, you need to “tap” on the “Audio” icon at the bottom of the screen.

The original photo on the social network will be noticed if the photo is presented correctly. Making collages is a fun and creative process that helps show your profile visitors a lot of great pictures put together. It will certainly be useful, effective and practical if, for example, a travel report is published.

Screenshot. Frame Maker

Free application that allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen or only the active working window of the smartphone. The finished screenshot is saved in a pre-selected folder for it, and in three formats at once. Such a variety is convenient, because the screen made can be viewed on other devices.

  • it is possible to activate the automatic mode, which makes screenshots every 15 seconds;
  • in the assortment. a large number of frames for the finished picture (they can also be used to design a screen made through other programs).

Read more about iPhone in the article: How to Create an Apple ID: 3 Proven Ways

How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone? 7 ways with step by step instructions

This article will tell you how to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone if you need to save an interesting picture or a funny moment in the game. The resulting picture can then be sent to friends and admired by yourself. The information will be useful to curious owners of Apple smartphones who want to use the capabilities of the iPhone 100%.

Screenshot in the standard way

The easiest method to take a picture of the iPhone screen is to press the Home (bottom center) and Power (side) buttons at the same time. As a result of this manipulation, the user will hear a characteristic click. Immediately after that, the screen will be covered with a white “veil” for a few seconds, and the resulting image of the display in.png format will be saved in the “Photo” section.

Screenshot using third-party programs

How to take a screenshot on iPhone using third-party services? It’s very simple: just choose a suitable application in the AppStore, install it on your “apple” phablet and use it for your own pleasure. The owners of the iPhone themselves highlight 2 advanced software worthy of attention. It is worth telling about them in more detail.

Screenshot on the new iPhone X

And now. information for owners of new products from Apple. How to take a screenshot on Affion X and the latest brand phablets. XS, XS Max and XR? All data with a step-by-step manual in the table:

The screen is made with two buttons: “Off” and “Volume up”.

Then the resulting screen can be saved, immediately sent to the selected contact or edited at your discretion. All screenshots taken are “accumulated” in the folder of the same name in the “Albums” section. The procedure is the same regardless of the model. To save an image from the screen, you must:

  • open the desired picture on the display;
  • press the buttons indicated in the table with a second hold;
  • a click will be heard and the already familiar flash will be visible;
  • the thumbnail will move to the corner of the display.

Screenshot on iPhone via computer

If you need to make an enlarged image from the iPhone screen, connect a personal computer. But first you need to download a program that would synchronize the device with a PC. It is called Reflector and connects 2 devices to each other using Wi-Fi.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone, for example, 6 or 7 models, via a computer? To do this, go to AirPlay and select Replay. Now all the images from the iPhone screen (for example, iPhone 6s) will be broadcast to the large computer monitor. To create a screen successfully, you need to press the PrtScr button on the computer keyboard. The resulting snapshot is inserted into any Word document (or other graphics editor, program, etc.) by pressing the CtrlV buttons.

Screen without the Power button

If suddenly the lock key is broken or “freezes”, how can I enable a screenshot on the iPhone (for example, on the iPhone 7 Plus model)? To do this, you must first activate the function of the virtual button on the screen.

To make it appear, it is worth taking 4 steps:

  • Go to the settings of the phablet.
  • In the proposed list, find the line “Basic”.
  • Next, you need “Universal Access”.
  • Enable AssistiveTouch.

The display will show a light gray circle that replaces the button. It can be used to perform lock functions, adjust the volume, take screenshots and much more. The circle will be on the side of the screen and will absolutely not interfere with visibility.

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How to make a photo collage on iPhone

Today, our iPhones have turned into whole photo studios, in which we photograph something, then edit and so on. Collage is one of the most popular actions on iPhone, let’s see how you can do it.

If someone else does not know, then a collage is a photograph that consists of other photos and it all looks like a large mosaic.

It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, but if you have an Instagram account, sooner or later you will come to this question. So let’s talk a little about this process.

Collage software for iPhone

In fact, there are already so many photo editing applications that the eyes do not just run up, they just start drowning in dozens, or even more, number of programs. Today I will not review each of the programs, it is very useless because all the products are so similar that it will soon be difficult to distinguish one from the other.

There are many collections of such programs on the Internet, and I have prepared as many as two: the first. create exclusively collages, the second. there are collages, but there are many other functions.

Just collage. In the first case, I chose the most popular applications that come in handy if you don’t need anything else besides collages. Here you will find either a pure product for creating collages, or there are a couple of extra functions and they will not interfere with you. The selection looks like this.

  • Layout from Instagram;
  • Photo Grid;
  • Pic Collage;
  • Mixgram;
  • Pic Easy Collage;
  • Collageable.

Going to instagram, it was these programs that made most of the cool photos, which combine a couple more. So choose and test.

Full photo editor. As you can imagine, the following list is already suitable for more creative people who like to delve deeper into photos. Here you can set up different filters, make different labels, use stickers and much more. Naturally there are collages here too.

  • Retrica;
  • Flipagram;
  • FotoRus;
  • PicsArt;
  • Framatic.

It was not difficult to recall all these programs, I have already tried everything and each program is good in its own way. Somewhere one is better, somewhere another is better.

It’s a matter of taste, because it is quite difficult to please everyone at once. Naturally, the lists could be continued and the article would have turned out to be incredibly long.


Install one at a time and after you understand that one of the collage programs suits you best. leave that one.

After all, when a dozen such programs are installed on the iPhone, it is quite difficult to determine. Although, again, at your discretion, you can make each collage in different applications.

How to make a photo collage on your phone

Good day!

Photos are not just pictures and images, they are our emotions and memories. And beautifully designed photographs can double (or even triple) these feelings.!

And one of the ways to decorate a photo with taste and in an original way can be a collage (if anyone does not know, this is an assembly of several thematic pictures, beautifully arranged on one sheet ). By the way, a photo collage can be a great gift for colleagues, friends, relatives.!

Actually, in this small note I will present several options for how you can quickly and easily make such a collage on your phone (what is called “on your knee”).

Create large and beautiful photo collages on your computer. step-by-step instruction

Photo collage with the adventures of Vaska the cat / example

with the help of third-party specials. editors

Hundreds of all kinds of photo editors have now been released for phones. Of course, the option we need today is not available in all.

For the first time, I would advise you to choose application Line Camera (link to Play Market). It is quite simple, reliable, and the basic functions are free (however, you can choose something great , but I’ll show my example below in it!).

Choosing a photo editor for Android (in Russian). my selection

And so, after launching Line Camera, the cherished option will immediately appear in the menu. select it (“Collage”, see the example below). Next, you need to set the layout of the sheet. there are many different combinations to choose from (which is called for every taste and color.).

After that you can “adjust” the borders and rounding of the added pictures, as well as add various “hearts” and “emoticons” to them.

We decorate the collage with hearts, emoticons, etc.

You can also overlay your own text on any of the pictures (for example, it may be appropriate to indicate the place or date of the picture, write a congratulation or a wish.).

As a result, in just a couple of minutes I manage to arrange several photos in a rather unusual version (). Of course, a lot depends on what kind of shots you took and how you compose them (this is half the battle).

A copy of the resulting collage (thanks to Line Camera!)

using built-in functions

The first thing I advise you to do is to go to the standard Gallery application (or whatever is used on your phone to view photos) and check in its functions if there is a cherished option there ().

For example, my device from Samsung has the option “Create a collage” (it is, of course, not very functional, but in general it is quite nothing).

Create a collage. gallery. Samsung phone

After launching it, all that remains is to select the desired photos and the layout of the sheet. As you can see from the example below. there are a variety of options: horizontal, vertical, etc. (plus each photo inside its own rectangle can be moved or rotated.).

As a result, in 2-3 minutes, you can get something similar to what is presented in my example ().

In addition, I recommend paying attention to another built-in application (which is available on most smartphones). Google Photos.

In the subsection “Tools” there is a wizard for creating photo collages. it works automatically: just select from 2 to 9 photos. The functionality is not as rich as that of the specials. photo editors. but still.

Ways to create a photo collage

using online services

There are a lot of different online services for working with photos now. Here are just a few that I could recommend:

  • (Russian-language service, more than 50 templates, frames, text overlay capabilities, and other useful pieces);
  • (an English-language service with a huge number of original and unusual layouts);
  • (multifunctional service for working with graphics. Recommended for those users who have already “got their hands on” with other editors).

In my example, I use the first service (), as on the simplest (and fully optimized for the mobile phone screen).

After going to the site, choose one of the standard templates and upload the photos you need.

Note: one of the drawbacks of all online services is that you have to upload photos to them, which is not always appropriate (especially if you are a famous person or use too personal photos.).

Next, set up the display of images, add the desired text and save the result (the “floppy” icon at the bottom of the window).

Everything-about-everything takes just 1-2 minutes. (provided that you have normal internet access).

How to create a playlist in iTunes?

The skills of creating playlists in iTunes are mainly useful for conservatives who stubbornly do not want to update the OS of their devices to modern versions. You can make a playlist in iTunes as follows:

Open the media combine and go to the “Music” section.

In the top menu, select the “File” tab and click on the “New playlist” item.

You can create a playlist without using the menu. using the Ctrl N combination.

Give your new playlist a name to help you navigate through the list of existing selections.

Please note that iTunes automatically generates a number of playlists. for example, “90s Music” and “Top 25”. The latter, for example, includes those songs that, according to statistics, an iPhone user listens to most often.

Add music to the created playlist. Click the “Edit Playlist” button.

From the general list of the library, drag the songs you want to include in the playlist to the right side of the iTunes window.

After filling in the playlist, click the “Finish” button.

Next, the user is faced with the task of transferring the playlist from iTunes to iPhone. It is simple to execute it: it is enough to synchronize the gadget with the media combine. Connect your smartphone to PC and go to the device control menu.

Then click the “Synchronize” button located in the lower right corner.

After that, disconnect the gadget from the PC and enjoy a selection with the best music.

How to create a Smart Playlist for iPhone?

Smart playlist is a playlist with songs automatically selected by iTunes according to one or several criteria.

Here’s an example: an iPhone user wants to “clean up” the library and remove songs that he rarely listens to. He can create a Smart playlist by selecting the criterion “Played” (number of times) and setting the value “Less than 3 times”. After listening to the selection, he will decide exactly which compositions should be sent to the “Basket”, and which should be given one more chance.

The media combine allows the owner of the gadget to apply a huge number of criteria. you can select songs by genre, by year of release, by duration, even by tempo. Of course, all this data must be assigned to the ID3 tags of the tracks, otherwise the sorting will not be successful. You should create a Smart playlist like this:

Launch iTunes and in the “File” tab of the main menu select “New Smart Playlist”.

You can start the process of creating a Smart playlist in another way. using the CRTL ALT N keyboard shortcut.

In the form that appears, click on the line where “Artist” is written by default, open the list of criteria, then select the appropriate.

We will try to select the most dynamic compositions, so we will set the criterion “Tempo”.

Define the criterion condition. in the adjacent field, where “matches with” is initially set. Since we want fast music, here we need to select the “greater than” option.

When choosing the condition “coincides with”, it will be possible to select compositions by the exact value of the tempo, and by setting the condition “c”, you can form a range of acceptable values ​​- for this you have to fill in the fields “from” and “to”.

In the final field of the line, write the parameter value. To get a Smart playlist with dynamic music, we will add 160 here.

If one criterion is not enough for you, through the button “” you can add as many of them as you need.

Complete the selection process by clicking on the “OK” button. You can transfer the created playlist to your mobile device by means of synchronization.

Apple users often have a question: what is the difference between a Smart playlist and a Genius playlist, if both are compilations from similar music? The answer is simple: no secret algorithms are used when forming a Smart playlist. the selection of songs is carried out rather mathematically. The creation of the Genius collection is a procedure that is fully understood only by Apple developers.

How to delete a playlist from iPhone?

You can delete a playlist from iPhone in several ways:

Option 1. In the “Playlists” section of the “Music” application, swipe from right to left on the playlist, then press the red “Delete” button.

Option 2. Go inside the playlist and click on “Delete”. Then confirm your intention to say goodbye to the selection by clicking on “Delete playlist” in the menu that appears.

Option 3. Erase the selection in iTunes, then sync iPhone to PC.

All methods are equally effective, but the last one is much more time consuming than the first two.

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How to create playlists for iPhone?

You don’t have to be an iTunes expert or a longtime Apple user to create a playlist for iPhone. This operation is routine, and it is performed right on the mobile device. How can an iPhone owner collect their favorite songs into one collection??

The value of music playlists is first of all learned in winter. when the iPhone user is forced to take off his glove in the cold, take a metal device in his hand and try to press a button on the sensor, which is not very listenable at negative temperatures. Performing the above operations every time a boring melody starts to sound in the headphones, there is little pleasure.

Playlists allow you to group songs according to your mood or by other criterion. you just need to launch one playlist, and you don’t need to switch anything else. Some Apple tech users avoid playlists because they think they can only be created with iTunes. Of course, this is a delusion: it is not necessary to use a stationary PC to generate playlists.

Genius playlist. what is it?

The pretentious name Genius hides one of the services of the Apple ecosystem. The function of this service is the selection within the library of tracks that are similar in style to the one that the user is listening to.

The Genius service operates in the following way: it receives information from the owners of Apple technology about the order of playing songs in their personal media libraries, accumulates information, analyzes it based on a secret algorithm and, based on the behavior of a mass of users, makes recommendations to a particular music lover. The streaming services and Pandora operate similarly.

A user who has the opportunity to consult Genius should not be sure of his own exclusivity. data on his musical preferences are also analyzed by the service.

Genius is completely free. all iPhone owners need is iTunes 8 (or higher) and an iTunes Store account. Before using the services of the service, you must activate Genius. How it’s done?

Launch iTunes and select the “Music” section.

Find the “Music Playlists” block on the left side of the screen and click on Genius.

A window will appear introducing the user to the capabilities of the service. It is at this stage that Apple warns that it will collect and store information about the music preferences of the owner of the gadget.

If you are satisfied with the conditions set forth by the “apple” manufacturer, click the “Enable Genius” button.

Wait for the activation procedure to complete. The following message will notify that the inclusion of Genius was successful:

To start a “genius” playlist, the user needs to select one of the songs in the library (key) and then select “File”. “New Genius playlist” from the top menu.

Genius playlist will appear in the list of “Music Playlists”.

If iTunes “swears” and gives an error, most likely the reason is the insufficient number of songs in the library.

Genius can help out, for example, when organizing a Valentine’s Day party. So that the user does not have to independently select romantic compositions from the media library, he can click on the conditional “Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh and put the useful Apple service into action.

How to create a playlist on iPhone?

A user who wants to create a playlist first needs to clarify which version of iOS is on his mobile device. If the version of the “operating system” is lower than 5.0, you should first take care of updating the software. Owners of Apple gadgets with more modern iOS need to act as follows:

Open the built-in Music app and select the Playlists tab in the lower left corner.

Click on the “New playlist” button with a red plus sign.

Give the playlist you are creating a name. For example, if you are collecting workout music, you might name the playlist “Fitness.”.

Select those tunes from the library that you would like to see in the playlist. To add a song to the playlist, click the “” button opposite its name.

To speed up the search for a song, you can sort the tracks by Artists, Genres, Albums using the tabs located at the bottom of the screen.

After adding a song to the playlist, its name, as well as the plus button, change color to gray.

After completing filling the playlist, click “Finish”.

This way you can create an unlimited number of playlists on the iPhone.

How to create a photo collage in Picasa 3

Picasa 3. is a free multifunctional program that will be a great help for beginners trying to create a photo collage on their own. The first version of this program appeared more than twelve years ago. First you need to download it and install it on your computer.

Then press the special button “File” and add all the photos from which you plan to create a collage. In the built-in file manager, select all the photos and select the “Create collage” command. After these manipulations, you will have two tabs in the left column. In one of them, the user can configure parameters such as brightness, contrast and background of the loaded images. And all the photos necessary to create a collage have already been added to the second tab.

Use normal mouse actions to drag the images to the Collage tab. To add a picture, click on the green plus icon. Now click the “Create Collage” button and save the picture in the desired format. At this point, the process can be considered complete. Photo collage ready.

A collage consists of a series of photographs, various decorative elements and overlay effects. Picasa 3 and Adobe Photoshop are perfect for creating photo collages. Their interface is simple and straightforward. Having in stock a sufficient number of photos, you are limited only by your own imagination and time to create a photo collage.

Create a photo collage in Adobe Photoshop

This commercial program is preferred by advanced users and graphic design professionals. But, in principle, the Adobe Photoshop program can be mastered by any user who used simple graphic editors.

First, install the program on your computer and run it. Drag photos into the program. Place each downloaded image in the right place. Use the Shift key to resize the image or flip it if necessary. All images must be placed in the composition you need.

Now form the background layer and select it in the layer stack on the right. Then use a fill for the transparent area of ​​the background. Right-click on one of the layers and choose Flatten Image. Export your collage to graphic format. This can be done using the “Save” button. Photo collage ready.

How to create a photo collage

Surely many of you have a large number of photos stored on your computer that are associated with various events in your life. Birthday, corporate party, meeting the New Year, a trip to the sea, just random shots. what is not there! In this case, a logical question arises: how can you beautifully arrange photos in order to show them to friends and family? We offer you a fairly simple, but very original solution. create a photo collage from your pictures.

An example of a collage made in the program

Collage literally translates from French as “pasting”. This is a special creative technique when a work is created from a variety of images pasted on paper, canvas or digitally connected. Photo collage as a form of fine art appeared after the emergence of photography in the 19th century. At that time, in order to create a photo collage, certain areas of photographs were cut out and pasted on some kind of base. Photo collage was often used as a way to eliminate defects in photographs of that time. For example, some photographers used blended printing to increase the brightness of the blue tint in the image.

With the introduction of digital technology, a wonderful opportunity has appeared to create a photo collage in digital form using special computer programs. With AMS Software’s Photo COLLAGE editor, you can create a spectacular photo composition in just a couple of minutes. This is a convenient and high-quality program that allows you to create a photo collage from pictures of the most diverse plan. The procedure for creating a collage is very simple and consists of several simple steps.

At the beginning, the user selects collage type and its size. To create a photo collage quickly and efficiently, the editor provides over a hundred ready-made templates for decorating photos: wedding, nursery, New Year’s, abstract, etc. Next, you add photos, pick up the original registration in the form of frames, masks or clipart, and a bright collage of photos is ready! Thanks to an extensive catalog of functions, as well as the availability of ready-made design options, the program allows you to create a photo collage of a wide variety of styles.

An example of a collage made in the program

If you decide to create a photo collage, for example, a children’s photo collage, pay special attention to its design. A well-chosen design is the key to the success of the created composition, and also determines its originality and expressiveness. The Photo COLLAGE program includes a large collection of frames and decorations of a wide variety of subjects, allows you to use special filters for image processing, which will allow you to prepare the most unusual and memorable collages for all occasions. Colorful wallpaper for your desktop, a bright poster on the wall, a beautiful themed collage. this is just a short list of the possibilities that the Photo COLLAGE program opens before the user.

Photo COLLAGE editor. there are unlimited possibilities for your photo creativity!

Download Photo COLLAGE and start creating spectacular collages today!

than 300 ready-made collage templates available!

Instagram Layout

A minimalistic free app from the creators of Instagram will easily satisfy the wishes of an inexperienced user. The principle of the program is simple to disgrace. mark several photos in the media library, then select a pre-prepared collage and adjust each photo. Done!

In addition to scaling images, it is possible to mirror, rotate, add or change the borders of the frame. Upon completion, the collage is published on Instagram, or in any other available way through the standard “Share” menu.

The program is completely free and has no in-app purchases or ads. Among the shortcomings are simple collages that are not particularly original. And Instagram Layout cannot boast of additional tools.

Photo collage on iPhone: the best apps

Collages are stylish, informative and a lot of fun. In this article, we have selected the most popular free programs that allow you to beautifully compose the best moments of life right on the iPhone.

Pic stich

A very powerful collage maker. Pic Stich has the most templates in our collection.

All collages are sorted by the number of cells involved. The application has a built-in flexible toolkit for processing the added images.

By spending on in-app purchases, you can not only increase the available number of templates, but also unlock tools for creating them.


First of all, MOLDIV is a decent graphic editor with many tools for adjusting, changing and transforming images.

In addition, there is a huge collection of free and paid collage templates. MOLDIV also allows you to create your own photo magazine.

MOLDIV is the real Swiss knife in the world of photo editing and collage creation. There is a large number of both free and paid features.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article, be sure to tell us about your any collage maker apps.