How to Make a Phone Screen Black and White

The phone screen has become black and white and the display is all in a negative? On this page you will find detailed instructions on how to turn off color inversion on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and similar Android devices and make the screen turn color again.

The color inversion mode on Xiaomi can be turned on purely by accident by you or someone else, for example, children in the settings poked around and turned it on. Why does the phone need color inversion? When this function is activated, the battery power consumption on the Xiaomi smartphone will significantly decrease, which will prolong the battery life of the device for a long time. This function is rarely used by anyone, and they learn about it when they themselves encounter a problem, when the screen colors turn black and white or as in a negative. Since Xiomi Mi A2 Lite runs on a frequent version of Android, the information on setting the screen color inversion should apply not only to Xiomi phones and tablets, but also to Android smartphones from other manufacturers.

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To make the screen color again on Xiaomi, open “Settings”. You can get into the phone settings through the application “Settings”. Or we call the menu for quick access to useful functions by pulling your finger down from the top of the screen (do a swipe) and select the gear icon.

How to Make a Phone Screen Black and White

In the opened settings, select the item “Specialist. opportunities” (you may have to scroll down the list).
Further opposite the paragraph “Color inversion” move the slider. To make it clearer, see below the attached screenshots where the necessary items are highlighted in the pictures. If you have activated this function, then turn off and return the color screen, and if you need to activate then turn on this mode.

Xiaomi screen invert mode reviews