How to make a Hard Reset on your Samsung tablet

Reset tablet to factory settings

How to reset your tablet to factory settings is a question that users ask when the tech malfunctions. If all attempts to restore the device to working order do not help, the only way out is a complete reset of the tablet.

An important point. Before you begin, you must save all the data from the device, if it is turned on. Otherwise the information will be lost.

The easiest way. Copy photos, videos, music, documents and other necessary files to your computer. This can be done via cable and a special program. Windows and Mac operating systems support programs for data transmission Smart Switch and Android File Transfer.

Note! If the data is stored on the memory card, you must remove the card before resetting. Reset process does not affect external media, but caution is advisable.

Transferring contacts

Contacts are saved in a file that has the extension.Vcf. You can transfer it to your phone using Bluetooth or save it on a memory card.

If you want to reset your tablet, you must do the reverse. Transfer the file with contacts to the tablet and open it, the data will be copied back to the device memory.

Creating a backup

Android gadget users can save all of their device’s data by creating a backup. It is saved in the cloud storage and is linked to the Google account that the user enters when starting to use the tablet.

  • Go to settings.
  • Find Google services. Location is different for devices from different manufacturers. This is the main me, sync or accounts.
  • Choose “Data and personalization”, create a copy of data.

After resetting tablet at initial setup user will restore all data from backup copy.

All well-known manufacturers. Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi and others additionally offer their own services for data archiving. The sequence of actions is exactly the same. Settings, logging into your account, copying data to cloud storage, restoring it after resetting the tablet.

Alas, it is not always possible to at least turn on the phone and enter the settings menu to perform the reset procedure using the “Reset to factory settings” button. Exactly for these purposes in modern devices there is a Recovery menu, which you can enter by pressing certain keys. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this process is done as follows:

First you need to perform full phone power off. If it hangs, you can simply remove and insert the battery.

Next you need to press two buttons: the power button and the volume “-” button (the one on the volume control panel closer to the power button).

We will see a green robot that says Downloading and a white box with a little Android robot, where we need to enter. You need to press the volume “-” button and then “” to enter this box.

4.Next you should see a list of actions. In it you need to select wipe data/factory reset. We can select the directories with the volume buttons, and confirm the action with the power button.

5.Another list will appear. In front of many items will be the word “No”, but we choose the only one with the word “Yes”, in the way described in the previous paragraph of the instruction.

6.Now the process of deleting information will start. You need to wait a few minutes.

7.After deleting the data the next list will appear, in which the first place will be the item reboot system now, which must be clicked. After resetting the device will work as good as new.

How to do a Hard Reset

The operation is performed in several ways, although users are usually limited to the standard option of resetting through the phone settings. However sometimes the functionality of the device, as well as some of the elements of the interface, leaves much to be desired, which makes it necessary to look for additional options rollback. In this connection we suggest you to consider all the ways you can use to perform a reset in any situation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Hard Reset

Via settings

This is a standard option that allows you to reset the settings in just a couple of minutes. In this case the standard interface of the phone “Samsung” is used, to be more exact. Its settings. To reset the settings to the default values, you need to do the following:

On a side note. You can also back up your data in the “Archive and reset” section, so that you still have the possibility to restore it later. It is recommended to save backups to the cloud or transfer them to an external storage device, be it a microSD card or another device.

After performing the last step the smartphone will restart. The next time you turn on, you’ll see an authorization window asking you to sign in through your Google account. After logging in, you will see an almost empty desktop, on which only the standard applications will remain.

While performing the operation, you may encounter various difficulties related to finding the right menu item. Note that the section names differ depending on the current version of Android and the OneUI shell.

Using the phone button on your smartphone

On modern smartphones there is no full reset with a special button. However, using the physical keys on the body of the device, you can open an additional menu Recovery, which works separately from the main shell. This is exactly the way to perform rollback when the phone does not work correctly. To perform the operation you will need:

  • Hold down the power and volume up button as well as the “Home” button (newer models without the “Home” button use the “Power” “Volume Up” or “Power” “Volume Up” “Bixby” combination).
  • The keys need to be held for a few seconds. If everything is done correctly, you will see Recovery Mode, where you must first go to “Wipe data/factory reset” and confirm the operation.

For your information. When in recovery, you must use the volume rocker to scroll through the menus, and press the power button to confirm.

After rebooting, the Samsung will return to its original state. Same as if you wanted to reset your settings by doing a reset via the phone’s settings.

Service code

The final way to restore the settings involves asking for help from the service menu. Of course, you can still install special software on your computer and connect your phone to a PC, but we immediately cast this option aside, as it requires a lot of unnecessary actions.

To reset through the service menu, you’ll need:

Next, the reset process will begin immediately. So use this code only if you have definitely decided to reset your device. Otherwise you will lose all your files.

A full-scale comparison of ways to reset your Samsung tablet

Reset your Samsung Tablet through the settings menu Reset your Samsung tablet with hardware keys
Easy to do Not complicated Complicated
Reset rate Fast reset Fast reset
Erase all data Yes Yes

What happens if I reset my Samsung tablet?

When you reset your Samsung Tablet, it erases all the data and files on your device. The process deletes the addresses of all your local data on your device, which means that your data is still on the device, but the Android system does not know where to find it. That’s why you need to first backup your data with FoneLab Android Data Backup Restore.

Is it enough to reset your Samsung tablet?

Definitely yes. This is enough to improve the performance of your device as a whole. This can help solve unwanted problems and issues on your device. Here’s why, if you are experiencing some of the problems mentioned above, you need to reset your Samsung tablet with the solutions mentioned above.

Reset your Samsung tablet settings. It’s bad?

No, reset your Samsung tablet. Is not a bad thing, as it will give you good results when you can use your Samsung tablet as fresh and fast as new.

After all, you don’t need to use complicated tools to reset your Samsung tablet. With the solution mentioned above, your resetting job will be easier and faster. But note that before you do anything else, make a backup of your device using FoneLab Android Backup and Restore Data.

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Backup and restore Android data to your computer easily.


Finally, you can reflash your tablet by not only deleting all the data, but also by installing an alternative version of the shell. You will need to install the software from the tablet manufacturer on your computer, which is used to synchronize your mobile device with your PC. Next, proceed according to the specified scenario:

  • Connect your tablet to your PC.
  • Run specialized software.
  • Go to “Advanced Features” and then to “Restore”.
  • Select the “Restore Android version” option.

Method 1: Samsung Tablet Factory Reset for forgotten password

Then an automatic reset will occur, followed by the installation of the current version of Android. After that you can disconnect the tablet and restart it.

How to reset your Samsung tablet to factory settings

In fact, there are various ways to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet. When your Galaxy tablet is responsive, but it doesn’t seem to work very fast, or sometimes you forget your password and your Samsung tablet’s memory is very sparse and t. Д., Then you should use the internal reset Samsung tablet.

Reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet from settings

If most of the Samsung Galaxy tablet functions are still working or working slowly, you can use the following tablet reset method as shown below.

Restore factory data from settings

After accessing your Android phone, you can go to the factory reset via the “Settings” “Privacy” “Factory Reset” home screen.

And then you need to confirm that you want to reset your Samsung Galaxy phone. Click on the “Reset phone” button, the tablet’s factory settings.

Press the “Erase All” button to confirm the Samsung Galaxy phone is cleared. And then the tablet will be reset to factory settings.

If it closes, you can reset your Samsung tablet by lifting the power button for about 10 seconds. And if the solution does not work, you can try a second solution.

Reset Samsung from Android system restore mode

When Samsung Galaxy Tablet freezes or does not work well, you will not be able to use the menu. And then you should take the following steps to reset your tablet now.

Enter Android system restore mode

Switch your Samsung tablet with the power key. Then press the Power and Volume button until the Samsung logo appears on the tablet. And now you enter Android system recovery mode.

Go to the “erase data / factory reset” option using the volume up or volume down buttons, which are used to highlight the displayed settings on the Android system recovery screen, to reset the Samsung hard drive to factory settings.

Reset your Samsung tablet to factory settings

Press the “Power” button to set the Samsung hard drive. Then go to the next screen, press the Volume Down button several times and press Power for the highlighted Yes option. Delete all user data”.

Wait a while as the device deletes all data and restores it to factory settings. Later, you can simply select the “Restart System Now” option to get your tablet working again. At the time you performed a reset of your Samsung tablet.

How to do a reset on Lenovo devices

Resetting the device may come in handy if the owner decides to prepare it for sale. No need for the owner to leave their personal settings and data. Especially since it may contain your saved passwords from social networks or payment systems.

  • Go to its menu and find the “Settings” icon here;
  • In this window, find “Restore and Reset”;

You may notice that Prestigio and Lenovo return processes are similar. This is due to the fact that they share the same OS. Android. Depending on the model and version of the system, menu items may be slightly different in name and location.

Now let’s look at how to do a reset on the Lenovo tablet by controlling the buttons:

  • On the tablet, you need to press the sound control keys and the Power key together. Hold for up to 8 seconds. Usually the device reacts earlier;
  • You should see the branded Android logo in the form of a robot Droid, in this menu go to the line “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”. Use the volume down button to quickly scroll through this strange menu;
  • To stop your choice at the desired item, select the add sound button and confirm the action.

After the reset is complete, the device must go to reboot. After this you can use your tablet again.

Why won’t your device turn on and other errors

There are situations when the old settings could not be reset the first time. The phone may not turn on after the job is done. There may be several reasons:

  • Errors in the reset process. If it happens, repeat the manipulation once again. To do this you need to reset the device via Hard Reset.
  • Low battery. You must perform any reset work with a fully-charged battery. Otherwise, the process may not go correctly and you will have to do all the work again.

Other situation is also possible. You decided to reset your Samsung to the factory settings, turned on your phone, but it is blocked. It is easy to explain. To protect the devices from theft and unauthorized access, the Google manufacturer in Android versions 5 and above.1 and higher has protection in the form of Google FRP. If the user did a data reset, but did not delete the Google account before doing this work, the device is blocked. When activating, Samsung asks for the data of the account that was previously. System needs password to log in. To avoid this situation, you need to delete the account before resetting. How to do this correctly is discussed above.

If an unpleasant situation has occurred, and you decide to reset the phone before deleting the account, the device must be unlocked. To do this:

  • Enter the Google account that was on your phone before the reset and click Next.
  • Enter your account password and click Next.
  • If the account and password are correct, your smartphone prompts you to continue setting up.

If you don’t have an account password, log in to your PC and click g.Co/recover. There, specify the account that you had before the reset. In doing so, follow the instructions that you had before you reset your password. Entering a new password is possible after 24 hours.

In the case where a person does not remember what was the account on the phone or could not restore the password, you will have to carry the smartphone to the service center of Samsung. You’ll need to take your proof of purchase documents with you. The package must contain the warranty card, credit agreement, and other data. If this information is not available, you have difficulty unlocking it.