How To Make A Gift Certificate On A Computer

The presence of gift certificates at the company will simplify the choice and delight customers. Download the Master Business Card program and make a gift certificate in minutes.

Gift voucher template collection

You can make a beautiful gift card yourself on the computer in the certificate designer Master Business Card. Thanks to an intuitive interface and a catalog of more than 570 ready-made templates, creating a high-quality layout of a gift certificate will not take much time.

The future certificate must match the style of your company. The Master Business Card has all the necessary arsenal of functions. Among the many fonts you are sure to find your own. You can add signature colors. Working with the palette allows you to enter a color code, so that there will be no problem with matching colors. You can add your own logos and pictures.

The catalog of layouts is divided into categories:

  • Beauty, style designed for beauty salons, masseurs, makeup artists or hairdressers;
  • Clothing and shoes for boutiques or showrooms;
  • Construction and repair;
  • Sports and fitness;
  • Universal that will suit any company, and many others!

If none of the proposed options fit, you can make a gift certificate with your own hands using templates for discount or club cards. Over 40 universal designs are featured here. The size can be changed to the required one at the editing stage.

You can choose among business card templates. For greater convenience, you should look at the industries. For example, to create a gift card for manicure or massage, it is better to select the section “Beauty, Style”, and for a certificate for a photo session, look in “Photos ands”.

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You can also select an empty gift certificate template and make it yourself from scratch. This provides more opportunities for creative implementation. After editing, the template can be saved.

How to Make a Gift Certificate on a Computer

In the Business Card Wizard, you can create templates for printing cards on plastic or on paper and print them on a home printer. With the help of gift certificates you can attract new customers and make a good first impression. Download the program and do it yourself do it now.

How to make a gift certificate
do it yourself on a computer

It seems the easiest option is to create a certificate in Word, but creating a word gift certificate template will take a lot of time. Good knowledge of the program and skills in it will be required. Also, MS Word does not have a variety of design tools.

On the Internet you can find many sites for creating business cards, certificates, cards online, but very often you can’t download a work without watermarks for free, and you won’t be able to print directly from the site. And to save the template for future use is completely impossible in online editors.

The best option is to create a certificate in the Business Card Wizard. Consider the algorithm for creating a gift certificate template, for example, for massage.

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First, download and install the program on your computer. To make a gift certificate, select “Business Card Templates”. In the drop-down menu, select “Gift”, and select the appropriate size. Select your favorite layout and click “Apply.” You can also download free gift voucher templates.

If necessary, you can edit the layout or select a beautiful and blank template. If you decide to make a certificate from scratch, then select “New business card.” Click “Next” and enter the size of the future gift card. Indicate that you are making a business card from scratch and select a layout.

To change the background, use the menu on the right. You can make it plain, use a combination of two colors, select a texture from the catalog, specify a finished background image, or apply your photo.

Below you can enter the company name, slogan, description, address, website and more. Here you can open saved records or import information from Excel. Data can also be used to create text templates for certificates: go to the database menu and click “Create Entry”.

To create the reverse side of the certificate, click on the corresponding inscription in the upper right corner. You can make a copy of the front side, leave only the background or make it empty. The back can be edited.

The certificate is primarily a gift and it should be nice to give and receive. It would be a great idea to place a field for recording wishes on the reverse side, so that the certificate also becomes a postcard.

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You can add a map simply by specifying the location of the company. You can also place a QR code. It can be any text, a link to a site or a business card. The program itself will create an image, just enter the text.

When everything is ready, save or print a massage gift certificate template. For electronic use, save as an image or as a PDF. PSD format is suitable for Photoshop.

To print, select “Print Business Cards.” Specify paper size, paper orientation, margins, crop markers, and number of copies. The program supports the ability to print on sheets of any format. There is a function “Release to the edge”, it will provide high-quality printing in the printing house. Click “Print”, select the printer and you’re done.

Gift certificate is an original and at the same time universal gift. You can create a gift certificate on a computer in the Master Business Card program. A large selection of stylish templates, ease of use, design tools and the ability to change the template for yourself makes it the best option for creating a gift card. The editor will not require any skills from you, and if you have any questions, you can always turn to the online tutorial.
Download the program right now and start creating!