How to make a gap on a computer. How can you replace the button on the keyboard?

What to do if a gap does not work on a computer?

Although it depends on the type of keyboard, the gap usually lies between the Alt keys (or the Macintosh keyboard keyboards) and under the letter keys: C. V. B. N and M on the standard QWERTY keyboard.

If the system is really broken, then you need to choose some other button, such as Ctrl, Shift, Capslock and remove it. Gently disconnect the spring mechanism, which is ensured by pressing the button, and insert it into the gap site. After the work done, return all the buttons to the place.

How to remove the keyboard key on the keyboard?

The gap is just not removed, it has the so.called “rocker” below. a metal wire, and it looks like only one side. To disconnect it, it is necessary to carefully pick up the key from below, slightly lift and move to the left, or just in turn, bend the key on each side.

To insert the “lower gap”, do the same operation by replacing the gap key with the “Shift.”. The lower gap key is in the second on the top of the keyboard, to the right of the “zero” key, and coincides with the hyphen key.

Inextricable gap in Word

Put a symbol that allows you to prevent the rupture of the text recorded at the end of the line, you can use a special combination of keys. Which one can be understood by the screenshot below. On the example of the text document shown on it, or rather, specifically this sentence, you can clearly demonstrate how the inextricable gap works.

Please note that the combination of keys recorded in quotation marks is divided into two lines, which is often undesirable. As an option, of course, it can be recorded without spaces, and in this case it will exclude the transfer and gap. However, this does not always happen. Using an inextricable gap is the most effective and only true solution, if it is important for you how a text document will look and read and read. To write it, do the following:

    Set the cursor (carriage) to the place where it is necessary to put an inextricable gap.

Note: Inextricable gap must be added instead of a regular gap, and not together/next to it.

To increase the efficiency of “fixation”, you can repeat a similar action by installing inextricable gaps between all the constituent structures, the gap of which is required to prevent (in our example it was a key combination taken in quotation marks). In addition, this will retain its integrity with any changes in the text around.

Note: If you enable the mode of display of hidden signs, you can see that the signs of a conventional and inextricable gap are visually distinguished. The former is a miniature point between words in the center of the line, the second is a circle close to the upper spelling line. About why knowledge of this may be required, we will tell in the next part of the article.

Removing inextricable gaps

Knowing the key combination we have indicated above, putting an inextricable gap will not be difficult. But what to do in cases when it is required to get rid of it? Everything is simple. you need to replace it with a common. If there are literally two-three-five-five such characters for the entire Word document, this can be done manually, just by removing one and adding the other instead, but if there are quite a lot of inextricable spaces, you need to act in other ways.

Note: If you do not know where this symbol is located, turn on the reflection of hidden signs (shown at the end of the previous part of the article). this will help to see it.

Note: if the search and replacement of characters was made throughout the document, and in the above window you will click “Yes” for its repeated run, ordinary gaps will be replaced by the same. As a result, you can encounter a picture, as in a screenshot below. the number of replacements performed will be more than the original number of inextricable spaces. This is just information for information that does not affect anything.

The “Find and Replace” window can be closed. Now in your text document between words and symbols only ordinary indentation will be established.

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Replace ordinary gaps with double

As you probably understand, manually replace all ordinary gaps with long or short in the text or its individual fragment does not make any meaning. Fortunately, instead of a protracted process, “copy-put”, you can do this using the “replacement” tool, which we had already written about earlier.

Lesson: Search and replacement of words in Word

Select the added long (short) gap with a mouse and copy it (Ctrlc). Make sure that you have copied one symbol and previously there were no gaps and indentations in this line.

Select the entire text in the document (ctrla) or select a fragment of the text with a mouse, standard gaps in which must be replaced with long or short.

Click on the “Replacebutton, which is located in the “Edit” group in the “Home” tab.

In the “Find” dialog box that opened in the “Find” line, put a regular gap, and in the “Replace by” line, insert a previously copied gap (Ctrlv), which was added from the “Symbol” window.

Click on the “Replace everything” button, after which wait for a message about the number of replaces.

Close a notification, close the dialog box “Find and replace”. All ordinary gaps in the text or the fragment you highlighted will be replaced by large or small ones, depending on what you needed to do. If this is required, repeat the above actions for another fragment of the text.

Note: Visually, with an average font size (11, 12), short gaps and even ¼-probe is almost impossible to distinguish from standard gaps that are placed using the keyboard key.

Already here we could finish, if not for one “but”: in addition to increasing or decreasing the interval between words in Word, you can also change the distance between letters, making it smaller or large in comparison with the default values. How to do it? Just follow the following actions:

Select a fragment of the text in which you need to increase or reduce the indentation between the letters in words.

Open the Font group dialog box, pressing the arrow in the lower right corner of the group. Also, you can use the “Ctrld” keys.

Go to the “Additionally” tab.

In the section “Inter.digit interval” in the menu of the interval point, select “Dissalled” or “Cleaned” (increased or reduced, respectively), and in the line on the right (“On”), set the value for the indentation between the letters.

After you set the necessary values, click “OK” to close the “Font” window.

The indentes between the letters will change that in a pair with long spaces between words will look quite appropriate.

But in the case of a decrease in the indentation between the words (the second paragraph of the text in the screenshot), everything did not look in the best way, the text turned out to be unreadable, shallow, so I had to increase the font from 12 to 16.

That’s all, from this article you learned how to change the distance between words B in the MS Word document. Success to you in the study of other capabilities of this multifunctional program, detailed instructions for working with which we will delight you in the future.

That such a gap?

An empty, incomplete place in a printed or manuscript text, a pass (between letters, words, lines, etc. D.). In the forms leave gaps for filling.

The gap is just not removed, he has the so.called “rocker” below. metal wire, and it is kept like only on one side. To disconnect it, it is necessary to carefully pick up the key from below, slightly lift and move to the left, or just in turn, bend the key on each side.

How to remove a spacecraft from a laptop keyboard?

Attention: we work very carefully, without strong efforts. A) Put out the curved end of the screwdriver under the lower edge of the key, and smoothly push the lower antennae of the keys of the key from the grooves. In this case, it is necessary to press smoothly in the middle of the distance between the antennae. Antennae will leave the grooves and the lower edge of the key will be freed.

You can also emphasize the text and spaces in a few other ways. Select the text you want to emphasize. Go to the main emphasized. You can also press Ctrlu.

How to put a gap in HTML code?

In the Russian language, the empty space between words is called “gap”. Accordingly, the adaptive for Russian.speaking users the name of the Space key will be a gap. A similar example can be given with the Enter key. This word has translations: “entry”, “entry”, “launch of the process”, “input”.

To insert the key in place, you need to fix both fasteners. First, insert the lower brackets into the appropriate grooves, then the upper ones, and very carefully press the button to a characteristic click so that not a single bracket falls out of its groove. Let’s try to disconnect the Shift key on this keyboard.

How to put an inextricable gap in Word 2010?

To avoid such problems, Word provides a function of the so.called “inextricable gap”. In order to put an inextricable gap, instead of the “gap” key, at the same time press the Ctrlshift Probel key combination.

  • Way the first is to use the tag a lot of text with spaces
  • The second way to use the special symbol “”.
  • The third and rarest method, I have never used the property of CSS White-Space. It looks as follows: P

How to add spaces between numbers in cells?

Click the right mouse button and select the command change in the list. Change the distance of the marker retreat from the field, clicking the arrows in the field of the marker, or change the distance between the marker and the text, clicking the arrows in the lean of text. In the number in the number, select a tabuli, a gap or nothing.

How can you replace the gap on the keyboard?

In the Russian language, the empty space between words is called “gap”. Accordingly, the adaptive for Russian.speaking users the name of the Space key will be a gap. A similar example can be given with the Enter key.

  • lift a little and bend its upper part with one screwdriver;
  • and the second at this time jam the upper bracket fixing the button;
  • repeat the same actions with the lower bracket.

As a lower emphasis?

This sign is on the keyboard, usually located immediately behind the key 0 to put the lower underline, you need to pinch the Shift key, and then press the lower emphasis, then release the Shift.

  • Open a text editor.
  • Press the Shift button on the keyboard.
  • Holding the previous element of the control of pressed, find and squeeze the button with the symbol “Lower Emphasizing”. It is located near Backspace.
  • Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

Linging the text

Frequent reason for the appearance of a large interval between words. aligning the text in width. With this leveling, the words are evenly distributed along the entire length of the line by increasing the distance between them.

To change this, you need to do the following:

If the requirements for the design of the text indicate that it is necessary to align in width, then the easiest way to reduce the gap is to put automatic transfers of words.

How to Control Mouse Pointer With Keyboard on Windows 10. GuruAid

If both methods did not give a result, then the problem was not in aligning the text. Perhaps the point is in extra spaces.

Klavi combinations

The combination of keys is when you hold one or two keys pressed and briefly press on the third. For example, Ctrls, where plus indicates a combination of keys. That is, you press and hold the Ctrl key, and then briefly press the key s. Plus in this entry, it serves to indicate a combination of keys and is not pressed in its performance.

When working with files and documents:

Ctrln. create a new file;

Ctrlo. open a document;

Shifthome. highlight the line to the left of the cursor;

Ctrlend. highlight the line to the right of the cursor;

CTRLC. copy the selected text or file to the exchange buffer;

Ctrlx. cut out the selected text or file;

How To Fix Replace Small Key for Dell Laptop. Letter Number Arrow etc

Ctrlv. insert the contents of the exchange buffer;

CtrLDEL. Delete the word after the cursor;

CTRLBACKSPASE. delete the word in front of the cursor;

Ctrlhome. move the cursor to the beginning of the document;

Ctrlend. move the cursor to the end of the document;

Ctrlz. the abolition of the latest action;

Ctrls. save the file, changes in the document;

When working with a browser:

CTRLD. Add the bookmark in the browser;

Ctrl Shift T. open a closed tab in the browser;

Ctrlt. open a new tab;

Ctrll. highlight the contents of the address line;

Alt D. save the page address in the browser;

When working at Windows:

CTRL ALT DEL. rebooting a computer;

Ctrl Shift ESC. complete the hung processes;

ShiftctrLalt. calling the task dispatcher;

Alttab. a quick transition between program windows;

Altf4. quickly close the window;

Alt Print Screen. take a screenshot of an active window;

WinPause/Break. the property of the system;

Wine. open a conductor;

Wind. turn all the windows;

Winf. search for files on a computer;

Winl. user change;

Wintab. switches the windows in a circle.

And there are many such combinations, and in different programs these combinations are often different from each other, but you will easily remember them if you work often with a software product.