How to make a folder on your computer

Learning to create folders on your computer. And how to protect your child on the internet?

My Computer or Windows Explorer

  • Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
  • Open the local drive or folder where you want to make a new directory, for example the C drive :. If you do not want to create a new folder in the root directory, navigate to the desired location where you plan to store your data.
  • In Windows 10 on Home, click theNew Folder icon tab. In Windows 7 and earlier versions, this will work differently: on the file menu bar, selectFile.

In all versions of Windows, you can also right-click on an empty part of the folder for this task, select New

and then the directory. In case you’re using Windows 7 or earlier and don’t see the file menu bar at the top of Windows Explorer, press the Alt key and it should become available in the visible area.

Windows Desktop

  • Go to the Windows desktop.
  • Right-click on any empty portion of the desktop (other than files and folders).
  • In the context menu that appears (as shown in the figure), click newa thendirectory.
  • The new folder is created and appears on the screen. Enter your name of the folder you want to use and press Enter.

New folder using a keyboard shortcut

Windows Explorer has a handy option to create a folder. Press Ctrl Shift N key

Form a new folder without using the mouse.

Windows Command prompt

For information on creating a directory at the Windows command prompt, see the following section of this document.

How to rename a folder

If you did not press the Enter key when creating a folder or accidentally clicked with your cursor on a folder, the old folder name is preserved and not the name you entered.

I hasten to reassure you. You can rename any folder and shortcut on the desktop in seconds!

1) Click with your mouse pointer once in the folder you want to rename.

2) Press the F2 key (located on the top row of the keyboard). The folder name is immediately highlighted in blue.

3) Type the folder name on your keyboard.

How to make a folder on your computer

First-time computer users often ask us: “How do I create a new folder ?”

Today we are going to look at a few options with you on how to create a new folder on the desktop in Windows/

The process of creating a new folder is very simple and should not be too much trouble. You need to create the folder once and you will always remember this easy procedure

To create a new folder, make just one click with the right mouse button on your desktop or in the disk partition you want, and release the button. In the window that appears move the mouse cursor to the word “Create.”, No key should be pressed at all. Then move your cursor over the word “Folder.” and press the left mouse button. See.

make, folder, your, computer

Congratulations! Your folder has been successfully created! But how do you assign a name to a folder??

First methodTo do this, press the right-hand mouse button on the shortcut of the required folder. Then move the cursor over the word, rename it and click once on the left mouse button to write the required name. Then press on your keyboard the key Enter or click in an empty area, otherwise the folder name will not be saved.

The second way: Click once on the new folder you want to create and press the F2 key. Then enter a title and click Enter. Your folder will change its name to the new.

Т This is the easiest way:

You can create a new folder by pressing Shift Ctrl N at the same time in the free area

As you can see it is very easy to create a new folder.

There are several ways to create a new folder. Choose the easiest and most convenient for you!

Create new folders, fill them with information and do not forget about the order:)

Be sure to change the name of the new folder to avoid confusion later on!

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Go to the area where you want to create the folder

  • You can open Finder, which looks like the blue face at the bottom of the screen, and then go to wherever you want to create a new folder, such as Documents.

Click on “New folder

  • You can also right-click on an empty space with your mouse or double-click on a computer with a trackpad. Make sure that you do not right-click on a file or folder, as this will open an incorrect drop-down menu.

Enter a name for your folder and press ⏎ Return

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How to create a folder using powershell

You can also use powershell to create a new folder on your computer. Usually, this method is used when writing scripts. A script is a script that administrators write to automate the administration of a system. Run it and it will start executing the commands specified in it. For example, you can make a script which automatically creates a new folder on your computer every day.

So, open Notepad or any other text editor. In the window that appears, write the following command:

New-Item.Path “C:\New Folder”.ItemType Directory

Save this file with a ps1 extension. After that, double-click on the script and the New Folder folder will be created on drive C. Certainly, you will hardly use this feature in your everyday life, but it is one of the main features when writing scripts.

Applying Transparency Effect

At first let’s consider version of transparent folder creation using standard system tools.

    Right click on a spot where we want to create an invisible folder, like on the desktop, and browserowse to “New-Folder.

There are laptops with a truncated keyboard, which may not have a number pad on the right side. In this case the on-screen keyboard, which is present in every system, or buying a separate panel can help.