How To Make A Face On iPhone 7

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Portrait feature in iPhone 7, 8, 6: how to enable

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How to use and enable the “portrait” function on iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 and other modifications of the smartphone. What apps are replacing the portrait option.

It is easy to get beautiful and clear pictures with modern devices from Apple. Various shooting modes help you take selfies and landscape pictures. To capture yourself in the best possible light, you should learn how to enable the “portrait” function in iPhone 8. It is important to remember that there is no such option in the iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus models.

How To Make A Face On iPhone 7

Using iPhone Portrait Mode

Learn How to Take Stunning Photos Using Portrait Mode.

Portrait mode uses cameras from compatible iPhone models to create depth-of-field effects. This allows you to create photographs that retain the sharpness of the subject with a beautiful background blur effect. You can also apply lighting effects to images and take selfies in Portrait mode.

Portrait mode is supported by the following iPhone models.

  • Iphone SE (2nd generation)
  • Iphone 11
  • Iphone 11 Pro
  • Iphone 11 Pro Max
  • Iphone XR

To take selfies in Portrait mode, you need an iPhone X or later. Learn how to identify your iPhone model.

But first, make sure your device has the latest version of iOS.

Fore Photo

The application is also used to retouch and blur the background. Additionally, it allows you to specify objects that should or should not be “blurred”.

The function of setting the size of the brush, enlarging the object and masking small areas in the photo is provided.

How to shoot without portrait function

If you are thinking about how to take a portrait photo on the iPhone 7 Plus or on another version of the smartphone that does not have a portrait mode, take a look at the popular photo apps.

Additional Information

Why iPhone 7 and 8 don’t have portrait mode?

In principle, I have already named the main reasons and I will list them a little later. For now, I want to discuss a little why this feature was not implemented in the iPhone 7 and 8.

Iphone 7 and iPhone 8 Cameras

As practice shows, there is an opportunity to implement such a function in a regular camera, and this has been proven by such a smartphone as Pixel 2, which by the way leads some ratings in terms of shooting quality among all smartphones.

This proves once again that Apple loves to make devices stand out and make them special. To make them buy more, so to speak, make more expensive devices desirable and make buyers overpay.

Although again, if Apple is used to blur the second camera, then the phone from Google just uses good software. It’s just that the same function is implemented differently.

Well, the main reasons that you hear everywhere are such moments:

  • There is no dual camera and less RAM, which SIMply does not make it possible to take such photos;
  • I want to get more money by highlighting flagships.

If you have anything to add, just write about it in the comments. It will be interesting to read your opinion both to me and to other readers.

Fabfocus. Portraits with depth and bokeh

The application is specially designed to create a blurred background. Additionally, you can adjust the shape and size of the blur. And also add a mask or create a depth effect.

You can automatically adjust the blur effect around the face while shooting.

Is it possible to get studio-quality shot?

It is worth considering not only how to enable portrait mode on the iPhone 8, but also the additional features of a modern device. It is in this model, as well as in the variation above the iPhone X, that you can use additional effects for studio quality:

  • Studio light will help brighten facial features;
  • Contour. Will create a directional lighting effect;
  • Scenic. Will highlight the object with “beams of a spotlight”;
  • Mono stage light will help transform everything into black and white.

Experiment with pictures. Save the resulting version. And share pictures on social networks.

Is there a portrait mode on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8?

If you are now holding your favorite iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 in your hands, and are trying to find the “Portrait” mode in the camera, then you SIMply will not find it there. Every year, Apple likes to highlight a particular device, giving it a very special feature. I think the reason is clear enough, because such a process is done with the most expensive devices and so you can make more money.

In 2016, that was the iPhone 7 Plus. It was then that we first saw a smartphone that was equipped with a dual camera, and the main explanation for this action was two functions: 2x optical zoom and portrait mode.

It’s 2018 and this time, two devices have already received the same benefits, only now they are iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X (10).

If you read carefully, you have probably already realized that there are no hints at all about the presence of portrait mode in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and even more so iPhone 6S. It’s just that it was not implemented in these smartphones, because this requires a dual camera.

Unless you can do it using different applications and blur the background manually. But as practice shows, this process is long and the result can hardly be called good (examples: Depth Effects, Patch: Smart Portrait Editor and others).

How to Record Conversation While Calling on Samsung?

Phone call recording with firmware

  • But it’s not always that SIMple.
  • Where is she?
  • For smartphones Samsung Galaxy the following scheme is relevant: during a call, you need to press and hold the “Menu” button located under the screen.
  • Install and run the application.
  • After the conversation, you see a recording of the conversation.

How to record a conversation on iPhone 7? How to record calls on iPhone?

Here are some of them:

  • Transcribe by NoNotes. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and then translate them into text (transcribe).
  • Tapeacall. The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls by pressing one button.
  • Intcall.
  • Call Recorder Unlimited.

How to turn on voice recorder on iPhone?

Using the Dictaphone software

  • Open the Voice Recorder app or ask Siri to do so.
  • Click the record button to start recording. Press the button to stop recording.
  • When you click on the button, your voice recording will be automatically saved with a name corresponding to the current location.

How to enable screen recording on iPhone?

Screen capture

  • Select Settings Control Center Customize Items Controls “and click next to” Screen Recorder “.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of any screen.
  • Press hard.
  • Click “Start Recording” and wait for the three second countdown to complete.
  • Open Control Center and tap

How to record a conversation during a call?

Now let’s move on to the TOP 5 popular applications for recording telephone conversations on Android devices.

  • Call recorder. One of the most popular conversation recording software that can be found on Google Play.
  • Callrecorder.
  • Call Recorder.
  • Total Recall Call Recorder.
  • Call recording
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Where is the conversation recording saved on iPhone?

The sound will pass through a special module capable of recording conversations. Files can be saved to the application or directly to a memory card that connects to the adapter.

Is it possible to record telephone conversations in Ukraine?

Article 31 of the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees every citizen the privacy of telephone conversations. A telephone conversation can be recorded only with the consent of the person using the means of communication, and without his knowledge. On the basis of the decision of the investigating judge.

Is it possible to record a conversation on WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, recording a call via WhatsApp is not as easy as we would like. In the messenger itself, there is no such possibility, and in the standard tools of the operating system there is no special functionality for recording calls. Therefore, you have to go for tricks, as well as resort to the help of third-party programs.

What to do if iPhone is completely discharged and won’t turn on?

Most likely, the smartphone is SIMply discharged, and it needs to be recharged, or it freezes, in which case a forced reboot will help. If your iPhone or iPad is discharged, connect it to the power adapter and charge it for 15 minutes, then try turning it on without disconnecting from the charger.

How to restart on iPhone?

In order to perform a hard reset of the iPhone, you must SIMultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen. You only have to hold the buttons for about 10 seconds.

What to do if iPhone turns on shows apple and turns off?

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons on iPhone at the same time for 10 seconds. Then release the Power button and keep holding the Home button until iTunes detects the device in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

How to factory reset iPhone 11 with buttons?

Factory reset

  • Just like when restarting, shortly press the “Volume” button
  • Then shortly “Volume.”
  • And then hold down the “Power on” button
  • Hold the Power button until the cable logo appears on the screen (after the Apple logo, about 20 seconds)
  • Then connect your IPhone with a cable to the computer running iTunes.

What to do if an apple is on when you turn on the iPhone?

How to Hard Reset iPhone without Button

  • Press the volume up button and release it.
  • Also press the volume down key.
  • Hold the power button and hold it until the screen goes blank (the Apple logo disappears) and the device starts to reboot.

What to do if iPhone 7 won’t turn on?

Iphone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPod touch (7th generation): Press and hold the Top (or Side) and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until the recovery mode screen appears.

What to do if iPhone 11 won’t turn on?

If the iPhone does not respond to taps and the application does not close, then you need to force restart the iPhone. To do this, hold and hold the Home and Power keys. 15-20 seconds, until the display turns off and the smartphone restarts.

What to do if iPhone 7 is frozen on an apple?

Force restart iPhone

Sometimes a forced restart of the device helps to get rid of an apple on a dark screen. Iphone 7 and newer models can be rebooted by SIMultaneously pressing and holding the power button and volume control for 10 seconds.

How to take great photos on iPhone 7?

How to Take Photos on iPhone 7. Apple Tips

  • Shoot objects up close to bring out details;
  • Minimize the background to cut out all that is unnecessary;
  • Use backlighting (with a light source such as the sun behind the subject).

How to take portrait mode on iPhone 7?

How to use “portrait” on iPhone 7, 8, 6

  • Open the “Camera” application and find the “Portrait” mode.
  • Follow all the prompts on the screen. Try moving away from your subject to adjust focus. Try changing the lighting mode.
  • Press the shooting (shutter) button. See what picture turned out.

How to discreetly take a photo on iPhone?

Hidden photography on iPhone with iOS 12

To activate hidden photography, launch the camera and double-press the “Home” button to switch to multitasking mode. Then scroll the ribbon to hide the Camera application from the screen. That’s all! Now press the “Volume up” button and get hidden photos.

How to use the camera on iPhone 7?

Activating the burst function on the iPhone is very easy: press and hold the shutter button on the display for a few seconds. The smartphone will take several photos in a row, and then you can choose the best one. May 7, 2018.

How to take pictures on iPhone 11?

Hold the shutter button to shoot video

By default, the Camera application opens in photo mode. Press the shutter button. To take a picture. Click the arrow. To adjust settings such as flash, Live Photos, timer, etc.

How to take a mirror image on iPhone?

Mirroring an object

  • Tap an item to select it, then tap.
  • Tap Arrange, then tap Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally. If you don’t see these options, swipe up from the bottom of the controls.

In which application can you mirror a photo?

To mirror the image, programs such as Photoshop are commonly used. However, this technique is now available for editors on mobile devices.

How to take a photo on iPhone 7?

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to shoot on iPhone.
To take a burst shot:

  • Launch the “Camera” application;
  • Hold down the shutter button;
  • Shooting will continue until you release the shutter button. Maximum frames in one series. 999 pieces.

How to make a screenshot on iPhone 7: instructions

Any modern smartphone is equipped with many additional features that make it easier to use. This applies to all current platforms. Android and iOS. This article will focus on how to make a screen on the iPhone 7. The methods are slightly different from those provided for users of the Android operating system, but we will analyze them in more detail.

Standard way

The first option is to SIMultaneously press two physical keys on the phone body. You need to hold down the Power button, which blocks the device and is located on the right side of the device, as well as the Home button, which is located under the display on the front of the case.

How to understand that you managed to make a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone 7? After a few seconds of holding down the keys, your display should blink once like a flash. Also when the sound is on, you will hear the shutter. The top notification bar will display a message stating that the image has been saved to Photos. In newer versions of the iOS operating system, the “Screenshots” folder will be automatically created. All screenshots will appear there.

Differences from other generations

Iphone 7 and 7 Plus differ slightly in functionality and control. From generation to generation, developers have left familiar features for users. These include creating a screenshot. In all iPhones up to version 6, the power button, with which you can make a screen on the iPhone 7, was located on the upper end of the case. Starting with the 6 and 6 Plus, the creators have moved the Power button to the right side of the phone. The rest of the procedure for taking a screenshot remains the same. Let’s figure it out in more detail.

Assistive touch

IOS 11 has a new feature that allows you to make a screen on the iPhone 7 with a single tap on the screen. To activate this feature, you must first enable the function in the settings.

Open the settings menu and go to the “General” section. Now find the “Accessibility” subsection in the list. Next, select the line Assistive Touch and enable the function using the slider. Just below, select the “Customize top-level menu” item. Go to the menu settings and select the “User” icon. In the list that appears, find the “Screenshot” function and click on it.

Now a transparent dot will appear on the display, when you click on it you will take a screenshot. This function allows you to use the device with one hand. Assistive Touch is especially relevant for those who want to make a screen on the iPhone 7 Plus. It is inconvenient to press several keys SIMultaneously on a phone with a large body.

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How to use screenshots?

In iOS 11, a new screenshot editing system was added. After taking a picture, the icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to open a menu for editing screens. In it, you can crop photos, add captions, effects and so on in a couple of taps. Modified images are also saved to the Albums folder.

Open the gallery and select the required screenshot. Next, click on the icon with a box and an arrow. This will open a menu where you can choose who to send the file to or on which social network to share it with your friends. Now you know how to make screenshots on iPhone 7 in different ways.

Assist touch

IOS has a little-used feature that lets you create a virtual home button. It is called Assistive Touch, which translates as “Assistive touch.” It is designed specifically for people with disabilities and allows you to operate a smartphone with one hand, completely SIMulating complex gestures and pressing control buttons.

  • By default, this function is disabled and activated in the settings. In the general menu, select “Basic” and go to the item indicated in the screenshot.
  • Having opened the section “Universal access”, we scroll down the list of settings to get to the desired parameter. In the screenshot, it is highlighted with a frame.
  • Move the slider marked with the arrow to activate Assistive Touch on the device. By default, the button that allows you to make a screen is in the third nested action level. To SIMplify access and make this feature useful, open the boxed setting.
  • Let’s sacrifice a voice assistant by replacing Siri with a screenshot button. Click on it to open the action selection menu.
  • We are looking for the option indicated in the screenshot. Click on it so that a checkmark appears opposite to confirm the selection. We complete the operation using the virtual button “Finish”. Having closed the settings, we move to the main screen of the smartphone.
  • The arrow indicates the auxiliary touch button in the active mode. In the waiting state, it becomes less noticeable. By default, the transparency level is set to 40% of the active state. You can move it to a convenient place at any edge of the screen to which it “sticks”.
  • Now, by clicking on the new virtual button, we expand the action menu. The screenshot we need is in a programmed location.

Associative Touch can be configured to launch only when you need it. For example, activate this action by triple clicking a physical button. Thus, if you need to take a series of sequential shots, you can operate your smartphone with one hand and do it much faster than the traditional method.

The main way

Apple has a strong tradition in many areas. As a result, users get a familiar set of features on every device.

  • Screenshots on iPhone 7, 8, and earlier are done the same way. You need to SIMultaneously press the buttons “Home” and power off. Up to 5S inclusive, it was located on the upper end of the device, but with an increase in the screen diagonal, it “moved” to the right side.

The last model that allows you to make a print screen in this way is the 8 Plus. The iPhone X does not have a Home button. Its owners need to remember a different combination. A photo from the display is taken by SIMultaneously pressing the off button and volume up.

Quick editing

In fact, the quick menu is one of the implementations of the “Markup” option that appeared in previous versions of iOS.

  • The screenshot shows the moment a thumbnail copy of the screenshot appears and where it is placed on the smartphone screen.
  • After clicking on the thumbnail, the photo opens in the editing panel. The number “1” shows the size cropping frame and the result of its action. The highlighted block indicated by a two contains a set of brushes for handwriting or SIMple drawings. The three indicates the Share menu. The plus symbol followed by the number 4 expands additional options.
  • In the screenshot above, the pop-up menu is highlighted and shows the use of the Loupe tool, which enlarges part of the Google logo.
  • After finishing processing, click on the button “Finish” located in the upper left corner. The pop-up menu allows you to save the photo for future use or immediately delete it if it is no longer useful.

Working with a screenshot

With the release of iOS 11, Apple has added quick editing capabilities to it. The screenshot thumbnail remains in the left corner of the screen for a few seconds. If during this time the user makes no attempts to correct it, the picture is moved to the album in the “Photos” program. Opening it after saving, you can use light filters and other improvement mechanisms provided in the operating system for processing photos.

As you can see, the screenshot and its processing can be easily done directly on the iPhone and does not require additional programs. Flexibly configurable auxiliary touch options will help you work if you have to take screenshots on a regular basis.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on iPhone 7

Author: rf-webmaestro Posted on 20.04.2018 Updated 08.02.2019

A screenshot, like a photo taken with a camera, is intended to quickly capture and save an ongoing event. The only difference between them is where it happens. It is quite logical to save information from the screen in the form of a photo, and not copy it onto paper. Today we will figure out how to take a screenshot on the iPhone 7 or any other model of Apple smartphone.

Processing in the Photo application

The built-in filters popularized by Instagram are not very useful for handling screenshots. The user needs other tools to add text or highlight a specific fragment to attract attention.

  • If the screenshot has already been sent to the iPhone library, click the “Edit” button to edit it. In the screenshot, it is indicated by a frame and is located in the upper right corner.
  • The arrow points to the additional menu we need.
  • On the pop-up panel, select the marked Markup tool.
  • As a result of the performed actions, a block with brushes already familiar to us in quick editing will open, indicated by a frame. To the right of it you can see the sign “”, which calls up additional tools. The screenshot processed in this way is saved to the library, after which it can be shared by sending it to the messenger or social network.

Video. Posted below allows you to see the described processes in real time and help you better assess the capabilities of the tools built into iOS.

Iphone update

We figured out how to reflash a new iPhone through iTunes. A convenient way, but its implementation requires a computer at hand. If you don’t have a computer and you need a new version of iOS, you can get it via Wi-Fi. Why only Wi-Fi and not mobile traffic? The answer lies in the size of the downloaded file. 3G bandwidth does not allow downloading such volumes of information normally, so you have to use a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi.
  • Open the “General” section in the settings. Go to the submenu “Software update”.
  • A check for updates will start. If there are updates, the Download and Install button will appear.

Iphone software update

Important: Updating via Wi-Fi cannot be used on jailbroken phones, it will lead to an “eternal apple”. How do I know if my device is jailbroken? Cydia application will be available on it.

You can also update iOS through iTunes, while the order of performing the operation will practically not differ from restoring the device with the only exception. User content will remain intact.

  • Launch iTunes, connect the device and select it in the program window.
  • Click “Update” and confirm the operation.

You can download the latest iOS on your computer yourself, and then select the firmware file in iTunes. This approach will save time for downloading the updated version of the system. To be able to specify the path to the firmware file, hold down the Shift key and click “Update”. An explorer window will appear, in which you can select the downloaded upgrade.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Recovery via iTunes

Before proceeding with the recovery, think about whether you are ready to lose the data that is stored on your phone. If not, be sure to make an up-to-date backup of the information. You can save it on your computer using iTunes, or send it to iCloud by synchronizing with the cloud storage. If a restore, that is, a rollback to the factory state with a SIMultaneous iOS update, is performed just to completely clean the device, then no backup copy is needed.

  • Open the “iCloud” section in the settings and turn off “Find iPhone“.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to confirm disabling the security feature.
  • Connect your device via USB to PC and launch iTunes. Select the phone by clicking on the icon in the program window.
  • Click “Restore iPhone”. Itunes will find and install the latest iOS version. Do not interrupt recovery, it will damage the system.
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You can speed up the process by first downloading the firmware file in IPSW format. To select it. Hold down the Shift key and click “Restore iPhone”. An explorer window will appear, through which you must specify the path to the iPSW file.

Methods for flashing the latest iPhone models

When trying to figure out how to reflash an iPhone, the user must first understand what firmware is and what methods of flashing exist. The process itself takes 10 minutes, any iPhone owner can complete it, but for greater confidence, you need to know some technical points.

We have already written instructions on the site on how to reflash an iPhone, but it was about iPhones 4 and 5. You can see this article here. In general, the process has remained the same. Below we tell you how to reflash modern iPhones (iPhones 6 and 7) and how to install an iOS update on iPhone 6 or 7.

Firmware options and methods

Iphone firmware is its software, the operating system known as iOS. A flashing is a system restore or update. In the first case, it means a return to factory settings with the removal of personal data, in the second. Installing a new version of iOS without affecting user content.

Deleting iPhone custom settings

A flashing may be required in the following cases:

  • IOS crashes.
  • Release of a new version of iOS.
  • The need to completely delete information from the phone. For example, when transferring the device to another owner.

There are two methods for flashing iPhone: via iTunes connection and Wi-Fi. In iTunes, you can do both flashing, restore and update. Via Wi-Fi, only device upgrade is possible, that is, downloading and installing updates.

Apple does not allow you to install outdated iOS versions. This does not prevent craftsmen from releasing software that allows you to downgrade the system, but most often it only works on older iPhone models. It is not possible to downgrade iOS on iPhone 6 or 7.

Iphone slows down after updating: what to do?

How to upgrade iPhone 6S to iOS 12

DFU operation

If iPhone won’t recover in normal mode and iTunes gives an error, use DFU mode. The order will be as follows:

  • Open iCloud Settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Download the latest iOS to your computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer. Press the Home and Power keys for 10-15 seconds until the screen turns off. A second after the screen turns off, release the Power button, but continue to hold “Home”. Wait for iTunes to show a notification that the device has been detected in recovery mode.
  • Hold down the Shift key on your computer keyboard and click “Restore iPhone”.
  • Select the downloaded firmware file and wait for the restore process to complete.

To wake up the device from DFU mode, hold down the Power and Home buttons for 15 seconds.

The iPhone 7 does not have a home button, so the order of entering and exiting DFU mode will be slightly different:

  • Connect iPhone 7 to Computer.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Without releasing the power button, hold down the volume down key. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears, repeat the procedure. It means you have been holding the buttons for too long.
  • Release the power button after 10 seconds. Continue to hold the Volume Down key for another 5 seconds. If the iTunes Connect screen appears, start over. You held down the buttons for too long.
  • If the display stays black and iTunes displays a message stating that a device has been found in recovery mode, then you’ve put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Otherwise, the instructions are the same: you need to select an IPSW file or entrust iTunes to download and install the firmware yourself. To wake up iPhone 7 from DFU mode, hold down the Volume Down and Power button until the Apple logo appears.


Hello, I forgot the password from iCloud to any applications. Re-flashing is possible and will it help?

Good evening. Tell me the camera does not work and the flash maybe a flashing will help? I read they say yes.

Tell me, I can’t activate my iPhone for 2 weeks.
I bought from another owner, untied everything in front of me, turned off the iPhone to find.
When trying to log in, activation error. Unable to activate iPhone because it could not contact the apl servers.
This is such a game.
I tried everything.
Firmware, update via aytuns. Nothing activates it.
What do you think?
I already bought the device. The person gets in touch, he says, it still worked. Now he, too, must walk with a non-working apparatus?
The service told me that the repair will cost 3000. And everything will work with a 100% guarantee. Maybe someone knows what to do?

Good afternoon, you activate from a backup copy or as a new one?
Look here in more detail about activation:

Good afternoon! We bought a new iPhone 6 s, it works with maps normally, but in Ukraine does not see. Tell me what to do. Is it worth reflashing! Thanks in advance.

Hello tell me please bought my daughter an iPhone7 and there apple ID: the account is empty what to do?

(iPhone 6) The screen goes blank, went to the service, they replaced the screen backlight circuit, but after a few days, the screen started to go out again. When you start the camera, stripes appear on it, if you restart the phone, then everything becomes fine for a while, can a flashing help?

I bought an iPhone 7 and flashed it, and there the activation lock comes out, you can remove it?

Accidentally put the phone into recovery mode, now it is in the recovery loop, I heard that through reiboot, you can get it out of this state, but the computer does not see the phone. I do not know what to do with this, can someone tell me?

Iphone 7 crashed and the motherboard broke, that is, the home button does not work and what options are possible
I wanted to update the version but the knlpka does not work, it is not possible to enable

Hello, I updated iOS outgoing calls disappeared help what to do?

Hello, I forgot the password for the iPhone 6, it is not tied to any applications, I know the password from the icoud, what to do?

You can’t do anything tszhe

Hello, the Touch di button does not work on iPhone 6. They say if you go back to version 9, then everything will be restored, what do you say?

Good evening. In the main Settings Software update the latest IOS 12 is installed (please tell me what to do.

Hello. Purchased an iPhone 6s from a different owner. I cannot log out from his Aykloud, asks for the password of the previous owner, we enter everything correctly, does not answer. Settings do not work, authentication failed. Resetting the settings also fails. A yellow spot appeared on the screen and applications stopped opening, freezes. Tell me how to be?

I bought an iPhone 6 asks for the background of an old owner and someone doesn’t know how to be

I will briefly answer the last comments:

Anyone who needs an iPhone that you do not know is a brick. Google’s iCloud Lock, sad. For devices above seven, there is minimal sense to pay for unlock, but there is scammer. 80%, decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk

Whoever has a failure to enter / exit aikloud, reset. The bodies are most likely melted or crookedly soldered, the modem dies, if it is the sixth or lower. Bury it, if higher. Keep in mind that soldering the modem costs 100 dollars and after that it is better not to drop the bodies

Iphone 7 started rebooting every 30 seconds. When you enter DFU mode, everything is fine, but as soon as it starts to update, it turns on