How to Make a Document Scan from a Phone

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Those days when we were forced to buy expensive scanners have sunk into oblivion. Modern mobile devices can do the same job much faster and no less quality. Thanks to high-quality cameras and power, scanning a document or photo using a smartphone has become as simple as possible. Just open the application and point the camera at text or image. We bring to your attention a selection of applications that will turn your phone into a great scanner.

Best iOS Scan Application. Evernote Scannable

How to Make a Document Scan from a Phone

Evernote, a popular note taking service, has created a wonderful free scanning application. Scannable. It is suitable for scanning receipts, business cards and printed documents. Application uses optical recognition of letters and numbers (ORT), which allows you to search for words and phrases in a scanned digital document. The ORT function works automatically, analyzing the words and characters of a document while you scan it. Scannable also uses this function to highlight information on business cards (for example, email and phone numbers) with the possibility of subsequent storage on the phone.

One of the main advantages of Scannable is its reliability. After starting, the application automatically recognizes the object, focuses on it and takes a picture. You can scroll through a multi-page document, combine and delete pages. the application quickly edits the scan, adjusts contrast and brightness, to maximize readability. In this case, the settings can be adjusted manually.

You can set up automatic saving of scans in your Evernote account, export to iCloud storage or to a camera album. Also, it is possible to share digitized documents by selecting one of the available channels: in messages, by email or through other applications on the smartphone. The biggest drawback of Scannable is the inability to save the list of previous scans. To save a new file, you will first have to save or forward the already made document, immediately after scanning it.

Best Scan App for Android. CamScanner

There are many options for changing a scanned object by adjusting color, contrast, brightness, or cropping an image. Can add watermarks, signatures and tags that make it easy to search for files on your phone. In addition, there is a built-in tool for collaboration, search and synchronization with the well-known cloud storage Dropbox and Google Drive.

Like Scannable, CamScanner has ORT, but you need to download a special plug-in to use it. Using ORT, you can search for documents by keywords and phrases, which is really very convenient. ORT allows you to export and edit text from a scan, but for this you need to install paid updates for 4.99. Using the program involves creating an account, but you can automatically upload scans to the CamScanner website, which greatly facilitates their transfer from a smartphone to a PC. CamScanner is also available for Windows Phone and iOS.

Additionally. Microsoft Office Lens (Android, iOS, and Windows)

This is a simple application for scanning documents, photos and labels, supporting sending scanned files to a Microsoft account. You can save scans as PDF files or add them to OneNote and OneDrive.

Scanbot (Android and iOS)

One of the best and most reliable scanning applications with a very user-friendly design. The program automatically scans documents when you point the camera at a sheet of paper. You can crop the scan and select the final version of the file from four versions with different brightness and contrast. The free application performs basic scanning functions, it is possible to upgrade to the Pro version for 0.99 / month, or by paying one-time 4.90. Additional paid features include ORT, automatic tagging and topic selection. The paid version does not contain ads.