How to make a dark theme on Huawei

How to make a dark theme on Huawei

Owners of smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems have long been waiting for the time when Google and Apple deign to add a dark design theme to the operating system that would allow them to comfortably use a mobile device in the evening and at night. In fact, all Android smartphones already have a setting hidden from prying eyes that allows you to turn on a dark theme, just many people don’t even know about it.

The dark design theme is good in that it significantly reduces eye strain at night and in the evening, when there are no light sources in the room or on the street. If you read black text for a long time on a bright white screen, then your eyes will begin to experience a lot of stress, which can subsequently lead to vision problems. To avoid this, you need to use a dark design theme that makes the background black and the font white.

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It’s very simple to include a dark theme in all Android smartphones, and for this you will need to perform just a few simple steps. You can use this color scheme on absolutely all mobile devices and tablets running the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system or newer. Google notes that this can lead to a large decrease in speed (within 5%).

To activate the night theme, launch “Settings” and then go to the “Advanced” section, in which you should select “Accessibility”. At the very bottom of this section, you should activate the toggle switch opposite “Invert colors”, as a result of which the entire interface of the Android operating system will become dark. Most of the elements will look like it is sharpened for this type of display, however, there are some disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that all the icons and images will also be displayed with an inversion of colors, that is, they will look extremely unusual for the human eye. However, the dark theme of design on Android can be included whenever a prolonged use of mobile devices in the evening and at night is expected. I want to believe that in the future Google will add a full and native night mode to the Android operating system, which will allow you to use smartphones and tablets with great comfort.

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