How To Make A Congratulation Video On Phone

Apple has seriously decided to make the Photo app a competitor to Google Photos. In iOS 10, it got a tab Memories with the ability to group photos by events and create slide shows from them.

How to make a music slide show (from a photo) in the Photo application on iPhone or iPad and share it

Open app Photo on an iOS 10 device and select the tab Albums. Select the album you want to create a slide show (movie).

Apple offers two options for creating slide shows.

Option 1 (creating a film from all photos in the album; save option)

1. Click on the arrow in the line with the date the album was created (see screenshot below). 2. Click on the top animated thumbnail with the play icon. The creation of a film from Photo will begin, followed by its playback in full screen.

How to Make a Congratulation On Phone

3. To change the settings, tap the screen. Choose the musical design option (dreamy, sentimental, soft, light, fun, peppy, disco club, etc.).

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4. To save the to Camera Roll or share it with friends, click Share this in the lower left corner.

Option 2 (creating a film from selective photos of the album with more options for choosing animation effects and music)

1. To select all the photos for the slide show, click on the first photo in the album. To create a slide show of selected photos, click Choose and highlight the necessary pictures.

2. Press button Share this in the upper left corner.

3. Select item Slide show. The slide show starts automatically in full screen.

4. To change the settings, tap the screen. Press button Options to change slide show settings.

In chapter Music choose one of five standard songs or music from the application Music (Apple Music).

In chapter Theme Select a slide show style. In order for the slides to repeat, activate the item To repeat.

To reduce or increase the playback speed of the picture, use the knob with the image of a turtle and a hare.

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Changing the soundtrack entails also rearranging the entire clip. so that it matches the tempo and tone of the composition.

It should be noted that the slide show created using the second option does not provide the ability to saves and send to friends. The created slide show can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.

iOS 10 is already available for developers, in July it is expected to release a version for public testing by all comers.

However, now anyone can set the “top ten” (the method through the configuration profile). The release of the final version is scheduled for September this year.