How to make a collage on a computer


The most powerful tool from Adobe Systems, created for working with graphic elements, can be called one of the most popular and professional of its kind. The greatness of its functionality does not require proof. Suffice it to recall the well-known Liquify filter, which miraculously straightens teeth, curls hair, corrects noses and a figure. Photoshop provides deep work with layers. you can copy them, adjust transparency, offset type, and assign names. There are limitless photo retouching possibilities and a large set of customizable drawing tools. So he will definitely cope with combining several pictures in one composition. But, like other Adobe projects, the program is not cheap.


Developer Pearl Mountain claims CollageIt is designed to create collages instantly. In just a few steps, a user of any level will be able to create a composition that can hold up to two hundred photographs. Features preview, auto-shuffle and background change. Modestly, of course, but free. Everything is fair here. they ask for money only for the professional version.

Photo collage tools

There are a lot of ways to create a collage now. It could even be a piece of plywood with prints printed in random order on it. But in this case, we will talk about special software, from professional photo editors to online services.

How to make a collage of photos on a computer

One day there will come a time when looking at photos taken during summer vacation, New Year’s holidays, best friend’s birthday, or at a photo shoot with horses will not evoke the usual emotions. These snapshots will become nothing more than just files taking up space on your hard drive. Only by looking at them in a new way, for example, by creating a photo collage, you can revive those very impressions.


Photoshop may be more solid and professional, but it is clearly not the only decent tool for creating collages. For a long time there have been special programs for this. Take the Photo COLLAGE app, which includes over 300 themed templates and is great for designing greeting cards, invitations, photo books, and even website design. Its only drawback is that the free trial period lasts only 10 days. To create the simplest project, you need:

  • Run the program and go to “Create a new collage”.
  • Select project type.
  • Define a pattern, for example, among chaotic ones and click “Next”.
  • Customize the page format and click “Finish”.
  • Drag pictures to work area.
  • Save project.

Collage Master

Simpler, but also interesting is the product of AMS Software, a Russian developer who has achieved incredible results in this direction. Their activity is dedicated to the creation of applications for photo and video processing, as well as in the field of design and printing. Of the useful functions of the Collage Wizard, the following stand out: setting the perspective, adding inscriptions, the presence of effects and filters, as well as a section with jokes and aphorisms. over, the user has 30 free launches at his disposal. To create a project you need:

  • Run the program, select the “New” tab.
  • Configure page settings and click “Create Project”.
  • Add photos to the work area, and using the “Image” and “Processing” tabs, you can experiment with the effects.
  • Go to the “File” tab and select “Save As”.

Microsoft Tools

And finally, Office, which is probably installed on every computer. In this case, both the Word page and the Power Point slide can be filled with photographs. But the Publisher application is more suitable for this. Naturally, you will have to abandon the trendy filters, but the local set of design elements (fonts, frames and effects) will be enough. The general algorithm of actions when creating a collage in Publisher is simple:

  • Go to the Page Layout tab and select landscape orientation.
  • In the “Insert” tab, click the “Pictures” icon.
  • Add photos and place them in any way. All other actions are individual.

In principle, the list could be longer, but these methods are quite enough to solve the above problem. A suitable tool will be found here both by those users who value speed and simplicity when creating collages, and those who value maximum functionality in this matter more.

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Download photo editor

Purpose: A program for creating photo collages from pictures on a computer
The name of the program: Photo COLLAGE
Manufacturer (author): AMS Software / td>
Status: Is free
Category: Photo Editors
Installer (archive) size: 167.5 MB
OS support: Windows XP, 7,8,10
Interface language: Russian
Security: No viruses
Similar programs: PhotoMASTER

The installation process does not require a description, since everything is in Russian and understandable. There are no additional spyware or extra browser panels.

After installation, you can change the appearance of the program to make it more pleasant to work in it

Also go to the settings (Program parameters) and adjust them for yourself

So, how to create a photo collage in this program? Very easy, let’s get started

Photo COLLAGE program

I hope to explain what a collage is not needed, so I immediately turn to the description of a wonderful program for creating it.

The program for creating collages called “Photo COLLAGE” is very convenient and simple, contains a whole bunch of ready-made templates and is as user-friendly as possible.

make, collage, computer

How to make a collage of photos on a computer

Today I will tell you how to make a collage from photos. and fast, convenient and easy.

Using the simple computer program described in this article, you can immortalize footage from your summer vacation in its original form. in the form of a stunning collage.

Making a photo collage

First, we create a new project. This can be done from the menu item of the “File” program or directly from the main window, as in the screenshot above. We indicate the type of future collage

How to Make a Collage on the Computer

If it seemed that the templates were not enough, then it seemed. The fact is that any template is monstrous, you can edit it beyond recognition

  • set background for future collage
  • customize frames and effects
  • add text
  • resize
  • tilt and position of images
  • remove unnecessary template elements or add your own

just double-click on the template element or call up the context menu by right-clicking

Immediately after adding photos to the project, the menu above will become available

with which you can bring individual frames to the front or hide them behind other images, crop, flip, and much more to create.

In the end, it remains to save the project or print it right away

how to make a collage on the pc

Pay attention to the small triangle next to the “Save” button. there are several options for saving you can choose.

Here is a link to a page with examples of ready-made collages from the program manufacturer.

The “Photo COLLAGE” program is slightly paid, but it is worth the money, rest assured.

make, collage, computer

Now you know how to make a collage from photos. Up to new useful computer programs and interesting applications for Android.

How to make a photo collage using programs

Not sure how to make a photo collage on your computer? We have collected for you the main ways and means with which you can make a photo collage at home. Read the article and learn how to make collages!

What means can you create a collage?

In the age of advanced technology, more and more people are turning to computer graphics. If you are reading this article, you have probably already thought about how to make a collage from photos on a computer. Let’s look at the most popular programs with which this can be done.


A powerful tool for processing photos and creating works of any complexity. This program is used among professionals and rightfully occupies top places among similar software. However, even to create simple effects, you will need to learn all of its tools. And it will take more than one month to master the skills.


It is a digital photo manager. In it you can crop, retouch, add a variety of effects and inscriptions. But along with the advantages, Picasa also has disadvantages:

  • sorts photo not by title,
  • prevents the creation of “nested” albums,
  • there is no way to purposefully compress the photo without resizing,
  • slows down when loading and does not require weak hardware.


The editor offers a wide selection of ready-made design styles for various topics: birthday, wedding, New Year, etc. You can change the built-in templates and develop your own design. A large number of frames, masks, clipart and a variety of effects will help you create colorful collages that can be shared on social networks or printed. The bonus will be the Russian-language interface and the small weight of the program.

How to make a collage

Collage is often used to create greeting cards, design posters and posters, as well as in the manufacture of family scrapbooking albums. You can make a composition from photographs in the traditional way: cut and paste, or it can be easier. in a computer program. In this article, you will learn about the most popular editors that can be used to stitch pictures together, as well as how to make a photo collage in the PhotoCollage program.

Picture collage maker

Shareware software. With its help, you will learn how to make collages, because the program is designed specifically for creating photo compositions. All the necessary tools are built into it, but it does not have Russian support. A significant disadvantage is also that the effects can only be used in the paid version. Also, the program is bad friends with the Windows OS above the version and can simply “fly”.

Let’s consider how to make a collage from a photo in the most suitable editor for this. in Photo COLLAGE. This choice is optimal, because the program has a wide functionality, a Russian-language interface, is easy to operate, weighs little and is quickly installed on a computer.

First you need to download Photo COLLAGE. Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the installer. Run the program and proceed to the next step.

In the start menu, select the “New collage” option. Now you need to decide on the type of project. You can work with ready-made templates, making adjustments to them, or you can create a “Clean Project” and make a collage from scratch. Pay attention to how many blanks in the program are designed for two photos. Collage looks better when the canvas is not cluttered with images.

You have chosen a visual style, now is the time to set up your project. In the window that appears, specify the size, resolution and orientation of the sheet. The appearance of the product will depend on these settings. Whether it’s a collage the size of a standard photo or a huge poster, it’s up to you.

For convenience, the size of the canvas can be correlated with the resolution of the monitor.

Fill the collage with photos

The easiest way to fill a sheet with pictures is to open the desired folder and drag pictures to the work area. You can easily change the location of an object by holding and dragging it with the mouse. If the slot does not display the area of ​​the card that you want to see, this is easy to fix. Find the yellow button in the center and pinch and pull in the same way.

Crop the picture to crop unwanted parts or change the composition. To do this, activate the tool with the same name on the action bar. In the window that appears, set the desired parameters and save the changes.

Create a selection around the image and drag the edges of the created area. This will allow you to shrink or enlarge the image. Use the green button to rotate the photo around the axis.

make, collage, computer

How to make a collage on a computer so that the photo fits in the photo? You can change the order of layers through the tools on the right side of the action bar. Select the photo and click on the overlapped leaf icon. Try them one by one, and you will see that in this way you can not only superimpose one image on top of another, but also place it on top of all the elements of the clipart.

Add decorations and text

At this stage, you will learn how to make a collage by decorating it with beautiful frames, clipart and inscriptions. In the sidebar, go to the “Text and Decorations” tab. Write a congratulation or compliment and choose the style that suits you. Use the settings to change the fill of the letters, shadow and outline. Reduce and rotate text using special functions in the dialog box.

Immediately take a look at the “Clipart” tab. The program catalog contains various elements with which you can decorate your collage and make it even better. Graphic templates are grouped by subject for ease of navigation. The program provides the function of creating and uploading your own clipart, which greatly expands your creative possibilities.

Adjust your design by changing the color scheme of the background, removing or adding frames from the catalog and stylizing your pictures with built-in filters. All of these functions are also available through the side menu.

Now you know how to make a photo collage on your PC. It remains to prepare the work for publication, saving it in one of the formats suggested by the program:

  • PDF,
  • Jpg,
  • PNG image,
  • Tiff
  • or as a project to revisit and refine later. To do this, go to the “Save” tab and select the appropriate option in the drop-down list. The save function is also available through the print module and the “File” tab.

You learned from the article how to create a photo collage using the simplest technique. Using the flexible functionality of the photo editor, you will soon learn how to create real masterpieces in it.