How to make a collage of photos on your iPhone

Creating collages is popular with all age groups, whether you’re a 7-year-old preparing for a school assignment, a 17-year-old showing off your future goals, or a 70-year-old taking a trip down memory lane. On top of that, it’s a great gift and social media post.

While the iPhone can’t yet boast this feature, these collage apps can help you create stunning art from your cherished photos.

So, let’s not waste another second and explore some of the best collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

  • Picture collage
  • Picsart photo and video editor
  • Canva
  • Photogrid Video Collage maker
  • Collage
  • Pizap
  • Expand: Story and Collage Maker
  • Picjointer photo collage creator

Tell a story with your collage

Photo collages are an excellent tool for telling stories with photos. Showing two or more images together often tells a stronger story than showing the viewer a single image.

This works especially well if you’ve taken multiple photos of the event in progress. It could be something that happened in just a few minutes, children playing or people interacting in a scene of a busy street.

Showing any of these photos separately may not tell the story of what happened, whereas showing them together in a collage will convey a whole story to the viewer.

You can also use a sequence of photos that were taken in hours rather than minutes. For example, different stages of do-it-yourself or surroundings photographed at different times of the day.

You can use a series of photos taken over several days or even longer. For example, the same tree photographed at different times of the year or a set of photos from a holiday.

These photos were taken on different days during the winter, but they look good in a collage because they are all black and white photos of cold foggy landscapes.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Next on my list of favorites is Adobe. In addition to creating personalized collages, it allows you to create tempting photo effects using a number of features. You can also use the overlay effect, which allows you to edit images and change their backgrounds with a perfect finish. The app can be a great help for editing and enhancing your images before combining them.

Price: free (in-app purchases from 4.99).

Pic Stict

Pic Stict. This program will come in handy for professional editing. This app is ideal for editing collages, has a large variety of templates.

You can choose templates that are arranged by number of cells. There are also many in the program:

How to make a Photo Collage on iphone for Free

The app is not free and you have to pay for additional features.

How to make a collage on iPhone and iPad

We all share photos on Instagram, and most of the time all we do to make them look good is light photo editing and maybe a filter on top. However, if you just got back from vacation and want to share some of your favorite shots from your trip, iPhone collage might be a great way to do that. So, if you’re wondering how you can make collages on your iPhone, we can help you. Here are some photo collage apps for iPhone so you can easily make a collage.

While there’s no built-in way to make photo collages on the iPhone and iPad, there are plenty of third-party apps you can use to create stunning photo collages.

Use “Layout from Instagram” to create photo collages

Layout by Instagram is a top-notch free collage tool for the iPhone. So, if you’re looking for an app that allows you to create attractive collages and share them on Instagram, or other social media, this app can do the job. It allows you to re-mix up to 9 images and choose from several interesting layouts.

  • First, open Layout from Instagram on your iOS device. After that, select images from your photo library. Alternatively, you can click Photo Booth. Take photos and select them.
  • Then select the layout you want, and then edit your collage using the tools available, such as reflections, reflections, borders. Once you’ve edited your images, click “Save” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next, you can share your photo collage on or Instagram. If you want to save your collage to your device, tap “” and then select the option you want (“Add to Share Album” and “Save to Files”).

Create eye-catching photo collages with Google Photos

Google Photos needs no introduction, doesn’t it? A feature-rich photo storage app that’s widely considered the best photo product across platforms. The app automatically creates collages (as well as movies and GIFs) to enhance the photo experience.

What’s more, you can also create collages from your favorite images. And when you combine it with 15GB of free storage (shared by Google apps like Google Drive and Gmail), Google Photos gets really hard to beat.

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  • Open Google Photos on your iPhone or iPad. Tap and hold on the image to enter selection mode. After that, select up to 9 images.
  • Then click “” “Add to” and then select “Collage” from the menu.
  • Then tap the edit icon at the bottom, and then use the various editing tools to add the finishing touches to your collage. Once that’s done, click “Share” and then save/share your collage using your preferred medium.

Create and design trending collages with PicCollage

Whether you’re a social media enthusiast who has a huge penchant for sharing breathtaking collages on social media sites, or someone who prefers to have a wide variety of designs to create cool collages on your iPhone or iPad, Pic Collage is worth giving a try.

Receiving 4.8 stars out of more than 1.4 million ratings, the app was praised for its rich design. In addition to the many collage grids, it also has many predefined templates, backgrounds, fonts and stickers that you can use to create eye-catching posts to social media.

  • Now select the collage layout you want, and then fill the layout with your preferred images. Simply click on the section and select “Add photo”. Then select images from the photographic film.
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  • Once you’ve filled your layout with photos, you can choose a different background, use stickers, or add text to decorate your collage. Then click “Done” in the top right corner of the screen, and then save the collage to your photo library, print it out, or share it on Instagram. Messenger, WhatsApp or other platforms.

Install: (free premium version available for 4.99)

Create collages like a pro with Canva

In addition to being a versatile photo editor, Canva can also be used as a handy tool for creating iPhone and iPad collages. The biggest highlight of this app is a huge library of more than 60,000 templates that can give you a head start on your design with minimal effort.

  • Launch Canva on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the Home tab at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to the “Photo Collages” section and select the layout you want.

Unfortunately, there are no standard tools, programs, or features of the Photos app on iPhones and iPads to create photo collages and there are no plans to. There is no need to get upset, because third-party solutions and software products are available to everyone absolutely free of charge for quality processing and joining photos together to create collages. The most popular ones are: Pic Stitch, Instagram Layout, Fuzel Collage and several others. It is worth taking a closer look at the functionality of each application to decide which of them will suit a particular user.

Pic Stitch

One of the most powerful apps. According to the information in the official store AppStore, it is in the top 7 of all applications in the photo editing section and in the top 100 of all applications over the entire period of existence of the Apple store. The application contains the largest number of templates for photo agglomeration of all the solutions that will be presented below (which are more than 245 pcs). Different templates).

Templates and collages are sorted by the system by the number of cells that will be used in the final image. In addition to the ability to add pictures, the application has a powerful toolkit for their pre- and post-editing: changing brightness, contrast, color gamut, applying different filters and effects, rotation, automatic correction, etc. Д.

It’s important! If you will not be stingy and spend money on the in-app purchase features, then not only new templates and features, but even the ability to create layouts of future collages with special tools will be available.

Instagram Layout

Is a minimalistic and free program, whose developers are the developers of the social network Instagram. Instagram Layout is able to fully satisfy the desires and demands of an unsophisticated person who just wants to create a collage from photos.

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How to Make Photos Collage in iPhone For Free (2022)

The software works very simply. This is probably one of the easiest and easiest to understand solutions. You need to open your media library, mark two or more photos to be merged according to a certain template, select that layout, and customize each picture individually if necessary. All done.

In addition to the ability to scale pictures, you can symmetrically reflect them, rotate them, or add special borders or frames for them. When your “work” is ready, you can publish it on your Instagram, or other social networking site. This is available through the built-in menu “Share.

Note! The program is completely free and does not contain advertising. Its disadvantages are a small number of layouts and their simple structure that will not surprise a seasoned user or a lover of editing your photos.

Fuzel Collage

Advanced than Instagram Layout, an app for generating photo collages. It is easy to find many beautiful, original and customizable templates. In addition, the user can use other tools: editable frames, filters, adding captions, stickers, etc. It is even possible to create small clips with music from photos.

Important! By buying the paid version, you can fence off ads and watermarks, and get even more filters and settings.

Other possible applications

There are a number of other applications that are similar in functionality, but for one reason or another are not as popular as the three options described above. Perhaps they lack functionality, or have more ads. The list for review is given below:

Photo Blend Shape Collage Maker

If you need a simple and straightforward photo collage without any restrictions, this is the app you need. Simply select eight images and then choose a grid structure, and the app will create the collage for you. You can create collages with different grids (stars, mosaics, etc.). Д.), And then add the finishing touches to the created collage. This app doesn’t offer many features, and sometimes that’s an advantage for users who don’t like clutter and want to get their work done.


A bright and resourceful collage app that can work with both collages and individual photos taken in Portrait mode (changing the bokeh effect, reducing noise, adding additional colors and filters) and Landscape. Of the pluses over competitors. A straightforward “recipe” for editing.

You don’t have to wander through menus. The main thing is to choose the mode and follow the interface prompts. First. Add a photo, then. Select a frame, then. Agree to automatic processing, and at the end. Bring the work to perfection manually and immediately go to the section with the publication on social networks.