How to make a call to contact on the iPhone

Where are the purchased ringtones on the iPhone

The first iPhone SE and 9.7 iPad Pro are already in the Macstore store. With iTunes you can download music, ringtones. Store, content stored in iCloud and immediately loaded on all your. The base of your programs with iOS devices purchased in iTunes Store and synchronization of the AppStore.

Where to find the bought ringtone on iPhone?

  • Open the iTunes Store application.
  • Click the “” button.
  • Click “Sounds”.
  • Find the right ringtone and click the price to make a purchase.
  • Select the option with the automatic installation of the ringtone.
  • To complete the purchase, it may be necessary to conduct an Apple ID password.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone from files?

You can open it in several ways: drag the rington file into the program window; click CTRLO, select a file and click OK; Go to the editing menu → Settings → Basic, install ringtones (sounds) and transfer the file to the folder that appears; press the right mouse button on the iTunes menu, select the edit menu, install

How to put a song on the iphone iOS 14 call?

But if you want to change the ringtone, then you can do this along the path of “settings” “Sounds, tactile signals” “Rington”, where the song you created will be.

How to find sounds in iTunes?

If the ringtones tab in iTunes did not appear, in the iTunes menu we select the editing of the settings, the main set the marker of the ringtones (sounds) and click OK. After performing these actions in the devices, click a triangle near the iPhone and see the sound tab that appeared.

How to put a song on a phone beep?

To put it on the call, go to “Settings” → “Sound” → “Rington” → “Multimedia Storage”, find a song, select it and click “OK”. The second method is also available: using the same file manager, create a “Media” folder, in it the “Audio” folder, and in it. The “Ringtones” folder (all three with a small letter).

How to establish a melody on contact in the iPhone?

How to appropriate a unique ring on the iPhone

  • Open the application phone, go to the contacts tab and select the right subscriber.
  • Click on the inscription to rule in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Find the Rington section and slip it on it.
  • Choose any you like the melody from the list and click you’re done.

How to put your melody on iPhone without itunes?

In the upper right corner, press the small arrow and select “My Songs”. Click “choose” on the right and mark the melody of the call. Then, using the download button, you can save the ringtone to the melody of the call. After that, assign him a suitable name.

How to install a ringtone on iPhone 2020?

Open the settings application on the iPhone and go to the menu sounds, tactile signals. 6. Go to the Rington menu. At the very top of the list of ringtones, you will see the Rington created and uploaded by you.

How to download a ringtone on iPhone via iTunes?

  • We take a USB cable, using it connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • In the left side panel under the iPhone itself, click the section. Sounds
  • Put a checkmark. Synchronize sounds
  • Choosing: all sounds or selective sounds
  • At the bottom of the iTunes, click. Apply or synchronize

How to make a ringtone through Garageband?

Open GarageBand on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch click “Select” and select a project exported from the Mac computer then select the Rington item. Enter the name for Rington, then click “Export”.

How to put a ringtone on iPhone

The installed melody will be lost with all challenges, except for those contacts on which a separate.

Open the iPhone settings and go to the “sounds, tactile signals” section. Here you will see all the options on which you can install your melody, this is:

  • Rington
  • To messages
  • Autonotal
  • New mail
  • Sent
  • Notifications in calendars
  • Notifications
  • Airdrop

The volume also changes here. Open the necessary section to change the melody to an incoming call. This is a ringtone.

Select one of the existing options, just by clicking on it. To download additional melodies, click on the link “Sounds store”.

Here you will find thousands of ready.Made ringtones that can be purchased. They can be sorted by genres and listened in advance. Their price is like a cup of tea in the nearest cafe.

You can do the same with SMS, notifications and other sounds. If you have once purchased music, but do not see it on the list, then click on the link-“Download all the bought sounds”.

A method without a computer

To do this, you will need some cloud storage where you will pour a song and the Garageband installed on the iPhone iPhone.

Download the track from the “Cloud” to the GarageBand File Transfers folder located in the “files”:

Then open Garageband and create a new track. You can choose absolutely any tool. There is no difference.

Immediately make an automatic number of measures by pressing a plus in the upper right corner of the screen:

Then open the list of lups and in the “Files” section, select the track you downloaded:

make, call, contact, iphone

Throw it into an automatically created path with a long slippage:

Here you can cut the song as you like.

Then return to the GarageBand project list (left upper button) and a long slip by the project with the future ringtone, call the context menu:

Click on “Share”. Such a window will open:

Click on Rington and call it the way you want. Further, GarageBand will offer you to use it as a ringtone for all calls, only for specific contact or even for messages.

But if you want to change the ringtone, then you can do this along the path of “settings” “Sounds, tactile signals” “Rington”, where the song you created will be.

Installation of a melody (ringtone) without a computer

For lovers, it is recommended to refresh the list of realts on incoming calls to choose a method for installing a ringtone on an iPhone without a computer. You will need only Internet access.

To do this, you need only two applications that should be downloaded from the App Store and install on your gadget:

After installing all the applications, you can start downloading. To do this, you can use any resource that allows you to download musical compositions and sounds using the installed browser. After downloading the necessary composition, several steps should be taken:

  • Open the “loading” menu. The “change” button will appear in the upper right corner.
  • Click on it, then select the required file and click on the “share” button.
  • In the window that opens, click “Save in files”, and then, selecting the “Documents” folder, click “Add”.
  • We convert this file using the GarageBand music editor to ringtone.
  • After that, he will appear in the iPhone menu, where there are standard call melodies.

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Siri announces the name of the caller. How to disable

Starting with iOS 10 on the iPhone, one very interesting function has appeared. Siri has learned to announce the names of calling contacts, which can be an extremely useful opportunity, for example, when the user drives the car. However, in most cases, the function is activated by chance and users do not need. In this instructions we will talk about how to prohibit Siri to announce the names of the calling.

Siri announces the name of the caller. How to disable

Go to the “Settings” menu → “Phone”.

Choose the section “Challenges ad”.

Put the flag at the “Never” item.

How to Make & Receive Phone Calls on Your iPad

Ready! Now Siri will not declare the names of the calling challenges. Council for motorists! Having set the flag at the “Headphones and the Car” item, you allow Siri to announce the names of the calling contacts when the iPhone is active to the automotive system. Thanks to this, you can find out who exactly calls, while not being distracted from driving.

Add the ringtone to the iPhone

Of course, you can do with the standard melodies of the call, but it is much more interesting when your favorite song will play with an incoming call. But first, the ringtone must be added to the iPhone.


Suppose you have a ringtone on a computer, which is previously either uploaded from the Internet, or created independently. So that he appears in the list of melodies of the call to the Apple Gadget, he will need to transfer him from the computer.

    Connect the smartphone to the computer, and then run itunes. When the device is determined in the program, click in the upper area of ​​the window according to its miniature.

Ready. Rington is now on your device.

Itunes Store

This method of adding new sounds to the iPhone is much easier, but it is not free. The essence is simple. To purchase the right ringtone in iTunes Store.

    Launch the iTunes Store application. Go to the “Sounds” tab and find the melody suitable for you. If you know what kind of song you want to purchase, select the Search tab and enter your request.

Ways to throw your ringtone

To change the melody of a call to the iPhone to your own, you will have to study technical details:

It is also necessary to take into account the version of the iOS operating system and the device model.

Download from the Internet

Starting with iOS 13, engineers provided for the possibility of downloading the rington in mp3 format through the Safari browser. Now, in order to put your favorite song or an alarm clock on the iPhone, you do not need a stationary computer, just find and download the file. This is free and is done literally in 5 minutes:

  • Open the Safari browser, enter an arbitrary request into the search bar, go to the website;
  • Choosing a melody, it is necessary to say an audio file;
  • The window will be displayed. It should be consent to loading;
  • The Safari browser loading manager will display a downloaded track (it is recommended to make sure the file integrity and listen to the composition);
  • Having moved to the application store, the GarageBand utility should be installed (if not installed);
  • After starting the program, the main menu will be displayed where by selecting the “” icon, you need to add a melody loaded earlier;
  • After integration, open the “paths” tab. “Audioral Corder”;
  • Switch to the appropriate path mode, and then cut the melody, choosing the “loop” icon in the upper right corner;
  • After the process is completed, go to the “files” and click onto the downloaded file;
  • By choosing audio with the help of “holding”, transfer the melody to the application area (temporary scale);
  • To open the additional menu. “My songs”;
  • In the window that opens, select the melody, and then export the file (“share”, the “ringtone” format, the “export” function;
  • Upon completion of exports, select the “use sound as” parameter by installing on a call, alarm clock, incoming messages or another event.

Itunes store on a mobile phone

The ITUNES Store integrated utility allows you to quickly install a ringtone available in the IPHone media text without using a computer.

  • Go to the settings of the device, select the item “Sounds”, “Rington”;
  • In the upper part of the open menu, go to the “Sounds store”;
  • The displayed sample of sounds is available for listening;
  • After acquiring the composition, the corresponding function opposite the melody will be available.


Via iTunes on a computer

One of the simplest installation methods is to use the functionality of the iTunes media center. Itunes provides quick editing of the melody with further installation as a call signal.

Rington installation methods using iTunes on iPhone:

  • It is necessary to install the iTunes utility on a computer, and pass authorization;
  • Choose a melody from the library, click PKM (right.Button mouse) to the file, opening the “Information” tab. The section “Information” will work with the duration of the track, setting the necessary values: the beginning and end;
  • After the editing is completed, you must re.Click PCM to the file, and activate the function “Create a version in AAC format”. The program will create a copy of the melody in the system catalog in the right format;
  • To search for the file, select the function “Show in Finder” or “Show in the conductor”;
  • The detected melody should be converted into the “M4R” format, and then remove the file created earlier from the library;
  • By re.Moving to the conductor, you need to add the file to the ITUNES program library;
  • By connecting the device using a USB cable, click the function “synchronize sounds”-“synchronize”;
  • Rington will be transferred to a mobile device. For installation in the system, you need to go to the iPhone settings, sounds.

The new melody will be installed to call.

Download collection from App Store

The App Store application store has several dozen various applications that allow you to install a free application with the Ringtones library on any iPhone.

Sample of popular applications with free musical compositions lasting 30 seconds:

Ringtone Designer 2.0, will win the library of free sounds, as well as high.Quality living wallpapers:

The above utilities are distributed on a free basis, but advertising is possible inside the program.

Third.Party applications for PC

Functional programs are available on the network, optimized for stationary operating systems Windows and MacOS.


After downloading the ITOOLS program from the developer’s official website, open the utility, and connect the device to PC.

In the “Media” tab, open the “Ringtone” item, and then activate the “Make Ringtone” function. Using the “Choose” parameter, specify the source file and cut up to 30 seconds. At the end, click “Save Import”. The finished file will be transferred to a mobile device.


Easeus Mobimover. A free program available on Windows and MacOS OS. Before starting work, you need to prepare a melody: cut and convert a ringtone into the M4R format using any online editor.

By connecting the iPhone to the computer, start the MobileMover utility, and then select the “Custom” parameter. In the displayed window, it is necessary to go to the parameters “Audio”, “Ringtones”. In the window opened, you need to transfer an arbitrary file and activate the “Transfer To this Device” function. After successful synchronization, the audio file will be transferred to the iPhone.

Waltr 2

The program has a practical and simple integration. To transfer the rington, it is necessary to drag the file into the illuminated white circle (on the main page of the program), and then wait for the completion of synchronization. The utility is available for Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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IFUNBOX specialized utility ensures the rapid transmission of audio files from a computer to the iPhone:

  • Download here and start the program;
  • Connect devices to PC (personal computer);
  • Select the tab of the same name on the right side of the screen;
  • Drafting an audio file to the “Rington” section of the iPhone device.

Now the composition will be displayed in the list of standard smartphone melodies.

How to install an individual melody on the iPhone without using a computer?

For those who like to diversify their list of melodies for incoming calls, SMS and notifications, it is better to choose the installation of melodies on the iPhone device without using computers. This will need to be connected to the Internet.

To carry out such an installation, you will need to download two applications from the App Store service and install them on the iPhone device:

  • Installation of a browser, which has the ability to control loading. An example of such a browser is Aloha Browser used on iPhone devices.
  • Apple developer application for Garageband musical compositions.
  • After the listed applications are installed, you can search and upload melodies. To pump, you need to find and use any Internet resource on which there is the possibility of downloading ringtones and compositions using browsers.

Upon completion of downloading the necessary melodies, you need to do several actions for the device:

  • Open the menu item with loading and select “Change” (right top corner).
  • Select a point for changes, then the required downloaded file and click the “Share” button.
  • The window opens, you need to select “Save the Files” in it, then open the folder with the documents and press the “Add” item.
  • To convert the downloaded composition into the ringtone, you will need the Garageband program.
  • After conversion, the ringtone will be in the general list and it can be.

Knowing how to properly change the melody to the iPhone, you can use your favorite ringtones without much trouble for each contact separately.