How to Make a Big Font on a Phone

Interface. a purely individual thing. There will always be a user who won’t be happy with anything, because you really want to make your account unusual and non-standard, thereby attracting attention, making new friends and girlfriends who will comment on photos and like them. How to do this?

Just for such “dissatisfied” administration of the most popular social network, there are several options for designing a user account. You can choose the standard blue-blue interface, or you can make your page pre-revolutionary or sports. it all depends on your preferences.

Today we’ll talk about how to change the font in VK in various ways. For many, this question is really relevant. It is fair to say that the standard font in VKontakte is small. On the one hand, this is justified by the fact that your page contains a lot of information that will be fully visible. On the other hand, users with low vision are extremely unhappy with this. Fortunately, such a problem cannot be called a problem. This is just a matter of minutes. And there are several ways to do this.

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How to increase the font in VKontakte: method 1

Find the ctrl key on the keyboard of your computer device and hold it down. With the other hand, start scrolling the mouse wheel. This will help you scale the page to the required size. Just remember that this will increase not only textual information, but in general all the materials located here (pictures,s, photos).

How to Make a Big Font on a Phone

This method is insanely simple and ideal for those who, at a given moment in time, need to consider something in more detail or read a text written in very small print. In the event that you need to constantly work with enlarged text, we recommend that you refer to the second method.

How to increase the font in vkontakte: method 2

VKontakte administration specifically provided for this. So, go to your page and select “Settings” on the left in the list of categories. Going to the tab, flipping it almost to the very end, until you get to the “Appearance Settings”. There, check off the box suggesting the use of larger fonts.

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This is not to say that the result of such a simple operation will exceed all your expectations. The font will increase, but not by much. Although some users are quite enough of this.

How to increase the font in VKontakte: method 3

This method involves zooming through the menu of your browser. In fact, it can be considered an analogue of the first method.

If your browser is Chrome, then on the toolbar we find a wrench (top right), then the line “Scale”. Here we click on the “” icon until we achieve the desired result.

If your browser is Mozilla, then find and click on the orange (purple) button (top left), then click on “Settings” and “Menu Bar”. There we look for “View”, select “Scale” and, finally, “Zoom in”.

If your browser is Opera, click the button (top left), then “Page” and “Zoom”, which is recommended to be increased to 120-150%.

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How to increase the font in VKontakte to users of the Safari browser? Also very simple. We go into the browser, look for the gear icon (top right), click on it. In the “Settings” we look for a tab called “Add-ons” and put a checkmark next to “Font size is always less.” Change the current value of 9 to 20, for example, and evaluate the result.

Now you know how to change the font in Vkontakte, adapting it as much as possible to your needs and features. Now is the time to change the theme of the page. But let’s talk about this another time.