How To Make A Battery Percentage On An iPhone

Turn on interest on iPhone with iOS 8

Periodically, when updating the iOS firmware, the user is faced with the problem of setting the display of the charge as a percentage. For example, on an iPhone with iOS 8, you can enable battery percentages in the following way:


So, let’s pay attention to a special indicator that appeared in the upper right corner of the screen. It is he who displays the information we need. Note that the described feature was not available to iPhone 3gs users. The manufacturer added it only after updating the iOS platform to version 3.0.1. After that, users appreciated the innovation. With this in mind, the developers made it basic for both iPhones and many other branded devices. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that special applications that display the percentage of battery charge have existed before. However, they were not in great demand.

How to set charge percentage on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr?

How To Make A Battery Percentage On An iPhone

The battery of any smartphone is one of the most important parts of any smartphone and the iPhone is no exception. To know exactly when to charge your smartphone, charging percentages often help.

On older iPhones, this item could be enabled in the settings, but what about the new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr? There is no such item in the menu for a long time.

Let’s deal with this issue once and for all.


In order to solve the question of how to charge the iPhone as a percentage, go to the main menu of the device. To do this, press the round central key, it is located on the front side of the device. We go to the device settings. After that, we look for the “General” section, and then open the “Statistics” menu. Scroll down the list and find a field called “Battery Usage”. Slightly below is the “Charge in percent” column with a slider. Move it to the right. Thus, we will enable the display of the charge as a percentage.

How to bet interest on iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max?

Apple has decided to detail the technical information so that it is not constantly imposed unnecessarily. It was decided to hide the indicator in the control center shutter. You just need to make one movement to access it.

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Thanks to this material, you will always know how long you can still use the phone autonomously. So, let’s go directly to solving the question of how to enable the percentage of charging on the iPhone. Now we will install the indicator, which will be located on the main panel, directly in front of the user’s eyes. Note that the described solution does not imply the installation of any additional applications, since they can slow down the device. There is no fee for using such a solution, since the function we need was originally provided by the developer.

Charge percentage on iphone xs max

You can view the battery percentage in the status bar on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or view it in Control Center.

On iPhone X and later, the battery percentage is displayed in Control Center. Just swipe down from the top right corner of the display.

On iPad, iPod touch (7th generation), and iPhone 8 and earlier, you can view the battery percentage in the status bar. Select Settings Battery and turn on Charge Percentage. Battery percentage is always displayed on the status bar when using power saving mode on iPhone 8 or earlier.

Is it possible to display the charge level as a percentage on the main screen

The developers had to sacrifice this function, and now it is impossible to display the charge level as a percentage on the home screen. There is SIMply no place for this icon in the corners of the display, separated by a speaker. In the upper right corner of the screen are already located more important, according to the Apple team, indicators about the network signal strength, Wi-Fi module, battery level in an animated version.

There are no standard solutions to this problem. But the owners of the flagship version of the iPhone X do not complain about insufficient battery capacity and instability of their work, even after several hundred charging cycles.

In any Apple iPhone, you can display the battery charge as a percentage. By default, a small green battery is used to indicate the charge level, which is located in the upper right corner of the iPhone display. For more accurate monitoring of the charge level, there is a percentage indicator.

Especially for those who do not yet know how to put interest on the iPhone, we have prepared today’s material. We will consider two ways of setting the indicator as a percentage: official and unofficial.

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Battery charge percentage for iPhone
The official way to enable interest first appeared in the iPhone 3GS, in order to enable interest in the settings of this phone model, it was enough to update the iOS firmware to version 3.0.1. Newer iPhone models also support the official inclusion of battery charge in percent, it is done like this:

Go to iPhone Settings, select the “General” section
2. In the General settings, click. “Statistics”. There is a subsection “Battery usage” where you need to enable “Charge in percent”

If there is such an item in the Settings of your phone, then after performing these actions, in the upper right corner, next to the standard battery indicator, a percentage will appear showing the remaining charge of the iPhone battery.

  • If you want to set the charge as a percentage in the iPod touch player, then try this instruction. “”

Unofficial iPhone charge percentages
In the iPhone 3G, the battery percentage is not set by the standard settings, however, as in the first model. Therefore, if you are using one of the first iPhone models, and there is no “Charge percentage” item in the standard phone settings, then you can use a non-standard way to enable interest using.

Go to the SBSettings program settings, select “System Options” and activate “Numeric Battarey”

Iphone battery charge will begin to display as a percentage.

How to charge percentage on iPhone X

Let’s take a look at the settings that will tell you how to charge the iPhone X as a percentage using the standard iOS functionality.

Charge the iPhone X as a percentage

Many users of mobile gadgets are accustomed to assessing the current battery level using an indicator with percentages. This indicator should be located in the upper right corner of the screen. This feature was available in all iPhone models.

In the settings, an option was used, after activating which, together with the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), the charge indicator was displayed in percentage, which reported how much the battery had left. With the release of the tenth iPhone, this option SIMply disappeared from the settings. Therefore, many users began to wonder how to make a percentage charge on the iPhone X.

It should be noted right away that this cannot be done. Apple just decided to ditch the option to monitor battery charge percentage. This feature has been removed from the settings, and there are SIMply no tricks to enable it.

This decision by Apple may be due to the fact that on the new iPhone X there is SIMply no place for a demonstration in percentage of battery charge. At the top of the screen, the protrusion eats up a large area of ​​the information panel.

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If you are used to focusing only on the battery charge as a percentage, and not on the battery picture, then you can go to the “Control Center” menu and there you can see what percentage is left. While the Control Center is running on the screen, the battery charge will be displayed in percent.

We follow the instructions below to open the control center:

    Touching the upper right corner of the screen where the battery icon is.

It turns out that to view the number of battery percentages, these steps will need to be performed each time. The inability to view the charge as a percentage on the main page of the system causes discomfort for many iPhone owners.

View battery charge percentage on other new iPhones

On new iPhones, you can set the charging percentages as follows: go to settings and select the “Battery” tab. This section should be located slightly below the “Basic”.

Then in the “Battery” section we find the “Charge in percent” switch. It is necessary to move this switch to the “On” position, and the charge value in percent will be shown in the status bar, along with the battery icon.

Checking the battery percentage on old iPhones

In older versions of iOS, the Battery tab may not be present in the settings. In this situation, you must select the item “Basic”.

Then select the subsection “Statistics”.

In this menu there is a switch “Charge in percent”. If you move it to the “On” position, then next to the battery icon, the percentage of charge will be displayed.

If you cannot find the “Charge in percent” option, then you must use the search in the settings. We enter the search query “Charge in percent” or “Battery”, after which you can find a function that allows you to put charge percentages on the iPhone.

The first option to set a percentage indicator next to the battery icon became available in the iPhone 3GS. In older versions of the gadget, this option worked only after updating iOS to system version 3.0.1. All new models of devices, except for the tenth version, after the iPhone 3GS were equipped with this function out of the box.

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