How to Loop Acer Aspire Laptop

We take out the battery. It gets pretty easy, just pull it away from the laptop.

We unscrew all visible screws. All that we see is what we twist. Manufacturers did not stint, so you have to twist a lot, seventeen pieces. We all have the same cogs, so do not strain and put them all to the heap.

How to Loop Acer Aspire Laptop

We remove the cover of the hard drive compartment and RAM. It’s difficult to crawl into it, so you can use thin flat objects to pick it up.

Remove carefully, clamped well, bends, so as not to break.

Unscrew the screw holding the hard drive mount. And also unscrew another screw located in the lower left corner of this space.

We remove the disk itself. To do this, you need to pick it up a little and shift it towards the nearest edge of the laptop.

We also remove the CD-ROM. We catch it with something, it gets to him easily, you can not be afraid. We have already unscrewed its mount.

Turn the laptop over, open it and begin to open the top cover on the drive side, that is, on the keyboard side.

It detaches quite easily, but you need to be very careful, since the cover is attached to the circuit board by cables.

Keyboard, power buttons, touch pad (touch-pad). All this is tied there and should be disconnected.

Therefore, we lift the lid of our laptop, crawl inside and, figuratively speaking, snap off all the connectors, latches that we see. There should be three of them.

Then we remove the cover and see, in fact, a board in front of us.

The next thing we do is disconnect all visible loops:

Unscrew the screws that hold the board.

Unscrew the screw that holds the Wi-Fi-board.

We unscrew the two screws holding the cooler.

We take out the lds-cable, which is located next to the cooler.

It is better to remove the power connector immediately, since then there will be no access to it from below.

We remove the cooler by carefully removing it from the grooves. When removing the cooler, do not forget to disconnect its power located just below it.

We disconnect the microphone connector, which is located on the edge of the board in the middle.

We remove the board. To do this, gently pick it up and lift it in a circle.

Half the work is done. We remove what remains of the laptop so that it does not bother us.

It remains to remove the radiator.

Turn the board over. On its back side, we unscrew six screws from the board, four from the processor and two on the board above to the right.

We clean and begin to collect, as usual, in the reverse order.

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