How to look at recently deleted iPhone applications

Is it possible to see remote applications on the iPhone?

Run the App Store, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner and select “acquired”. If you select the “Everything” tab, you will see all the applications in your account. To pre.View only remote applications, instead, touch the tab “Not on this iPhone”.

The easiest way to return remote applications on the iPhone is to install them again in the App Store.

How to Find apps you Deleted on iPhone

  • Launch Apple Apple Apple Apple Appts.
  • Click on the “Updates” icon on the lower panel.
  • Open the “Purchases” section.
  • On the “All” tab, find remote applications.

Requirements for IPhone recovery

To return the application and saved information, only one requirement will be followed. The authorization must go under the same Apple ID, under which the program was originally downloaded. If the boarding of software came from one account, then do not try to restore it using another account.

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Subject to the fulfillment of this requirement, it will be possible to restore software with all saved information. In addition, there are several more positive points:

  • If the programs were paid, then the second time is not withdrawn.
  • Even if the data is deleted from the App Store, then restoring them will still be obtained.

Attention! Software can be removed as many times, but subject to the necessary requirement, it can be restored at any time.

Bypassing the size restriction

If you use mobile Internet to download the application from the cloud, you may encounter size limitation. In iOS 11, you can not download an object, the size of which exceeds 150 MB, and in previous versions the restriction is even more rigid. 100 MB. To get around the ban:

  • Run the download.
  • Когда появится табличка о превышении размера и необходимости подключиться к Wi-Fi нажмите «Ок».
  • Turn on the aircraft mode.

The application of the application will begin automatically provided that the mobile Internet will remain included.

How to Find Deleted Apps on iPhone

How to find out which applications were installed on Android?

You can see the history of Android applications on the phone or on the store website on the Internet. On the phone, open the Play Market and press the menu button (three lines). On the menu, click “My applications and games” to see the list of applications installed on your device.

If you are sure that they will never be needed again, delete them:

  • Open the settings –Cloud. Storage.
  • Click “Manage”.
  • In the “Documents and Data” field, see how much space the deleted application files occupy.
  • Select a remote program or game and click “Change”.
  • Tap “Remove everything”.

How to restore data of restored applications

As already mentioned above, when restoring programs, the information that is connected with them is restored. Information can be stored in the ICLOUD cloud or on the application developers of the application. In the first case, the data will be restored automatically, for this you will not need to do anything. In the second case, in order for the information to recover, it is necessary to enter the login and password from the application account under which you used it earlier.

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The applications are gone

You may notice that some of your applications cannot be found anywhere, even if you have not deleted them. But there is nothing to worry about. These applications have not disappeared forever. Starting with iOS 11.0, Apple introduced the function of unloading unused applications that removes applications that you do not use.

All unloaded applications can be reinstalled through the App Store. If you don’t like this automatic function, just disable it.

Go to the “Settings”, draw a finger down and select “iTunes App Store”, move on to “unload unused applications” and click the button to turn it off.

Tip: Use SPOTLight search to find missing or remote applications. Enter the application name and click the App Store icon if the application has been downloaded or unloaded.

Synchronization with iTunes

How to restore remote applications if there is no Internet access on the phone? The option of is downloaded from the cloud will not help, so we need another method. For example, loading from iTunes.

  • Connect the iPhone, open itunes.
  • Select the device in the window program. Make sure you are authorized in iTunes under the right Apple ID.
  • Open the section with purchases.
  • Select the application and click on it to start downloading.
  • Open the device page.
  • Select the “Program” section.
  • Find the downloaded application and click “Install”.
  • Click “synchronize” to transfer the program to iPhone.

After disconnecting the smartphone from the computer, make sure that the application is installed and works. All progress will be lost, but it can also be restored.

How to restore remote icons?

How to display the application on the main screen on the iPhone

To return the hidden application to the main screen, draw a finger to the left on the screen until you reach the application library at the end of the main screen pages. Now you can drag the application directly from one of the folders of the application library to the main screen.