How to lock iPhone if you lose it. Trying to find the device

What to do if your iPhone is stolen

If your iPhone is stolen, it’s critical to know if “Find My iPhone” is enabled on your iPhone. Check this in the iCloud settings on your phone if you have it with you.

Go to from your computer, or through “Find My iPhone” from your iOS device. Login with the Apple ID you entered on your iPhone. Locate your iPhone on the map and enter it into “Missing Mode. It will lock the iPhone with a 4-digit code and display a message on the lock screen, such as a request to return the iPhone and a contact number. From now on, you’ll be able to track the route of your iPhone.

Report the loss of your iPhone to law enforcement. Give them the iPhone’s serial number and IMEI. This data can be found on the box of your iPhone, or on the “My support profile” page.

If you’re desperate and realize you can’t get your iPhone back, then erase your iPhone to save your data. Go to the same links provided at the beginning of the instructions, find your iPhone in the list of devices and click “Erase iPhone“. Keep in mind that if you erase it and remove it from the list of devices, you will not be able to track the location of the iPhone.

If your lost iPhone is turned off or put into airplane mode, you can still put it into “Lost Mode” or erase your data, but the changes will take effect when your iPhone is connected to the Internet.

How to lock the iPhone (iPhone) remotely, when the last one was taken by intruders

In this case, the activation of the lock will happen automatically, without any external changes for the user of the apple technique. At the same time, now neither loss nor theft of the gadget the owner is not afraid, because both the device and the information on its carriers are fully protected. It is impossible to hack the lock, and even Apple Technical Support will not help someone who does not know the ID and password. The specific benefits of using Activation Lock are the following list:

  • the ability to disable iPhone remotely in case of device theft;
  • the option to force a sound on the loss of the phone;
  • the ability to track the location of the turned on device;
  • option to erase all information on the device;
  • Lock the iPhone completely, turning the productive assistant into a “brick”.

Locking a stolen iPhone

Today’s smartphones provide owners with remote control and a high level of security. To find or turn on a locked iOS phone, you need the “Find iPhone” function. To do this, turn on the geolocation services “Settings” “Privacy” “Geolocation” by connecting the device to iCloud.

  • go to the iCloud;
  • Enter your Apple ID account information;
  • select the “Find iPhone” app;
  • Find the stolen gadget in the list.

Now you need to choose one of the options for action:

  • to give a loud acoustic signal. is used when you have an approximate idea of where your gadget is, or you found it with the help of a geolocation service;
  • Set the smartphone to loss mode;
  • erase all information about it. If you can’t return your device, you can delete all the information on it, even if it’s turned off.

How to lock iPhone, if it is lost

No one is insured from force majeure circumstances, as you know. If a fashionable gadget manufactured by Apple is lost or there is a suspicion that it has been stolen, it is necessary as soon as possible to make a lock.

This is a special application that will help to find the lost device. It can be used by employees of the service, which carries out the repair of cell phones, but it is easy enough to cope and yourself.

Access and enter your Apple ID. Make sure you enter both the ID and the password correctly.

Log directly into the “Find iPhone” app. You will see a map of the city, on which a green lighthouse must appear. this is the place where your gadget is at the moment. Click on it.

A small label will appear, on which in turn you need to press the icon with an “i” mark.

Next, a window will open where you will need to select the tab with the missing mode.

All of the above actions can be called preparation for locking.

The system will generate a password and ask you to confirm it. If you have previously installed a code on your smartphone, the app will automatically use it to lock your phone. In any case, you should write down the password and keep it in a safe place: if the gadget is happily found, you’ll need to unlock it using this code.

Enter the number at which the person who found your phone can contact you. This phone number will be displayed on the screen of a lost iPhone.

If desired, you can leave a text message to the person who found the smartphone.

To trace the location of a gadget, as well as to block it, is possible only if it was connected to the Internet at the moment of loss. If your smartphone is turned off at that time, you can lock it only after turning it on.

Federal company “MT Service” is a network of authorized service centers to repair phones, smartphones, tablets and other digital equipment.

Apps to help

When there was such a problem, then to block the phone, to determine its location will be able to some applications. But first they should be installed into the system, otherwise everything will be useless.

Contact If Found

This application creates a special screensaver for your desktop. On it is placed the number of the owner with an SMS. The free software works on iOS 9 and above. Contact If Found will not always help and is better to use the regular capabilities of iOS.


It’s a real detective. So how do you track the location of your iPhone with iLocalis?? Even if it’s been turned off before, techies will want to flash it. Once a burglar connects his mobile to his PC, the owner gets an email with the exact address of the phone. In addition, the program records his geodata every hour and sends it to your specified contact information.

Reward If Found

With the app, you can create a screen saver with any data of the owner. As soon as the robber turns on the device, he will immediately see the message that was addressed to him. It is unlikely that this will help to return the smart technique, but it is not worth neglecting any ways. This is useful in case if a person with a conscience finds the gadget and wants to give it back to the rightful owner.


So how do you find a lost iPhone with the help of apps?? this app will only work on jailbroken phones and is only available in Cydia. If your stolen phone has a changed nano-symbol, the program will easily recognize it and inform you by SMS or the first time you connect to the Internet.

Ways to locate using IMEI

You can find your lost device using IMEI. International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). This is the best known and oldest way from the days when cell phones were still primitive and did not have a wide range of security features.

But this method is considered the most inefficient and time consuming. It is just assumed that it is difficult to change this identifier. But tracking the location of the phone by IMEI without sophisticated equipment is problematic, if not impossible.

lock, iphone, lose, trying

To search by IMEI, cellular companies can trace its location even with the battery turned off. But the owner must always contact the police, and experience shows that this method is not always successful.

If the owner still decides to take advantage of such an opportunity, then before finding the disabled iPhone, he must write in the application the combination of digits of his identifier.

At Apple products it can be found in the following places:

You can also write out this code in advance by dialing the key combination #06# on your yet-to-be-lost iPhone.

Searches can be delayed, and the IMEI in the microchip of the mobile device can be reprogrammed by specialists in a short time.

The seventh-generation operating system (as well as higher) does not allow intruders to go through the process of reactivating the device. This is how lock mode works. To keep security at an appropriate level, update the software. The only way out in this situation for well-wishers. turn in your device for parts. But it does not always come to this, and so there is a chance to find your device and get it back.

Lost your brand-new iPhone as a result of theft? Do not rush to get upset, because you can put the unit on your device through the service iCloud. Using the ID number, you can easily authorize in the “cloud”.

Next, you need to go to the iPhone search. Clicking on the drop-down list, you need to select the iOS-device. iPhone or iPad. The item will appear as a green dot on the map. If this is the case. consider yourself lucky. The device is turned on and registered in the network. If the dot is in red. the device has been off-line for at least 12 hours.

If the Lost and Found window pops up, type in your password. If it was set before, the system will automatically set it to your iPhone.

lock, iphone, lose, trying

If there is valuable or very personal information on the missing device, you can erase it. To do this, resort to the special section. But you should not hurry to press it, because when the operation is completed, you will not be able to find the thing on the card. Here you can act depending on your goals.

Before you go outdoors for the first time with your iOS device, you need to configure the settings correctly. And you should start with activating the search option. It is placed along the path of iOS settings. iCloud.

There is also a section of the last geo-location. Make sure it is active. After that, you will be able to determine the current geographic location of the device even when it is turned off.

Try to remember the symbols of the password from the ID number and always keep them around the phone. But if it happens that you forget it. immediately go to the resource “apple” company on the network. There you will have to answer the questions and change the characters.

How to find a lost or stolen iPhone

If “Find iPhone” has been activated on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, you should turn on “Lost Mode” via iCloud or the “Find iPhone” mobile app as soon as possible after discovering the loss.

Activating this mode will lock your smartphone, tablet, or computer and require you to enter the lock password to resume use of the device.

If your device was previously protected by a lock password, the combination of digits you’re already familiar with will be used as your password when you activate loss mode. Otherwise you will have to enter a new password.

Then the owner of the lost device will be offered to indicate the phone number for connection, and then enter the text of the message that will appear on the screen of the locked iPhone or iPad.

Also note that if the lost device is not connected to the Internet all your commands, sent via Find iPhone app or iCloud, will be executed only after the device appears in the network.

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