How to Listen to Apple Music on Mac

The popular streaming service Apple Music works not only on the iPhone and iPad. You can listen to music on the Apple Watch, the Apple TV set-top box, as well as computers running macOS and Windows. In this article, we’ll talk about two official ways to use your Apple Music subscription on your computer.

How to Listen to Apple Music on Mac

How to listen to Apple Music on a Windows or Mac in a browser

1. Open any browser on your computer and go to (the third-party service can become an alternative player for Apple Music in the browser)

2. Press the button “To come in” in the upper right corner and enter data from your Apple ID. Or click the button Trial subscription, if you have not used the service before.

3. After that, within a few seconds, the user gets access to his iCloud music library, including Apple Music playlists, recommendations, etc.

In fact, the web interface is almost identical to the desktop version of the Music app on macOS (iTunes on Windows). A music listening history is also available in the web interface, and recently added songs are displayed. It is possible to add a track to Play next, Search for music by artist, album, song, and playlist.

The web version of Apple Music on Safari on Mac supports a dark system-level theme.

How to listen to Apple Music on a Windows or Mac using iTunes

The only official way to listen to  Music on computers running Windows and macOS provided by Apple is through iTunes.

1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes for Windows on this page.

iTunes for Mac is preinstalled by default.

2. Launch iTunes.

3. On Windows, click on the icon “Account” and enter the Apple ID that Apple Music subscribed to. On Mac, go to menu “Account”.

5. To download your own playlists created, for example, on the iPhone, go to ITunes Settings → section “Basic” and check the box next to ICloud Media Library.

You can also enable iCloud Media Library from the tab “For you” in iTunes.

After that, iCloud library data will be downloaded to the application within a few seconds, including Apple Music playlists, recommendations, etc.