How to link Apple watch to another iPhone

Configuring Smart Watch Connection to iPhone

Setup Apple Watch on Your New iPhone!

  • determine which notifications from applications will be displayed;
  • set the screen unlock mode (is it possible to remove the lock from the iPhone screen through the watch);
  • choose a suitable dial;
  • customize music playback modes;
  • customize the display of weather, calendar and alarm.

Important! Please be aware that the range of available settings for Smart Chronometers will vary depending on the model and application capabilities.

What to do if the watch won’t connect

Experience suggests that the most common reason why a watch won’t connect to an iPhone is because Bluetooth isn’t working. You need to check its status and if this is the only thing, try to synchronize again.

The battery level can also prevent the Smartwatch from connecting to the Apple gadget. It is possible that pairing with an Android phone is interfering with the connection. In this case, you need to restart the watch, and turn off Bluetooth on the Android smartphone.

If, even after all the above actions, the connection did not occur, a cardinal solution is applied. resetting the gadget to factory settings.

Connecting Other Smart Watches to iPhone

It will take a little more effort to sync portable devices from other manufacturers with an iPhone. So, all the preparatory measures have been completed, but for verification, a kind of checklist is presented below:

  • there is a smartphone running Android with an application installed on it for controlling a smart watch;
  • the BLE Utility application is installed on the iPhone;
  • the clock itself is present and it is turned on;
  • Bluetooth is enabled on both smartphones.

Now you can start synchronizing your gadget and your Android smartphone:

  • Open the application and click “Configure”.
  • Select the desired language on the watch.
  • After completing all the requests of the application, it will start searching for the device.
  • When the search process is over, a code will be displayed on the screen of the wearable gadget, which must be entered into the appropriate field on the smartphone display and click the “Connect” button.
  • A few more manipulations (what exactly to do will be prompted by the application itself) and the clock is synchronized.

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It is more convenient to watch the weather on your hand, and not reach your smartphone

The next step is to link your smart chronometer to your iPhone:

  • Launch BLE Utility Application.
  • Go to the “Peripheral” tab.
  • The watch will issue a special password that must be entered into a field on the iPhone screen.
  • Devices will start to align and pair.

How to connect Smart watch to iPhone. step by step instructions

Is it possible to connect an Android smart watch to an iPhone

Recently, there has been a tendency associated with the transition of “Yabloko” to wearable gadgets running Android. There are basically two reasons for this:

  • The price of products from Cupertino has long been the talk of the town: analogues from other manufacturers are half the price.
  • The design of Apple‘s smartwatches leaves many questions for developers. I want something else that would emphasize the style of its owner.

Some smartwatches are indistinguishable from real ones in appearance.

So how do you connect your Smartwatch to your iPhone? Fortunately, programmers have heard the aspirations of ordinary users and now it is possible to use a smart chronometer from most manufacturers with the iPhone. At the same time, you do not need to arrange dances with tambourines. a couple of applications and simple manipulations with them are enough.

How to connect Smart Watch to iPhone

Regardless of the manufacturer, when connecting smart chronometers to an iPhone, you need to check the battery level, install the appropriate program on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth.

What applications do you need to connect your Smartwatch to your iPhone

Most wearable gadgets are running the Android Wear operating system, and it is for such gadgets that two applications have been created that will have to be downloaded if the iPhone owner decides to purchase a Google chronometer.

Important! Smartwatch app is installed automatically.

However, some manufacturers of smart watches met their potential buyers halfway and provided the ability to connect them to an iPhone without using an Android smartphone. To do this, a special application is installed on an iOS gadget. For example, for smart chronometers from Samsung, this is the Galaxy Wearable utility, aka Samsung Gear, and for gadgets from Amazfit. Me Fit. Therefore, the answer to the question whether it is possible to connect Samsung Watch to an iPhone will be positive.

How to connect Amazfit to iPhone

To connect a wearable gadget from Xiaomi, which are produced under the Amazfit brand, you will need to create an account in this program. It’s great if the user already has a profile on the social network: you can use it to log in to the application.

After you are logged in, you can start synchronizing:

  • Place Amazfit next to the smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone.
  • In the application, in the “Profile” section, select “Device”.
  • Click on “Clock” and select your model from the list provided.
  • The smartphone will start searching for the device and after detecting the wearable device, it will ask for confirmation.
  • Press confirmation on the Amazfit screen.
  • The device is now connected to the iPhone.

How to unpair Apple Watch on iPhone

If you have access to the iPhone with which the Apple Watch is synchronized, disconnecting the connection is easy.

Pairing Apple Watch with a New iPhone (How To). Netcruzer TECH

  • Place your devices side by side. The connection will take a long time to disconnect if the Apple Watch and iPhone are far away. In some cases, even data loss is possible.
  • Open the Clock app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the panel “My watches” → “All watches”.
  • Click on the add-on icon and select “Break pair”.
  • Confirm your action with a password.

Once the pair is broken, it will take a little longer for your Apple Watch to delete all your data and apps. It is better not to move the devices away during this time.

Why you need to turn off synchronization between Apple Watch and iPhone

There are a number of circumstances when it is necessary to disconnect a pair of smart watches from an iPhone:

  • Apple Watch / iPhone sale;
  • Buying a new iPhone;
  • Send Apple Watch to a service center;
  • If you lose your iPhone;
  • If you find bugs in the system, abnormal indicators;
  • Transferring your Apple Watch to another person for permanent use.

When you break sync between Apple Watch and iPhone, you erase all of your activity data from your smartwatch. You can continue to use them only by reconnecting the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

What is a pair of Apple Watch with iPhone?

Pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone is the synchronization of two devices to ensure the normal functionality of all Smartwatch functions. During the first setup, you pair the devices and then you can use them. It is thanks to the fact that the Smartwatch is connected to the iPhone that you can receive calls on it, answer messages, control music and change the Apple Watch dials from the iPhone.

How to back up Apple Watch

Before you start disconnecting your Apple Watch and iPhone, you’d better back up your smartwatch data. Just in case, suddenly there are some problems with the connection or you will need to use the recovery.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone (with which the Apple Watch is associated).
  • Then open your profile section and go to the iCloud tab.
  • Go down below and turn on the lever in front of the Clock application.
  • Create a backup in the “iCloud Storage” tab → “Backups”.

How to reset Apple Watch if you forgot your password

If you suddenly forgot the password for your Apple Watch, resetting your watch to factory settings is possible in another way.

  • Place your Smartwatch on the charger.
  • Do not disconnect them from charging until you repeat the following steps.
  • Hold the button on the side and hold it until the shutdown menu is displayed.
  • After that, hold down the Digital Crown.
  • Hold until the clear settings menu appears.
  • By clicking “Reset” and confirming the action, you can erase the Smart-watch.
  • After this reset, you will need to re-pair your watch with your iPhone in order to use it.

How to unpair Apple Watch

If you do not have access to the iPhone with which the Apple Watch is paired, then it is also possible to break the sync.

  • Long press on the Digital Crown to bring up the application menu.
  • After that, go to Settings → General.
  • Then open “Reset” and click “Reset content and settings”.
  • Enter your Apple Watch password, confirming the action.
  • Click “Erase everything”.

How to unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

Looking to sell your Apple Watch or want to pair it with another iPhone? Then you should definitely know how to unpair iPhone with Apple Watch.!

Be careful when unpairing your Apple Watch. Always insure yourself by backing up your Smartwatch, especially if you plan to put some beta versions on it or update it. This can save you a lot of hassle if something goes wrong. Take the word of a person who has already gotten a headache for not backing up Apple Watch out of laziness.

Hope this tutorial was helpful to you. Do not forget to look into our telegram chat to ask your questions or to thank the authors for the useful material.