How to Link a Bank Card to a Phone

Recently, even ordinary cashless card payments were rare, and now an ordinary phone is increasingly being used to pay. Many banks offer their customers a convenient mobile service that allows you to manage your account remotely. Among them is Alfa Bank. All that is necessary to use such applications is to know how to attach a phone number to Alfa Bank’s card via the Internet or in any other convenient way. Having made this simple operation once, you can get rid of all the problems with paying for purchases and checking the card balance.

What is Alpha Mobile for?

How to Link a Bank Card to a Phone

But, before you tie the mobile to your plastic card, you need to find out why to do this. Alfa-Mobile and Alfa-click are special options that allow you to monitor the status of your account and perform all necessary operations from the phone. By connecting cellular and plastic, you can:

This list could be much wider. Its content depends on the desires of the card holder, who will use only those functions that he needs. At the same time, depending on the connection tariff, mobile options can be either paid or free.

How to attach a phone number to Alfa Bank card

Linking a mobile to a card account will not cause any difficulties. The Bank has provided many possible ways to complete this operation, so that each client can choose the most convenient and affordable. Card holders can use the following options:

  • Via the Internet on the official website of a credit institution;
  • At the office of Alfa Bank;
  • At the terminal or ATM.

But the easiest way to combine the mobile and the card is to write the appropriate application before receiving the “plastic.” In this case, all the necessary applications will be available at the time of its release.

Phone binding on Alfa Bank website

One of the most convenient connection options is to use the official site. This process is distinguished by its simplicity and will not take a long time. To figure out how to attach an Alfa Bank card to a phone, do the following:

  • First of all, you need to go to the official portal of the institution;
  • Then you will need to select the “Internet Banking” section in the upper right corner;
  • In the drop-down menu, you should stop at the option “Alpha Click”;
  • After which it remains to fill out a small form, which consists of information about the card and phone number (instead of the card number, you can specify account information).
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This completes the procedure and you can begin to use the services that have appeared. If necessary, they can be pre-configured.

Other methods

If the Internet seems too unreliable and doubtful option, you can visit the nearest branch of the bank or use the binding of a cell through an ATM.

When using the terminal, only “plastic” is needed. Its holder will need to enter a PIN code, select the desired item in the menu and follow the instructions. In this case, it is important to carefully write down the number and avoid stupid mistakes.

Alfa Bank: how to change the phone number associated with the card

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It is especially important to know how to change the attached number, because in cases when it changes, is lost or becomes unavailable for some other reason, all services continue to work, and accounts become vulnerable to scammers.

For the current one, you can use the phone in only two available ways:

  • Office visit;
  • Use of the terminal.

Such a short list is related to customer money security requirements. Changing the link at an ATM or a bank specialist allows you to make sure that such actions are not committed by scammers who hope to gain access to their victim’s accounts.

Is it worth tying a mobile to a plastic card

The question of whether the phone should be tied to a bank card should not be confronted with the owners of plastic. The answer to it is unequivocal. Worth it. This is due not only to the ability to remotely manage accounts, but also to increase security.

In 2020, linking a card to a cellular should become the norm, without which it is impossible to imagine a high-quality banking service.

When applying for a new plastic card, employees, with the consent of the client, immediately connect to the Mobile Bank. Therefore, users do not even know how to attach a Sberbank card to the phone. Such a question arises when a person changes his mobile operator or mobile number.

To bind means to activate the Mobile Bank service. The service is offered at two rates: free ECONOMY or paid FULL (monthly fee 30-60 rubles per month). In the office, the manager connects. But if the phone number has changed, then you can independently connect the service.

Up to 8 accounts can be connected to one telephone. If a paid tariff is selected, then a monthly fee will be charged every month.

How to attach a card to another phone number

If there is a need, you can contact the branch of Sberbank, do it yourself at the ATM, or ask for help at the round-the-clock customer support service. Your goal is to connect a mobile bank. Choose a tariff depending on your needs.

  1. If you rarely use plastic, are afraid or do not know how to work with the Internet, do not understand equipment and hardware (self-service terminals), connect the free ECONOMY package.
  2. If you often use plastic, the flow of funds is regular, choose the FULL tariff to remotely control your accounts. Subscription fee. 30 or 60 rubles.
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How to attach a phone number to a card through the office of Sberbank

Calling for help at the ward is a reliable way. Present your passport and plastic. You should have a mobile phone with you. Two options:

  1. Contact the manager. You will be asked to fill out a request for a mobile bank connection. After processing the application, the service will begin to work. It takes 1 day.
  2. Contact a consultant in the waiting room. They will help to connect the service through the self-service terminal.

How to attach a card to a phone through an ATM

If you used to deal with terminals and ATMs, figuring out how to connect a mobile bank will be easy.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Find a terminal that supports the desired function. It is not available at all terminals. It is better to look for the necessary device in large departments or at points with several Sberra terminals.
  2. Insert the plastic and dial the pin code.
  3. On the screen in the main menu, select “Connect Mobile Bank”. If you don’t see the desired section in the main menu, look under “Information and services” (the menu is different).
  4. Further it will be offered to choose the ECONOMIC or FULL tariff. We choose.
  5. In the next step, enter the mobile number.
  6. Confirm the operation.

An SMS notification about the activation of the Mobile Bank service will come.

  • Solution to the problem
  • If you use only foundation
  • If you use only powder
  • How to mask a brightly marked bruise under the eyes (from a bruise)
  • instruction
  • ? To bind the card to the phone, you must have activated the service “Mobile Bank”.

    ? If you are registered with Sberbank Online, then the mobile bank is already connected.

    ? To check if the service is connected “Mobile Bank”send SMS to number 900 with text “reference”.

    ? You can activate the mobile bank service at a Sberbank ATM, at a bank branch, register in your Sberbank Online account and call 8-800-555-55-50.

    ? Attach the second number to the card will not work.

    ? You can change an already linked number through an ATM or at a bank branch.

    There are 2 types of mobile bank:

    1. ? Full;
    2. ? Economy

    Let’s look at how to attach a Sberbank card to a phone, is it possible to change the phone or attach a second one.

    Connection Methods

    Let’s look at several ways to attach a phone number to a Sberbank card.
    At the time of receiving the plastic, the employee of the client room of the bank will offer to connect all of the above services. This is absolutely free and pretty fast.

    If you didn’t do this upon receipt of the card, then this procedure can be carried out independently by going to the self-service device and selecting the desired menu option. It is necessary:

    1. After you entered the card into the terminal receiver and dialed a pin, follow the convenient navigation on the screen.
    2. In the menu that opens on the device’s monitor, select “Mobile Bank”, then “Connect”, then select the “full” service package and enter the number to connect the service.
    3. Next, you will receive a message from number 900 confirming the correct connection.
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    In the process of using, from this number messages about operations with the account will be received. It will be possible to send commands to it. Requests in order to independently check the balance or perform a series of operations. To find out what requests to send for a particular operation, you need to send a message with the word “Help” to 900. A list of commands will come back.

    By the way, if there is a question about how to find out if a Sberbank card is linked to a mobile number, then you just need to send a help word from the mobile number 900 and then “5”. In response, you will receive a message with a list of cards tied to this phone. You can attach several debit and credit cards from Sberbank to one number.

    Another way to connect the phone to the card is to call Sberbank (phone: 8-800-555-55-50). In order to connect the telephone number to the plastic, you will need to wait for the response of the operator, dictate to him all the necessary information:

    • Full last name, first name and patronymic;
    • Plastic number (on its front side);
    • The codeword;
    • Passport data;
    • Mobile number.

    Only these methods can be used to connect the phone to plastic. And there is no way to tie a Sberbank card to your phone via the Internet. Sberbank canceled this function to increase the security level of client accounts.

    How to change number

    The important point is that several cards can be attached to a number, but any card can be assigned to only one number. If you are wondering how to attach a second phone number to a Sberbank card, then there will be no answer to it.

    But you can change the originally connected number to another. What is needed for this and how to attach the new number to the card of Sberbank, we will consider further step by step.

    1. First you need to disable the service from the previous number. This can be done at the operator’s office or on their own through the remote service device by selecting the “Disable” item in the “Mobile Bank” tab.
    2. And now you need to redo the entire procedure for activating the service to a new number. The steps are described above. There is no other way to tie a card to another phone number.