How to Launch Sony Playstation 4 Pro Games

The unspoken war, which is permanent, has been going on between gamers with different preferences for more than 10 years in a row. We are talking about those who choose the “prefix” as the main gaming device. they belong to the first, as well as fans to play from their personal computer. Let’s not forget that in each of the “camps” there are internal conflicts, such as. which is better, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, or it may be more expedient to take the “old” playstation / xbox altogether, because there are more games for them, they cheaper and relevant only after 3-4 years.

About gaming on consoles and emulators:

The computer is very different from the consoles in terms of the ecosystem and the feel of the game, the consolers boast that for starting a game on their PlayStation 4 or the brand new Xbox One it’s enough to insert a disc or load a game from the “store”, no unnecessary movements, but only pure pleasure from the game. Plus, there are many “goodies” and, on the whole, completely different sensations from the gamepad with various additional functions affecting our hands and brain (vibration, the ability to control the device using air movements, etc.)

But despite many disputes, in which there is simply no truth, a dry residue is obtained with the following verdict: each of the options has its advantages. Therefore, the vast majority of ardent consolers have a PC, and sometimes even a laptop in addition, which serve to play Dotka or Contra. Many PC gamers frankly want a PS 4 / Xbox, but not everyone can afford it, like expensive games. This is where the search for the emulator for the PlayStation 4 begins, because it would be just wonderful to launch games on your computer without paying money for the device itself, Sony services, and also directly for the game.

This desire is dictated by the fact that exclusive games are released on the console, nowhere except on the brainchild from Sony. PlayStation 3/4 you can play such masterpieces: Last Of Us, Heavy Rain or Uncharted (one of the most famous and “strong” games). The Xbox also has exclusives such as Forza Horizon, Halo, Gears of War, etc. Only a few gamers can buy all available consoles and games, while installing the notorious emulator is not at all difficult, there is only a “small” problem. adequate, working emulators of PlayStation 4.3 or Xbox One, 360 do not exist now.

How to Launch Sony Playstation 4 Pro Games

All the time that there are consoles, people tried to make an emulator for them, but success in this field was almost impossible to achieve. If you look back, we will see really good emulators working only for very old consoles, games from which today are of interest only to “nostalgic gamers.” It was not possible to launch a truly “serious” toy from any console in any “virtual environment”. Even with the first PlayStation, the dawn of which came in 2000 (the prefix itself was published already in 1994), today not all games can be launched on PCs or smartphones, only a part works with sound and without crashes.

We can’t talk about the PlayStation 2, the very first Xbox, and even more so the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at all, the programmers could not achieve any success here. There were attempts to launch games, emulators came out, but it more and more resembles childishness and experiments, the main reason of which is curiosity, since playing in comfort does not work like that. In most cases, we have a bad picture, declining performance and many other related problems that are usually not compensated in any way (such manipulations and the process of pleasure will not be delivered to you during the game).

If you want to “remember your youth”, you can download the emulator NES, Nintendo and other, less well-known consoles, which today not all gamers know. With the PlayStation 4 and the emulator, the situation is now in a stupor, officially no one is doing this, and Sony is unlikely to be happy with this fact. Already someone, and the manufacturer will not want to lose his source of income and by all means will interfere with people, even if they have something to do in this field.

Why is there still no emulator for PS 4?

However, some experts express the idea that in the future the PlayStation 4 emulator will appear for sure, even if Sony interferes with this, the new console architecture is the “fault”. Previously, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 had their own architectures, unique, this increased the cost of production and greatly complicated the process of developing games. Now we decided to move closer to PC architecture, which means that, in theory, with due effort and competence in the future, programmers will be able to “solve” the mystery of the PlayStation 4 in order to learn how to run games from this console on ordinary computers. In addition, one of the representatives of the IT community reported very “tidy” news. given the availability of hardware virtualization on ordinary computers, we can get much better performance than on PS 4 itself.

It all sounds beautiful and optimistic, but in the bottom line we have the following: at the moment, enthusiasts are unlikely to be able to master the “transfer” of PS 4 to a computer, as this requires huge resources. We are talking not only about money, but also about people, as well as their time (which will be spent on developing an emulator). Nobody intends to sponsor this, and even if the creation of an emulator for PS 4 reaches the “official” level, Sony will immediately take up the company, since they definitely have rights to games, products and some patents registered in case of a similar situation.

As sad as it may sound for some people, the best solution to play exclusives on the PlayStation 4 is the simplest and most obvious, namely buying a console. Fortunately, every month it becomes more accessible and interesting, new functions and services appear, there are more games and their level is only growing. Generally speaking, buying a Sony PlayStation 4 is a good investment in your own entertainment.