How to Know the Version of Iphone 5

How to Know the Version of Iphone 5

iOS is the operating system that all mobile devices from the American company Apple are provided with. Any apple smartphone or tablet is sold pre-installed with iOS, so before buying a device it is very important to make sure that the latest version of the operating system is installed on it. This will make using the device more comfortable and avoid some problems.

How to find out iOS version

Before answering the question of how to find out the version of iOS on an iPad or iPhone, it should be noted why the owner of a mobile device needs to have such information. Knowing the iOS generation will help:

  • have a general understanding of the generation of the system, its functions and capabilities, including the ability to install and make full use of various applications and games;
  • quickly and effectively solve problems arising with iOS, both independently and when communicating with the technical support service of the operating system;
  • have an idea of ​​the possibility of jailbreaking (opening access to the file structure of the OS).

How to see the iOS version? To do this is quite simple using one of two methods:

How to find out your iOS using a computer

To find out the version of the system used on iPad using this method, we need a computer with iTunes installed. All you need to do is connect the gadget to your computer, launch iTunes and wait for the iPad to synchronize with the program. Then we click on the device and go to the “Overview” tab. Before us appears detailed information about the version of iOS installed on the tablet. You can immediately make a system update if the existing operating system is outdated and has lost its relevance.

How to find out which iOS without a computer

In order to see the OS used on the device without connecting the device to the computer, just go to “Settings”, go to the “General” section, and then “About this device”. The information we need is displayed in the “Version” column. To update iOS to the actual one, you need to go to the “Software Update” main settings item, but you should only do this with a stable Internet connection.

Now you know how to see the version of iOS, which means you have useful information about your mobile gadget.