How to Know the Sony Xperia Phone Model

We usually strive to find out the model of our mobile phone Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi and others only at the time of purchase. But some time passes and we again need to refresh our memory and find out what the full name of our smartphone is. How to do this for different models. you will learn from our article.

How to determine the Samsung phone model

Sometimes we need a serial number to simply answer friends’ questions. This topic is more relevant for budget models. Since buyers of expensive phones and the latest models almost always know what kind of device they purchased. Owners of Samsung smartphones have even several ways to see their name.

The simplest is the USSD command:

  1. Open the window to dial the phone number;
  2. Enter the following combination: # 1234 and press the call button (green tube);

This combination will work on all smartphones from this manufacturer. It can be saved in the phone book or in the notebook of the smartphone. So you can use it at any time.

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Is it possible to find out the serial number of the smartphone Huawei

Huawei devices have their own USSD code to access the information we need. To get it, you need to type the following command on the keyboard: # 06. Together with the model, the phone’s IMEI code will appear on the screen.

Chinese smartphones Huawei, Honor, as well as Xiaomi and others based on the Android operating system make it possible to find out about the model name from the settings. Even some proprietary firmware do not change the main window of the system parameters.

The instructions for most of them will be the same:

    Run the settings from the main or quick menu of the phone;

This window will contain information about your Huawei mobile device and other data on firmware, cores, memory.

Where to see the model name Sony Xperia

Most Sony Xperia mobile phones have an engineering menu that we can access. For this purpose, we again need a window for dialing. Press the green handset and enter the following code: ## 7378423 ##. After entering the last asterisk, a menu will appear on the screen in which you need to select the “Service info” item. It will contain the technical information we need.

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Sony engineers made sure that the repair services were able to quickly determine which phone they were dealing with if it crashed and did not turn on. Defining a model in other brands is sometimes impossible without the system turned on. But Xperia smartphones have a special shortcut that can be removed from a cell with a SIM card.

You will need tweezers to conveniently get it:

  1. It is necessary to remove the valve that protects the cell with the SIM card;
  2. Find the protruding tip of the label, which is located near the cell and drag it;
  3. Find the necessary information on it.
How to Know the Sony Xperia Phone Model

A universal way to determine the full name of any phone (including Honor, Nokia, Xiaomi)

There is a way to determine the model name of the mobile phone, which is suitable for all devices with a removable battery. For example, Nokia, Honor, Xiaomi. Under it is a sticker with information about the device, build number and more. Sometimes it is applied directly to the battery of a smartphone. Thus, you need to remove the rear cover and remove the battery. But if you do not have experience in parsing phones, then it is better to entrust this to those who know how to do it. Since there is a possibility that you may break the cover fasteners. After that, the device will need to be taken for repair.

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Some Chinese smartphones, in particular those released by lesser-known brands, may contain inaccurate information. This is often written on forums by people who have to repair them. For example, the model printed on the sticker of a Honor or Huawei phone is often not true. To know it exactly, you need to get to the motherboard of the phone. The information from the markings on it will be true.

Defining a smartphone model using applications

Accurately determine the model of your mobile device will help applications from Google Play. You can choose AIDA 64 or CPU-Z. Both have similar functionality and are able to show the information we need. These are versions for mobile devices from popular and well-known developers of computer utilities. Which are used by people from all over the world. When starting CPU-Z on the main screen, select the tab. “Device” (device) The Model name will indicate the name of the phone.

Utilities with which you can find out the exact model of your mobile phone will work on any of the devices Samsung, Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony Xperia. With their help, you will also find out the version, the name of the cores, general characteristics (weight, size), the amount of RAM and its available amount.