How to Know the Location of a Person by Phone

There are a number of reasons why you want to track your cell phone. You can monitor your children in terms of their safety and your mental state, track your phone in case it is stolen. Whatever the reason, there are several available ways to track your cell phone.

How to Know the Location of a Person by Phone

There are many programs that allow you to track the location of a person by his mobile phone number, even without his knowledge. Discover the benefits cell phone tracking software.

    1. First of all, you need to access the phone, which will be monitored. You need to choose a program with which you will track your cell phone. You can find free cell phone tracking software on the Internet. Next, install this program on a cell phone or install a GPS chip.
    2. Install the GPS tracker to your cell phone. GPS chips are so small that they can go unnoticed. A GPS chip can be installed on the back of the phone and no one will even notice. The chip sends a signal about the location of the cell phone. Data will be available to you using the installed program on your computer.
    3. Install the software on your personal computer to be able to receive cell phone tracking data. Most tracking software works with Google Maps.
    1. After installing the tracking program, activate it. Most tracking programs, after activation, send a test message to the phone. “Your program is activated and ready to use.”
    2. A cell phone with the installed program can be returned to your child and track his location.

    Using Google and MobileCare

    In 2013, Google thought about the loss and theft of phones. As a result, her mobile OS got an interesting feature that allows you to instantly see the location of the phone on the map. This service is called Android Device Manager. Or “Android Remote Control”if you speak a great and powerful language. For the service to work successfully, GPS on the tablet or smartphone must be turned on. Otherwise, the location will either be determined only approximately or not displayed at all.

    If you have lost a phone that works with Android, then feel free to click on the link: it is he who allows you to see your device on the map. First, you will be asked to log in using your username. Then Google maps will appear, showing your mobile device as a blue circle. If you use several tablets and smartphones, then they will all be displayed on the map (if the GPS module is turned on).

    Now a similar function is offered by third-party developers. For example, you can use the Advanced Mobile Care app, which you’ll find on Google Play. This is a simple antivirus, distributed free of charge. Also, the program can delete unnecessary files, thereby clearing the permanent and random access memory. The function also looks very useful. “Anti Theft”. It’s enough to turn it on, as on the developers site you can find out the location of the phone, having previously logged in. Even right from the site you have the right to raise an alarm that the robber who stole your phone will definitely not like it. By the way, Google also provides something similar. From his site you can call your phone. Suddenly the robber picks up the phone? The conversation will be done over the Internet. If there are no funds left on the account, then the phone will not receive a call, unless it is in the Wi-Fi zone. However, then the location will not be displayed.

    How to find a tablet by phone number? The procedure is similar to finding a mobile phone by its number. Take care of your property so that all your devices are always with you. The status of finding your device can be certified on our website. Find out if the mobile device you are using is original. In case of loss or theft, report this in the Passport section.

    Update: mobile operators offer mobile phone search by number. The service is provided for a fee, but may be useful for many cases if other methods are less effective.

    Register your smartphone in the database. We can check the originality of the smartphone, and we can also provide a lot of useful information on some manufacturers.