How to Know the IP Address of Another Computer

Posted by rf-webmaestro on 04/13/2018

Each device that accesses the global network has a unique identifier. To find out the IP address of another computer, you must use one of the following methods.

Search Differences

All IPs are divided into dynamic and static. In the first case, the address changes with every new Internet connection, so for tracking you need a service that records the IP change history. A static address never changes and is tied to a specific device.

There are ways to find out a unique address by place of residence or through an id in VK, but they are not accessible to ordinary users because they require access to the provider’s or social network’s databases. Such information cannot be received by an ordinary client. Therefore, we will consider simple methods that can be applied from your computer.

Email on

You can determine IP by the received letter to the mailbox. First, let’s analyze how this function works on the service:

  1. Open the link to the letter and click on the “” button in the top panel.

How to Know the IP Address of Another Computer

  1. In the menu that opens, select “Service headers”.
  1. Now you need to be in the line that begins with “Received”. After the header is the exact IP of the sender.

Now you know how to determine IP by e-mail at

If you are a user of a mailbox on, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the letter and click on the three dots to get to the additional menu.
  1. Now go to “Mail Properties.”
  1. On the page that opens, also find the line “received” and look at the desired number.
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The described method works not only in and You can use it on any mailbox service.


Using 2ip, you can determine the IP if you know the domain name of the computer. In this case, the task is greatly simplified:

  1. Open the site and go to the “IP Internet Resource” section.
  1. Copy the domain to the appropriate line and click “Verify”.
  1. After that, the necessary information will appear on the screen.


Another site that offers IP tracking services. For it to work, you need a link to any resource so that the service can reduce it. After that, you need to send the link to the right person and wait until he makes the transition on it. It is best to send such traps to VKontakte or Odnoklassniki, and not to e-mail, as many users do not check e-mail at all.

Sending a link via Skype is also relevant. If the user is online and you are added to his friends list, just write an interesting text and mask the link that is interesting for a person. So the user will not suspect anything. Consider the procedure for creating such a link in more detail:

  1. Open
  2. In the marked line, paste the address to any site and click “Shorten”.
  1. A window with several important links will appear on the screen. Under the number 1 is the code for further viewing the statistics of transitions from the main page of the site. Under number 2 is a link for the same purpose. Under the number 3. the address that you want to send to another user. So that the link does not look so suspicious, it is best to copy the short address from Google (4).
  1. After a person navigates to the address, you will see a description of his IP in the “Statistics of visits” tab.
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The 2ip Spy service has a similar opportunity, however, to use it, registration by invitation is required. The disadvantage of such methods is that it is not 100 percent. Your interlocutor may simply not go to the received URL due to suspicions or due to lack of interest. In order for the option with a fake link to work, you need to select a material, article or that is interesting for a person.

White whois

Once you find out the Internet Protocol Address, you can find the approximate location of the device or the user‘s residence. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open the website and click on the marked button.
  1. Insert the number into the line and click “Check”.
  1. Below you will find information about the region, city and coordinates. You can also see additional information and an approximate position on the map (1).

How to determine IP directly from a computer

Consider another situation in which you need to recognize the IP of someone else’s device when it is at your disposal. Then you can use the Windows tools and quickly find the information you need:

  1. The fastest way to find data is through the command line. Run it with the cmd combination, after pressing Win R.
  1. Type ipconfig and press Enter. The command line will display information about the local network address, DNS-address, etc. We are interested in the marked line.
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If the computer has access to online, then you can see the IP on the Yandex website. In the search bar, enter the query “ip” and click “Find.” Information will appear on the page:

Mandatory link shortening

If you use the iplogger service or the like, then you need to modify the link address with a trap so that the other user does not suspect anything.

The URL in the form and the like will cause suspicion even for a newbie on the Internet. It is recommended to use the service from Google or VKontakte. To do this, use the or links.


You learned the basic ways to determine someone else’s IP address. As you can see, without the minimum information about the user (sent letter, click on the link, etc.) or device (for example, domain), IP cannot be determined.

Even a novice user can handle the rest of the operations. It is not recommended to use unverified Internet services and paid services from individuals to provide information about the address of a user.

Be sure to check out the, which details the title topic of this article.