How to Know the Code Restriction Password on iPhone

How to Know the Code Restriction Password on iPhone

One of the most frequently forgotten passwords on the iPhone or iPad is password restrictions. The fact is that the phone is set to restrictions (unlike the usual password), the phone rarely asks for it, mostly users encounter it when trying to reset the settings (and not only). There is no standard or factory password for iPhone restrictions in iOS firmware, since this password is disabled by default from the box, the user himself invents it during operation. A universal master code for resetting such a password does not exist either. What to do?

Enter restriction password

If you forgot the restriction password on the iPhone and cannot remember it, then earlier we tried to reset it like this. “Instructions for resetting the forgotten iOS restriction password”, the method still works. Today, thanks to a commenter with the nickname Vit (thanks Bro), we’ll try another way to regain access to iPhone restriction settings. As it turned out, the iPhone restrictions password can not only be reset, removed, deleted, but you can also find out! Go.

To find out the forgotten password of iPhone restrictions (iPad or iPod) you need:

  • Computer with iTunes installed
  • Pinfinder program
  • iPhone with forgotten password restrictions (more precisely, its backup)
  • You need to know the iOS firmware version of your iPhone or iPad

Before we begin, I will briefly explain how the restrictions password will be restored. It’s simple, the Pinfinder program will decrypt and extract the password from the backup of our iPhone.

Creating a backup in iTunes

We start iTunes and we connect iPhone to the computer with the forgotten password of restrictions. In the top panel of iTunes, click on the iPhone icon that appears.

In the sidebar, select. “Overview”. In the backup section, select “This computer” and click “Create a copy now.” The described actions for firmware up to and including iOS 11. If you have iOS 12 and above, then before you click. Create a copy, you need to check the encryption, the fact is that Apple has changed the algorithm for saving password restrictions in new firmware.

Most importantly, if you have firmware prior to iOS 11, so that in no case should the checkbox “Encrypt local copy” be checked, if you have it, you need to remove it by specifying your backup password. If the backup is encrypted, then the password restrictions in Pinfinder will not be recognized.

For iOS 12 and higher firmware, when creating a backup for Pinfinder, you need an encrypted backup, so in the new firmware we put a daw. Encrypt a local copy. Do not forget your password that you use for encryption.

The program synchronizes the iPhone and places a backup copy in the computer’s memory. All of the above can not be performed if your iTunes previously automatically backed up iPhone (with the password restrictions already forgotten). You can see the availability of backups in the iTunes settings, more details here. “Creating backups in iTunes.”

Where to download Pinfinder

To decrypt the password restrictions, the Pinfinder program is used to download it, we perform the following:

In the browser of a computer connected to the Internet, insert the link below or simply click on this link here:

Download Pinfinder, which removes the password restrictions in iOS

In the window that opens, select the version of Pinfinder for your version of the operating system Windows, Mac or Linux. If you have Windows, then consider the bit depth of the operating system, how to determine the bit depth is described here. “Windows 32 or 64 bit”.

Find out iPhone restrictions password in Pinfinder

Pinfinder weighs 1 megabyte. After downloading, you do not need to install the program, just unzip the archive and run the program.

Pinfinder will recover the forgotten password restrictions. For iPad and iPhone

After starting Pinfinder, the program finds the iPhone backup itself and finds out the forgotten password of restrictions for your iPhone or iPad. The password is displayed on the right side in the RESTRICTION section. It took about 10 seconds to recover the password for iPhone and iPad restrictions settings.

In general, that’s all. Having learned the password of restrictions, go through. Settings. General. Restrictions and enter the password. Here you can disable this password or change it to a new one. Now you know another way to quickly recover and remove restriction password in your iPhone.