How to know if the Samsung is the original or not

To check your Samsung smartphone for originality when you buy it you don’t need to be a guru in this field. All you need to know three codes or install one of the apps that will help you distinguish a fake from a genuine Samsung Galaxy S7, 8, 9 and other models:

  • #06# shows IMEI. The numbers should certainly appear, which will coincide with those indicated under the battery of your smartphone.
  • Service menu #7353#. On almost all original Samsungs the engineering menu is started with this combination.
  • #1234# shows the assembly number, production date, device model.
  • Under the battery, next to the serial number is the IMEI.
  • With the help of the QR code in the application Antutu it is possible to check the originality of the phone.

If at least one code does not work, there is a high probability of forgery. If the first code does not work, then do not even think twice. it is a fake.

It is worth noting that all methods of authenticity verification are valid not only for the phone, but also for the tablet.

Checking with the service code

There is no test menu on simple Android. It is added specially by Samsung developers. In order to see it and understand if the phone is fake or real, the user will need to dial the following code #7353#. The screen will display the list shown in the picture below.

If after entering the code nothing happens, then the user most likely has a fake.

Note! All service combinations are entered into the standard dialer. You do not normally need to press dialer.

Using the IMEI

It is also recommended to check the authenticity by IMEI and serial number. This can be done on the official Samsung site:

  • Call IMEI code on the phone screen with combination #06#.
  • Write it down in the special field on the site.
  • Press “Check” button.
  • After the check is complete, a message will appear indicating whether the smartphone matches the requested data.
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Another way to compare the IMEI code that will appear on the screen with the one written on the sticker under the battery. You will need to remove the back cover, the battery and check if the numbers are identical.

You can also call our support line at 8 800 555 55. Consultants will answer and confirm or deny the requested information.

How to buy an original Samsung Galaxy: checking before buying

There are quite a few phone offers on the web Samsung, which appeal to a tasty price, but cause a certain lack of confidence in the originality. And this is no coincidence, because there is enough evidence that even the most famous and serious network companies sell counterfeit. In such a situation, it is important to know how to check the Samsung Galaxy smartphone before buying and not to fall for the tricks of fraudsters.

How to find out the country of manufacturer by IMEI

05, 70, 02 and t. д It is the combination of these numbers that will help you see the true manufacturing state of your phone. It is worth noting that corporations that produce smartphones prefer to keep the details of the final assembly country a secret, so all the following information is unofficial. Also, manufacturers of different smartphones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia, etc. д.) encrypt the states in the IMEI codes under different symbols.

Here’s a table with tips on how to find out the country of manufacturer of the phone by IMEI (06, 01, 07 and others) and also some estimations of direct users.

Code Country Product quality information
01, 05, 06, 09, 10, 70 Finland Good Score
07, 08, 20, 41-49, 78 Germany Good estimate
67 USA
19, 40 Kingdom of England
04 Vietnam
03, 80 PRC
30 Korea
02, 20 UAE Poor quality
13 Azerbaijan Bad quality
60 Singapore

If the country code you define by IMEI conflicts with what is written on the box or under the battery of the device, then there is a chance that the phone you are holding in your hands is a fake.

How to check the phone for leasing Samsung

All ways how to find out the IMEI of your Samsung phone

No user knows the sequence of 15 digits by heart. When the need arises, you need to know a few ways to figure it out. If the phone is on and at hand, it’s easy. And what to do if it is stolen, does not turn on, and the packing box was thrown in the trash or lost. Consider all possible variants how to find out Samsung phone IMEI in details.

On the battery of the device

On smartphones that have the ability to remove the battery, there is a sticker with the necessary information. Algorithm:

This way of finding out the code has a disadvantage. If you buy a used gadget, the sticker may be removed or contain fake data. The probability of buying a smartphone that was previously stolen from a legitimate owner is high. In this case, the fraudsters will try to change the identification number.


Phone case

When you buy a new Samsung gadget there may be a sticker with important data on the back. It has a warning about the need to hide the codes. It can be removed or covered with an additional decorative cover or cover.

A special service combination for viewing IMEI

You can verify the IMEI of your Samsung, provided that it is in working order, by dialing a special service code. This check option is available on every Android smartphone.

This way gives the result that is 100% reliable. It may not be suitable for some tablet models, as they may not have an app to make voice calls.

In device settings

The device settings menu allows you to get a lot of useful information for the user: identification number, Android version, phone model, etc.

  • Open the “settings” menu.
  • Scroll down through the items, go to “About the device”.
  • In the opened section select the appropriate item.
  • The digital codes of the device will be available.

Samsung: How to check, if your Phone is Original or Fake?. 2 Codes to check, if it is real or not

Another service code to check is ##4636##. It works not only on Samsung, but also on many other Android smartphones, but allows you to get information about the device, its battery and usage statistics.

Although the low quality of the battery is a clear sign of a fake, problems with the battery can arise and the original. The material “What to do if your Samsung phone discharges quickly” will help to remedy the situation.

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Original Samsung Galaxy. how to check that it is not a copy

Many users are concerned about the question of how you can check the Samsung Galaxy for originality?

Such excitement is not accidental. Often unscrupulous sellers, under the guise of the original podsivaet replica, made so perfectly that at first glance the differences are not noticeable.

Especially this risk occurs if you are tempted by a cheap purchase, trusting the seller’s promises that it is an original Samsung Galaxy.

The article will be useful for anyone who is afraid to buy a replica. Those who buy from an official retailer, do not need to worry.

How to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy from the copy. all ways

Check the service code. All branded phones have a branded menu. It can only be run with the service code. To perform the test, you open the dialer application. Enter code #7353#. If it is the original, the display will show a menu with different options with which you can test the components of the gadget.

Originality is recognized by IMEI. Less reliable method, unlike the previous one, but simple. Find the IMEI number of your smartphone by dialing #06#. The number will immediately show up on your display.

It should also be listed on the box your device comes in. It remains to go to the manufacturer’s official site and verify by entering the number. You can also do it with the IMEI An important point. it is not uncommon that cheaters know the number and easily substitute it in the Chinese replicas.

To make sure you are not buying a fake you can carefully study the specifications. It’s easy to see the difference. When buying, ask to test the model in a popular benchmark, such as GFXBench, Antutu, Geekbench.

If the seller refuses to do so, he probably sells copies. You can also check the specifications by installing the AIDA64 program on your smartphone. With it you can find out what kind of processor, display, camera, RAM, and other things your Samsung Galaxy has.

Non-original phone is determined visually. Hold it in your hands, you will feel the difference right away. Replica is much lighter compared to the original product, and the quality of the assembly is a claim.

Knowing all the ways, you can easily distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy.

And lastly advice, do not be tempted by the that are 2-3 times cheaper. This is 100% fake.

First you need to open our website www.IMEI.Info. Then enter the IMEI number of your device in the blank brackets.

Now you need to pass the CAPTCHA security, and then confirm it by clicking Check button.

Find the “Remove Samsung FRP” option in the list of paid checks and click it.

Last step. Place an order to remove FRP. Just click the “Checkout” button. and you’re done! Your order will be processed.

Checking for the originality of the phone Samsung

The easiest way to check the originality. a careful examination of the phone externally, as there are a number of signs that can identify a fake.

Important! Do not pay attention to the box of the device: many cheaters simply buy the original packaging, in which they put a fake sample!

  • If possible, carefully examine the device, hold it in your hands, also it is worth to squeeze and twist. Fake devices do not usually have the same quality of materials and housing assembly as the original: you will notice the backlashes and creaks, and instead of glass there is plastic imitating the glass. The latter can be felt tactilely: glass is very smooth and cool to the touch, the heat from the hands is not strong, while plastic is often rough and has a different texture.