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How to find out the diagonal of a computer monitor?

One of the most important parameters for users that characterize any screen, whether it is a mobile phone or a computer monitor, is its diagonal. And since the screen, in most cases, is a rectangle, the diagonal is the line that connects its opposite angles and, in relation to screens, is measured in inches. Non-standard forms are sometimes found, for example, a circle or an oval. Then the diagonal take the line passing between the most distant from each other opposite points.

Inch. the unit of measurement is long. Most often, the American system of measures is implied and, in translation to the usual metric system, is equal to 2.54 centimeters. Indicated by “.

The most common default values ​​are:

Some manufacturers may be tricky by indicating one of the above numbers on a huge label, and I enter the amendment in small print, most often in a smaller direction. For example, 19 inches in practice can easily turn into 18.5 ”or even 18.3”. This is done by the manufacturer consciously, in order to save and reduce the cost of manufacturing the device.

Therefore, it is obvious that each user asks a question like: “How do I know the diagonal of a laptop monitor?”. And not the one that is written on the box, but with which you actually have to work.

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Methods for measuring the diagonal of the monitor. Manual diagonal measurement

Manual measurement. It is impossible to come up with a simpler and more reliable method. you will need a calculator and a ruler. Or tape measure, meter, vernier caliper (about a vernier caliper is a joke, although you can also use it). We apply the tape measure to the corners of the screen and remember or write down the resulting value. You need to measure exactly the area on which information is displayed and not take into account the frame around the display. The resulting numbers must be divided using a calculator by 2.54 and get the desired inches. Some means of measuring length are marked not only in millimeters and centimeters, but also in inches. then you no longer need to divide.

How to Know How Many Inches a TV

Specialized Programs

Specialized programs. To find out the diagonal of a computer monitor without resorting to rulers, AIDA64, SiSoft Sandra and similar tools will help with a diagnostic program. By going to the “Display” section (the name may differ for different software. we are looking for the most appropriate item in the program menu) where opposite the line “Monitor” will be the desired parameter. The program takes the value from its own database, so if the data is displayed incorrectly or will not be at all, we recommend using a newer version.

How to find out the diagonal size of a monitor using the documentation?

If you still have a box from your device, then examine it from all sides. usually in one of the corners there is a plate with a list where the manufacturer prescribes the parameters.

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Google to the rescue

Not necessarily, of course, Google, but using the search engine you can go to the site of the manufacturer of the equipment, where in the section of products manufactured by the company choose your model and see what’s what.

Factory sticker on the case

If the above methods are not suitable for any reason, you can try to inspect the device and look for a factory sticker on the case. the factory will enter the basic data that you can use.

Mathematical method

For very desperate geometry lovers, it is proposed to use the method of solving a simple problem. Here the notorious ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras comes to the rescue with his famous theorem. It says that the sum of the squares of the legs of a triangle is equal to the square of its hypotenuse. In our case, the vertical and horizontal displays will be the legs, while the hypothesis is the value of interest to us. We make simple calculations. we square the width and height separately, sum them up and extract the square root from the resulting number. If the ruler is graduated in millimeters, then divide by 2.54 and get inches.

When applying rulers, tape measures, etc. to the display, be careful not to damage the matrix and its coating with sharp parts. Some screens are very fragile, and leaving a scratch is easy.

The first method is the most correct, and guarantees absolute accuracy of the result. You will make a measurement with your own hands and, with a careful approach to business, an error will be excluded.

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Strife diagonal

Choosing an electronic friend for yourself according to the size of the display, before you find out what diagonal the monitor has, you should pay attention to the aspect ratio. The total screen area with an aspect ratio of 4: 3 is larger than with 16: 9. The first option is more suitable for typing documents, browsing on the Internet, office work with text files. The second format has a multimedia focus. widescreen cinema, graphic editors, viewing, processing programs. Therefore, if you do not plan to work on a computer, then 16: 9 will be the best choice. films will not be cut off at the edges with black stripes.

Other measurement methods

We hope that the methods proposed by us will be enough to find out the diagonal of the monitor in any situation, and we will not consider absolutely exotic ones. We simply list them for the purposes of, so to speak, general education:

  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Use a known length item.
  • Odometer. This is a device for measuring length and distance, it is a wheel that needs to be rolled along a segment and the arrow of the device will show the distance traveled in millimeters.