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The long-awaited iPad 2 jailbreak has arrived! Now there is a service solution to hack the file system of the second generation iPad. After installing a jailbreak, your device will have a lot of new functions, including Cydia and free installation of jailbroken applications from the AppStore in “two clicks”!

So what we have been waiting for has finally come true, today at the conference “Hack in the Box” was presented a jailbreak (jailbreak) iOS 5.1.1. We should thank all the same pod2g and his wonderful hack-team. The new jail is implemented using the Absinthe 2 utility. Below we will look at the jail process in stages.

Important: before starting any actions, be sure to make a full backup of your device via iTunes. And also accept the fact that any negative consequences that are quite possible only on your conscience. Therefore, if you do not fully understand what you are doing, it is better to contact the specialists.

Denis and through redsn0w will ride normally or do it through sn0wbreeze. if you can get a detailed instruction for 3gs 06.15 step by step I will be very grateful !! and is there any point in stitching from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 ?? Thanks in advance

I don’t know about the latter, because I myself was flashing with iOS 4.1. it made sense for me 🙂 As for the instructions, I made the firmware, connected the phone in the DFU mode, then iREB ​​(so that there were no 16xx errors). I uploaded the firmware through iTunes, reset all phone settings at once (I need to keep the battery better). That’s all. There are small nuances if the phone is locked under the operator

Along with the announcement of the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and the next generation MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple has released the updated iOS 7.0.3 firmware. Potential users of jailbroken devices were forced to refrain from updating, but now the MuscleNerd hacker has denied all fears about the new firmware.

Yesterday, the well-known hacker Planetbeing from Evad3rs reported that a team of hackers began to search for available exploits that would allow jailbreak the new operating system iOS 7. The process of searching for vulnerabilities itself will not be fast enough, as Planetbeing also stated.

Let me remind you that the iPad is actually an iPod touch stretched six times, and the operating system for these gadgets is similar. It is called now iOS, only the versions are different: currently 3.1.3 for the player and 3.2 for the tablet. Since we are based on the same software product, then it is hacked in about the same way, moreover, with the same tool. But is there any point in jailbreaking an iPad. that is the question. Let’s try to figure it out together.

On the other hand, access to the system partition allows you to implement your own modifications, add new features to the OS that are not provided by the developer, and expand the functionality of the device. Actually for the sake of this, enthusiasts are working, creating utilities for providing root access in gadgets based on the iPhone OS. The operation of obtaining full access in our case is called jailbreak (from the English “jailbreak”, which literally means “jailbreak”).

Requirements installed jailbreak (how to jailbreak iOS) downloaded to your computer. and the other method is generally impractical (but I’m very glad that I found a great alternative to installing applications on my iPhone and iPad!).

This time, a group of Chinese developers pangu distinguished themselves and you can download the jailbreak specifically from their website. given specific material. So, not so long ago the world saw pangu v. In this article I will try to thoroughly tell you how to make this long-awaited jailbreak. Less than a day has passed since the pangu hacking team posted a tweet in which they amused the owners of apple devices. the release of another jailbreak for iOS 9.

Often, in order to fully enjoy all the delights of technology, you have to unlock it with the help of special programs. Our service center can also do this for your devices. For example, we are often asked to unlock the iPad.

In order to unlock the iPad (in other words, the unlock) became available to you, you should contact our service center. Specialists who have been doing this for many years successfully carry out such operations every day.

Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 devices

The full list of untethered jailbreak compatible devices for 5.1.1 is: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3 (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad 1, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, Apple TV 2G.

For jailbreak, the Absinthe application (Absinthe 2.0.4) is used, which can be downloaded from here (for Windows) and from here (for MAC).

Absinthe. an extremely simple GUI tool that allows users to download files to their device. Thus, if you have firmware 5.1.1 installed on your device, do not give up, but simply download Absinthe from the link and read on how to use it.

Important note: Make a full backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud before jailbreak your iPhone. If your iPhone needs to be unlocked, do not update to iOS 5.1.1. It will take some time to resolve this issue, so please wait. If you have any kind of password on your device, make sure you disable it before following the instructions below.

Installation:. Extract the files from the downloaded archive Using a standard 30-pin cable, connect the device you want to jailbreak to your computer. Launch the Absinthe application via the executable file. A window will appear in which there will be text information about the connected device and the “Jailbreak” button.

The most unique thing about all of this is that while creating a jailbreak is extremely difficult and requires a unique set of skills, the jailbreak tool Absinthe 2.0.4 is extremely easy to use, as you can see for yourself. And here is a video of the iPad3 jailbreak.

IOS 9.3.5 Rollback Instructions for 32-bit Devices (Jailbreak Instructions)

Attention! This manual is relevant only for users of Apple devices on processors: A5, A6 with iOS 9.3.5.

Hello, I’ll start with a preface, iOS 9.3.5 has become the final system for Apple’s lineup of A5-based devices, namely:

  • iPad 2.
  • iPad 3 (iPad with Retina display).
  • iPad mini (1st generation).
  • iPhone 4s.
  • iPod touch 5.

And it became perhaps the most disgusting system from Yabloko, after iOS 4.3 of course.

The devices worked extremely disgusting, the system became unbearably slow, and this applied not only to devices based on the above-mentioned crystals, but this also affected users of the iPhone 5S, 6, and it is simply impossible to say something about the weak hardware of these two devices.

For personal use I have the first “Minic” and iPod touch 5, and I can say with full confidence that Apple literally killed this generation of devices with every OS update, and as a result, the final version (9.3.5) worked on them not just badly. but disgusting, and this concerned not only the smoothness of the interface, but also the work of programs, of which I will single out the Procreate graphics editor. in which, when creating illustrations in retina resolution (2048×1536), the application crashed and in some cases did not save the project, as a result, it was necessary to do everything again and postpone the deadline for the delivery of the project. In all other programs, common symptoms are as follows. friezes, convulsive scrolling and delays in typing. In iOS 8, this hell was not observed.

Then I purchased another model of an apple tablet, but I continued to use my mini as a portable device for surfing the Internet and watching movies. in principle, it worked and okay. But despite everything throughout the year, I continued to look for ways to rollback and jailbreak my mini-device, but everything was in vain, no utilities for this OS existed. And the other day I saw the release of an exploit on reddit that allows you to make Jeil on old devices. The first thought was that this is another fake that can do nothing. After I went to several domestic sites about Apple and saw articles dedicated to this “event”. my happiness knew no bounds. Immediately I ran to put the exploit on the device and look for ways to roll back the firmware, but here again bad luck, I did not find any utilities that did this and I remembered about my iPod, which I updated from iOS 6.1.3 and instead of version 9.3.5 I got 8.4.1, which is very usable on old devices. And what I decided to do next and how I put the jailbreak, you will find out in the instructions below. 🙂

List of devices that support this exploit:

  • iPhone 4s.
  • iPhone 5.
  • iPhone 5c.
  • iPad 2.
  • iPad 3.
  • iPad 4.
  • iPad mini 1.

The jailbreak is half untethered, so after rebooting the device, you will have to install it again (without a computer), this is done simply, you need to follow points 7-9 based on the above instructions

If you have any questions about rollback and jailbreak. write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, if possible I will try to answer each one. 🙂

How to jailbreak iOS 10 (10.0.1-10.1.1). iOS 10.2 on iPhone or iPad using Yalu and Cydia Impactor

A few days ago, the well-known hacker Luca Todesco, known as qwertyoruiop, released the first jailbreak for iOS 10, better known as Yalu.

How to Jailbreak your iPad in one easy step without a computer!

This jailbreak is still in its early stages of development, has beta status and causes some problems. It supports limited iOS devices, including iPhone (5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus), iPod touch 6G, iPad (Air, Air 2), iPad Pro (9.7, 12.9), iPad mini (2, 3, 4) and may not work as expected due to a large number of technical issues that are present in this jailbreak.

Also, Cydia Substrate is not working properly yet, so not all Cydia tweaks will work. Luca deliberately disabled Cydia Substrate support to prevent users other than jailbreak developers from using this jailbreak tool. However, if you want to try out the device and check out this beta jailbreak, then check out the step-by-step guide below on how to jailbreak iOS 10.0.1. 10.2 using Yalu and Cydia Impactor.

Warning: Yalu jailbreak is beta and may cause problems on your device, so you act at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you wait until the stable version of the jailbreak is released.

Please review the following points before proceeding:

  • This jailbreak version is compatible with the following devices:
  • iPhone (5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus), iPod touch 6G, iPad (Air, Air 2), iPad Pro (9.7, 12.9), iPad mini (2, 3, 4 )
  • The following devices are not supported:
  • iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPad 4
  • Cydia Substrate is currently not working, so most Cydia tweaks will not work.
  • This jailbreak is semi-tethered, similar to the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3.
  • Make sure you have a full backup of your device to iCloud or iTunes.
  • Make sure your device is charged enough to complete the jailbreak process.
  • If the jailbreak does not work properly, you will have to restore your device to the latest firmware, which is currently iOS 10.2.1
  • How to jailbreak iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad using Yalu and Cydia Impactor

    Step 1: Download the latest Cydia Impactor from here and the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.0.1. iOS 10.1.1 from here or from here for iOS 10.2.

    [php snippet = 2] At the time of this writing, the IPA jailbreak file was named “mach_portal_yalu-b3.ipa”.

    Step 2: Double click to open the dmg file with Cydia Impactor.

    Step 3: Drag it to your Applications folder and run.

    Step 4: You can get a pop-up message as shown below. Select “Open”.

    Step 5: Then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via USB.

    Step 6: If Cydia Impactor recognizes the device, it will appear in the dropdown list as shown below.

    Step 7: Drag and drop the Yalu IPA file to Cydia impactor.

    Step 8: You will be prompted for your Apple ID and password. This information will only be sent to Apple and will be used to sign the IPA file.

    Step 9: After the application is installed on the device, you should see its icon on the main screen with the name “mach_portal”.

    Step 10: In order to launch the application, you must first confirm the developer profile. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu. “Basic”. “Profiles and Devices” and click on the profile called your email address.

    Step 11: Click the “Trust” button and confirm it.

    Step 12: Go back to the main screen and launch the “mach_portal” application.

    Step 13: There will be a white screen for 15-20 seconds. This means that the jailbreak process has started. Do nothing until the process is complete.

    Step 14: After the jailbreak is successfully installed, the device will automatically reboot and the Cydia app icon should appear on the home screen.

    How to Jailbreak iPad 1st Generation 5.0.1 Untethered

    Congratulations, your device is now jailbroken! When you start Cydia for the first time, its initial setup will take some time. Once that’s done, you can start using it, but keep in mind that most tweaks you won’t be able to install as Cydia Substrate doesn’t work. In addition, this jailbreak is semi-tethered, which means that every time you reboot your iOS device, you will have to launch the Yalu app (mach_portal) to re-jailbreak.

    If the jailbreak is causing problems on your device, then the best thing to do is to remove it by restoring your device to iOS 10.2.1.

    Let us know how your jailbreak went in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

    How to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [instructions]

    A few minutes ago, Apple released an update to the iOS 5.1.1 mobile platform aimed at fixing critical bugs. Users who expect to get access to untethered iOS 5.1 jailbreak in the near future are strictly prohibited from upgrading to the new firmware.

    However, even after installing the update, it is possible to do a tethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1. To do this, you can use the current version of RedSn0w, which is fully compatible with the latest Apple OS and implements the iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 3G and 4G. In addition, you will need an iOS 5.1 IPSW file. Further detailed instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

    • This jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 is tied, which imposes certain restrictions on its use.
    • Redsn0w does not jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

    How to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

    Download the latest Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b for Windows and Mac OS X from here.

    Download and install iTunes 10.6.1 by following this link.

    Connect your iOS device to your computer and update it to iOS 5.1.1 using iTunes or the wireless update function directly on the device. To do this, just go to the General menu. Software update. Download and install. You can download iOS 5.1.1 IPSW files for manual update here.

    Download the official iOS 5.1 firmware file for your gadget using the links from here.

    Run Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b.

    Click on “Extras” and select “Select IPSW”. In the dialog that appears, select the iOS 5.1 IPSW you downloaded in Step 4.

    On the main window of the program, click on the “Jailbreak” button.

    Make sure your gadget is turned off and connected to your computer and click “Next”.

    Redsn0w is ready to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1, but before that you need to put the device into DFU mode according to the application instructions:

    • Hold the lock button for 3 seconds.
    • Without releasing the lock button, press the main button for 10 seconds.
    • While holding the main button, release the lock button.
    • Continue to hold the button for 30 seconds, after which Redsn0w will start the procedure.
    • When you see a gray background on the screen, you can release the button.

    Your iPhone will now reboot and Redsn0w will begin preparing to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1.

    Check the box next to “Install Cydia” and click Next.

    The device will reboot again and Redsn0w will start jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. After completion, the application will report the successful completion of the procedure.

    Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1: download in tethered mode

    Now, every time you reboot your iOS device, you have to connect it to your computer and jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 using the special function Redsn0w. To boot iPhone and iPad in tethered mode, go to the “Extras” section and click the “Just boot” button

    How to jailbreak iPhone with iOS 10.1.1

    Yesterday we wrote that a developer named Luca Todesco has released a public beta version of his jailbreak for iPhone running iOS 10.1.1 for the first time. Now the assembly of the “Yalu” jail is very unstable, it is still not clear on which devices it will work and on which not. But you can try right now.

    Before installing the jailbreak, be sure to make a backup. we are not responsible for the consequences that may result from jailbreaking your device. But you can definitely ask for help in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. we will follow the updates of the assemblies and try to find a solution to a specific problem in case of failure. Be warned in advance: the latest build is more or less stable only on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    Download the Yalu build file and Cydia Impactor. save them to a separate folder.

    Unzip the Cydia Impactor.dmg file and drag the program icon to the Applications folder on Mac.

    Open the program and connect your iPhone to your computer. If your iPhone displays a “Trust this computer?” Message, select “Trust”. Select the name of your iPhone from the list of connected devices (first field from the top).

    Drag the Yalu file directly into the Cydia Impactor window. After that, the application will ask for an Apple ID and password, which must be entered to sign and run the file on the iPhone.

    After installation, go to Settings. Basic. Profiles on the iPhone and click on the item with your e-mail (Apple ID). Then click “Trust” in the new window.

    Go to the iPhone home screen and launch the Yalu app that appears (mach_portal). A white background will be displayed on the screen for about 15-20 seconds, after which the iPhone will reboot itself.

    Now the Cydia icon will also appear on the screen. After each reboot, the procedure with launching Yalu must be repeated again, because the jailbreak is currently in the “semi-tethered” stage.

    Video: How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G

    • Download the Evasi0n utility for your operating system.
    • Install Evasi0n on your computer
    • Connect your device to your computer
    • Run the Evasi0n utility and follow the instructions on the screen

    Click on the “Jailbreak” button and do not touch your iPhone (or iPad, iPad mini or iPod Touch)

    Then your device will be overloaded. Do not touch the device!

    Then there will be three stages. At this moment, it is forbidden to touch the device.

    How to jailbreak iOS 6.1?

    Jailbreak is available for three operating systems. Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The system requirements are as follows:

    • MacOSX 10.5 / 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8
    • Windows (XP minimum)
    • Linux x86 / x86_64 (Kernel = 2.6.24, libgtk-2.0 = 2.24.13)

    Jailbreak supports the following firmware (direct links to firmware):

    • iOS 6.0
    • iOS 6.0.1
    • iOS 6.0.2
    • iOS 6.1

    So, we got acquainted with everything and proceed.

    How to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or ipod touch under iOS 6.1

    If you want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then this article is especially for you =) First of all, check out how to prepare your device for a successful jailbreak. Next, be sure to make a full backup.

    Video: How to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 for iPhone, iPad [Evasi0n]

    The next step will download Cydia

    Now the IMPORTANT MOMENT! You will be asked to unlock your device and click ONE TIME on the jailbreak icon that appears on your desktop

    Well, then we wait until such an inscription appears. “The jailbreak is complete. The device may reboot a couple of times when the process is complete “

    That’s all. Your device has been successfully jailbroken. There is little left to do. go to Cydia and install tweaks

    How to jailbreak iPad 1

    Not so long ago, the long-awaited event in the world of jailbreak took place. A group of Chinese hackers have suddenly released the Pangu utility, which can be used to untethered jailbreak of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1. and iOS 7.1.2. In this article, you can see the easiest and easiest way to jailbreak iOS 7.

    The whole procedure will take about 5 minutes and should not be difficult. Before you start, be sure to make a backup your device in iTunes.

    Jailbreak is available on all devices running iOS 7.1-7.1.2. This is how the list of these devices looks like:

    How to jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 using Pangu for Windows and Mac:

    Step 1: Make sure you have iOS 7.1.2, 7.1.1 or 7.1 installed

    Step 2: Download Pangu for Mac or Windows from the official website and open the program.

    Important! Before starting the procedure, disable the password on your device, if it is set

    Step 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.1.2 to your computer. The program will determine the model of your device and if it fits, the Jailbreak button will become active in the application window.

    Step 4: Click Jailbreak. The utility will demonstrate a pop-up window with instructions on how to change the date on your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 5: On your iOS device, go to the General. Date and Time section, turn the automatic time setting toggle switch to the Off position. and set the date on June 2, 2014, 8:00.

    Return to the main screen of the system. The Pangu application icon should appear on the iPhone or iPad desktop under iOS 7.1.2.

    Step 6: Click the Pangu icon on the iOS device, the application logo will launch in full screen.

    Step 7: Pangu will continue to jailbreak and then the iPhone or iPad will reboot. The jailbreak process is almost complete. Do not disconnect the device, it will be reloaded again.

    Step 8: Congratulations! The jailbreak is complete and now instead of the Pangu icon you see the Cydia icon on the home screen of the device.

    How to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPad 3, iPad 2 and 1 using Absinthe 2.0 [instructions]

    A few minutes ago, the Chronic Dev Team distributed a new version of the Absinthe 2.0 app, using which anyone can jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 untethered. All models of gadgets on iOS are declared in the list of compatible devices, except for Apple TV 3G and iPad 2 of 2012 release.

    It is very easy to jailbreak the new iPad (iPad 3G) and iPad 2/1. It is enough to connect the gadget to the computer, launch the application and press the “Jailbreak” button. But before performing this procedure, you must back up all information from the device.

    A prerequisite is the presence of the operating system iOS 5.1.1 on the gadget. If you have not upgraded to the new firmware, you will not be able to untethered jailbreak iPad 3, iPad 2 / 1. Below is a detailed guide to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe 2.0 for iPad 3, iPad 2 and 1. Instructions for jailbreaking iPhone 4S. 4 and 3GS using Absinthe 2.0 you can find here.

    • New iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2 or iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1 (9B206).
    • Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux computer.
    • USB cable for connecting the device to a computer

    Untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for the new iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2 and iPad 1 using Absinthe 2.0:

    Download the latest iTunes from here and Absinthe 2.0 from here. Open the archive and run Absinthe (if you have a Windows operating system, then as administrator).

    Connect your iGadget to your computer, launch iTunes and back up all your information.

    Launch Absinthe and make sure your device is connected to your computer.

    The “Jailbreak” button in the program window will become active, click on it.

    At this point, the gadget will look like it would when restoring a backup. The procedure can take a long time. Be patient, do not interrupt the installation or disconnect the iDevice from the computer!

    When finished, the device will reboot. And after a few seconds, a confirmation of a successful jailbreak will appear on the screen!

    Congratulations, you’ve jailbroken iOS 5.1.1 for iPad 3, iPad 2, or iPad 1! Note: If the Cydia icon does not appear on the screen, go to Settings. General. Reset. Delete content and settings and repeat the procedure from Step 3.

    How to untethered jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPad 3, iPad 2 and 1

    After jailbreak you will probably want to install new tweaks from Cydia. with our selections:

    How to untethered jailbreak iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 using Pangu on Windows

    Today, a Chinese hacker team once again surprised the Apple community (or sect) by releasing an untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 8.1. Pangu8 allows you to jailbreak all Apple smartphones and tablets running iOS 8 and above.

    Please note that jailbreak may cause the device to malfunction and void the warranty for it, all actions are performed at your own peril and risk.

    Jailbreaking The 1st Gen iPad

    Before starting the procedure, make sure that the latest version of iTunes is installed on your computer, password or Touch ID lock is disabled on your phone or tablet, and make a backup copy of the device just in case of fire.

    Step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.1:

    If you upgraded to iOS 8.1 over the air via OTA, the jailbreak may not work. In this case, we sew through the cord, connect the phone to the PC and flash it to iOS 8.1 again, via iTunes.

    In the phone settings, disable the screen lock (Settings. Touch ID and password) and the Find iPhone function (Settings. ICloud. Find iPhone)

    Run Pangu as administrator by right-clicking on the application icon and selecting the option.

    The utility will greet us with such easy-to-read and very understandable characters if Chinese fonts are not installed on the computer.

    The jailbreak has started, you can watch the progress on the screen.

    In the process, the gadget will reboot several times, the whole jailbreak procedure takes no more than 10 minutes. Ready.

    Those who are especially impatient can install Cydia through the terminal.

    And what is the second option in the program? That asks for ipsw?

    After the above command, silence. / private / var / root / Media / Autoinstall dpkg.i cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb

    dpkg: serious warning: files list file for package `io.pangu.loader ‘missing, assuming package has no files currently installed. (Reading database. 4022 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to replace cydia 1.1.13 (using cydia_1. 1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb). Unpacking replacement cydia. Preparing to replace cydia-lproj 1.1.12 (using cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb). Unpacking replacement cydia-lproj. Setting up cydia-lproj (1.1.12). Setting up cydia (1.1.13).

    There is no sidia yet. Will be next. renewal

    Will someone bother so much for the sake of Jail?

    And for what else can you be so confused?

    How to install Phoenix Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 on 32-bit devices

    1: Download the Phoenix IPA file and program to your computer.

    2: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer, then open Cydia Impactor.

    3: Drag the Phoenix IPA file into Cydia Impactor as shown in the screenshot.

    4: You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. This information will only be shared with Apple in order to register the IPA file. Enter your Apple ID and password so Cydia Impactor can start the app installation process.

    5: When the application is installed, an icon named “Phoenix” will appear on the main screen. Before opening it, go to Settings General Profiles (also called “Device Management” or “Profiles and Device Management”).

    6: Then profile with Apple ID and click “trust”.

    7: Now go back to the home screen and launch the Phoenix app.

    8: Press the Prepare for Jailbreak button to start jailbreak installation.

    After that, the jailbreak installation process will begin. Do not touch your device until the installation process is complete. When this happens, the device will automatically reboot and the Cydia icon will appear on the home screen. If an error occurs, restart the installation until it works. As stated on the site, errors can occur with the exploit, so you may need to make several attempts.

    Now you have jailbreak installed on your iOS 9.3.5 device, and you can install various tweaks by opening the Cydia app. When you open Cydia for the first time, it will take a little time for the app to complete the installation. When the installation is over, you can start using it, but remember that you can only download those tweaks that are compatible with your device.

    How to jailbreak Phoenix for iOS 9.3.5 on 32-bit devices

    Phoenix jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 was released a couple of days ago, and it is supported on all 32-bit devices with this version of iOS. Jailbreak cannot be used on 64-bit devices, as it uses an exploit that is present only on 32-bit ones.

    Installing Phoenix jailbreak is very easy. The application must be downloaded to the device using the Cydia Impactor program, then open it and start the process. Like the Yalu app, the Phoenix jailbreak is semi-tethered, which means that every time you reboot your device, you need to restart the Phoenix jailbreak.

    In this article, I will show you how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 on 32-bit devices using Phoenix.

    Before you start, be sure to read the following important information:

    • This jailbreak is only supported by 32-bit devices, which include:
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPod touch 5
    • iPad 2
    • iPad 3
    • iPad 4
    • iPad mini 1
  • 64-bit devices do not support Phoenix jailbreak.
  • Jailbreak semi-tied. When you reboot your device, the jailbreak will turn off and you will have to reinstall it via the app.
  • Jailbreak may not be installed the first time. If you get errors during installation, start over until the jailbreak is installed.
  • How semi-tethered jailbreak works?

    Phoenix is ​​a semi-tethered jailbreak. This means that when you reboot your device, it will crash. You won’t be able to use installed tweaks, and Cydia will crash on startup. To re-install the jailbreak, simply open the Phoenix app and run the installation. The jailbreak will be installed on the device again.

    When the Phoenix app expires and how to reinstall it?

    If you install the Phoenix app with your free Apple ID, it will expire in 7 days. You will have to reinstall it via Cydia Impactor to renew it for another 7 days. This is done in the same steps as above. Please note that the Phoenix app is only needed to install the jailbreak, so even when it expires, the jailbreak will continue to work. But you have to download the app if you want to re-jailbreak your device.

    How to jailbreak iPhone and iPad running iOS 10.1.1

    A few hours ago, the famous American hacker Luca Todesco posted a beta version of the exploit called Yalu, which allows you to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad. You can only hack Apple gadgets running on the operating system iOS 10.1.1 and earlier builds. It is also important to clarify that at the moment you can only use Yalu with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro tablets. In addition, the Cydia Substrate component has not yet been updated, so jailbreak extensions from Cydia simply will not work even half-heartedly.

    How to jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 using Yalu:

    Update iTunes to the latest version and then connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

    Back up iPhone / iPhone to iTunes or iCloud and then launch Cydia Impactor.

    From the list of available devices, select the one you want to jailbreak on.

    Drag the mach_portalyalu file downloaded in the first step to the Cydia Impactor window.

    In the window that appears, you need to enter information from your Apple ID account. For your own safety, you can use a specially created account for this purpose.

    Confirm all actions by clicking the “OK” button, after which the process of installing the jailbreak on the iPhone or iPad will begin.

    As soon as this process is completed, you need to go to the “Settings” application and open the “General”. “Device Management” section.

    Find a developer account in the list and double-click on the “Trust” button.

    The mach_portal application will appear on the iPhone or iPad desktop, which you need to run.

    After every reboot of an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.1.1 and earlier builds of this operating system, you will need to run the mach_portal app, since the jailbreak is semi-tethered.

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