How to install Wink on Smart TV Samsung

What is Wink from Rostelecom? All you need to know about the application!

In September 2018, a completely new multimedia platform was presented, which can rightfully be considered the following turn of development of the Interactive TV service. This is the Wink platform from Rostelecom. Its main purpose is to provide the possibility of convenient access to multimedia content for customers who issued a subscription, wherever they are.

What are the features of this system? What opportunities does she provide?

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How to connect Wink from Rostelecom on Smart TV

The online cinema is an application, that is, a special software configuration that not all TV models support. So that she definitely works properly, and without any failures, the following TV models are best suited:

  • Samsung Smarttv based Tizen from 2015 year of release and more new.
  • LG Smarttv based Webos 1.0. 6.0.
  • Smarttv based on Android TV, starting with the version 5.0.

These versions of television equipment are completely compatible with WINK from Rostelecom. In order to install Wink on Smart TV Samsung, and connect it, use step.By.Step instructions:

  • Turn on the TV, bring the remote control on it, and click the button with the picture of the house, if you have an old version of the remote control, use the button “Smart Hub”.
  • Open the panel “Samsung Apps”, In the top panel on the right, click the button “Search”.
  • In the search line, enter in English “Wink”, In the sample slip on the found application.
  • Press the button on the remote control “Entering”.
  • The window opens in which click on the inscription “Install”.
  • In the case of already loaded software on your TV, a button will appear “Open”.
  • From this window for quick access, you can add the application to the main screen.

Note! In Samsung TVs, the application can already be installed. It will only have to open and log in in his account.

Supported devices

For computers and laptops, regardless of the OS. Windows 10, Windows 7, MacOS, there is no special application. You can use the service using a browser through the Wink website.RT.Ru.

Subscription content content

Consider the tariffs and content provided in each subscription package.


In this package, the user available the minimum list of television channels: 160. No more possibilities are provided for in it.


This tariff has an extended list of channels: 185 pieces. Among them are channels for any age:

You will have to pay 420 for a month.


This WINK tariff for Smart TV is also limited only by television channels, which are slightly more than the two previous ones: 210 pieces.

install, wink, smart, samsung

As indicated on the official website, the package has increased the set of entertainment and cognitive programs.

For subscription you need to pay 620/month.

Perfect HD

Available for 299 /month. Exclusive HD channels in high-cladity format will be included for this cost.

For their own

The most budget option for 199 /month. Includes 115 most popular TV channels with films and series for every taste.

Special subscription to TV channels, films and series

For cinema lovers, there are tariffs that include all kinds of channels broadcasting only films and TV shows, as well as the opportunity to arrange a subscription to different films:

  • For holidays. 13,000 films and series for 399 per month.
  • For moviegoers. 14,000 films and series for 599 per month.
  • For connoisseurs-170 TV channels, 18,000 films and series for 749 per month.
  • Amediateka Home of HBO-more than 100 series and 4 TV channels for 299 per month.
  • Kinovip-120 TV channels, 1400 films and series for 379 per month.
  • For entertainment-180 TV channels, 14,000 films and series for 699 per month and others.

Отличная альтернатива Tizen Studio.Ставим сторонние виджеты на Samsung Smart TV очень просто.

Some users are trying to unlock paid packages on their own, share their knowledge on the Internet. It is not recommended to do this, such actions are not legitimate and can lead to serious troubles.

Installation of the application on Smart TV

You should not call a telemaster for such a simple procedure as installing the application. We offer you a universal instruction that will help you figure it out on your own.

  • Make sure your TV is connected to the Internet (it does not matter if Wi-Fi is used or extended to Ethernet Cabble).
  • Find the official store of the manufacturer in the TV menu, in which you can download and install different applications.
  • Find the “Interactive TV” application and install it, following the clues on the screen.
  • At the first launch, you will be offered registration, which needs to be done.
  • Bind the created account for Rostelecom.
  • Pay the subscription if you haven’t done it yet.

Now all paid channels and films will be available from your TV.

Установка обновления WINK

How to register and enter

On the official website of WINK, you need to enter your phone number into a special form and follow the instructions. The service will send data for entering any of the 5 devices.

Further authorization, including on Android devices, is also carried out by phone number.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wink turned out to be a rather successful product that received a lot of positive reviews. Most often, users note:

  • Multi.Platform. Can work on almost all devices of the new generation from 2013.
  • Convenient payment. Sleep money from the account in a couple of presses: everything is simple, convenient and fast.
  • Discounts and promotions. You can often get a good discount: the first month for free, a discount on a certain tariff plan, etc. P.
  • Large selection of packages. There are a number of proposals, among which there are more chances to find an option for yourself.
  • Convenient viewing. There are multi.Wisdom technologies, multi.Somber and even parental control.
  • Download films. One of the few services that allows you to download a movie.
  • Not tied to the Internet Rostelecom. Any Internet is suitable.

There is also that you may confuse you or make you abandon the services of the cinema:

  • Paid distribution. Free viewing as such is not provided. Although when buying some devices in stores, Rostelecom partners can give free access for a while. The official watching of the movie is always paid, so the disadvantage is not. Compared to competitors at a good level.
  • Not all movies are present. There are a number of films that are not available on Wink. Most popular paintings are presented here, but the parts are still not. The library is slightly smaller than the same IVI.

The quality of the films. Will there be 4K content?

Many films in the WINK collection are provided in SD quality (720 by 576). This is due to the policy of copyright holders, but they try to keep the library relevant and update the quality as far as possible. As for the 4K content, it is already available for WINK subscribers in test mode

The developers released a special utility to check the network connection. This will facilitate the diagnosis for problems with wink departures, the appearance of artifacts in broadcasting, freezing sound, the impossibility of loading the application, etc.D. For verification, you need to download the file with Yandex.Disk (Yadi.SK/D/-xy1mzcn2u4kia) and start. After the diagnosis is completed on the desktop, a file appears to be sent to Wink@RT.Ru or download to cloud services and throw off the link to developers