How to Install Windows Xp from a USB Flash Drive

Windows XP is already slowly living out its life, and it would seem, why should I write an article about it now, if nobody needs it soon. The fact is that now quite a lot of people buy not laptops, but netbooks, that is, they do not have a drive for reading and writing discs. In addition, netbooks have fairly weak parameters and may not pull Windows 7.

Which of all this can be concluded: it is better to put Windows XP on netbooks and you need to do this from a flash drive. How to do this correctly, I tried to write in this article. There are several ways to install the operating system from a flash drive, I tried them before I sat down to write this post, not all of them are new to the beginner and not all of them worked for me the first time. I will try to describe a more or less simple way.

And so, you need a flash drive with a capacity of more than 1 GB for the operating system to get into it. Plus, you also need some kind of computer on which you will make a bootable one from a regular USB flash drive. This is the whole trick. to make sure that your netbook is loaded from a flash drive, and not from a hard drive or optical drive, as we used to do.

You will also need a clean build of Windows XP. It can be either a disk or an image, only the image will have to be unpacked somewhere on your hard drive. I had a drive.

So let’s get started. First you need to download the program: WinSetupFromUSB.

Next, insert the USB flash drive and run the downloaded program. In the USB disc selection and format section, select the desired USB flash drive and click on the Bootice button.

In the next window, also select the desired USB flash drive and click on the Perform Format button.

How to Install Windows Xp from a USB Flash Drive

Set the radio switch to USB-HDD mode and click on the Next Step button.

Format the USB flash drive in the NTFS file system, select it in the next window and click OK:

Next, a lot of strange windows in English will pop up. You will need to click “Yes” or “OK” everywhere until the flash drive is formatted.

Close the Bootice window and return to the main program window again.

In the Add to USB disk section, put a bird in front of Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Setup and select the folder with the Windows XP files. I had a disc with the operating system, so I inserted it into the drive and pointed it to it. I have it under the letter F, this can be seen in the screenshot. Next, press the GO button and wait until all Windows XP files are overwritten to the USB flash drive.

The bootable flash drive is ready.

It remains only to boot from it. To do this, you need to change the boot priority in the BIOS settings. Now you need to work on the netbook on which you need to install Windows.

How to get into BIOS settings? To do this, immediately after turning on, press either F2 or Del, or even better, read in the passport which button is responsible for entering the BIOS Setup.

Using the arrows on the keyboard, go to the Boot section and use the F5 or F6 keys to make USB HDD in the first place.

Using the F10 key, we save the changes made and exit the BIOS Setup.

And also watch a on how to enter the BIOS settings and boot from a flash drive or disk on different laptops and a computer:

If everything is done correctly, then the next time you start, you will start downloading from a flash drive. We go to the Windows XP / 2000/2003 Setup section.

Next, click on the First part of. and you will begin installing the operating system.

Windows will start to install, after a while a reboot should occur after which you will have to choose already Second part of.

If everything was done correctly, you will soon see the Windows desktop in front of you.

If you have never installed Windows before, I advise you to read not only this, but all the articles in the “Installing Windows XP” section.