How to install Windows on a new Lenovo laptop

How to install Windows on a new Lenovo laptop

Good afternoon! Dear readers and guests of one of the largest IT blogs in Russia Pyatilistnik.Org. Last time, we examined the article “How to delete data on USB flash drives in the Windows Register” I showed how to calculate which devices connected to the system. We go further and finally I will show you detailed instructions on how to install Windows 11 with all the nuances and pitfalls. I am sure that when it comes out in a couple of months you will understand what needs to be done and configured. And so let’s go.

The most common problems

If you ask everyone for what reason they want to reinstall the Windows system on a laptop, then in most cases you will hear the answer that allegedly on all new computers, there is an “eight” by default, which can not always be used to and which does not always arrange the user “ Welled “lotions. The “seven” familiar to everyone, which is more understandable in use, is much more convenient for all to solve specific problems. That is why on new laptops their owners decide to change the OS.

The most common problem when installing the “seven” on the laptop of Lenovo is that the user cannot even enter the BIOS system. Even schoolchildren know that in order to reinstall Windows, you should enter the basis of the basics of the computer –Bios.

The remaining problems may occur already in the process of installing. We will dwell on them further.

Watch the video how to enter BIOS on Lenovo laptops

Or how easy it is to load from a flash drive or disk:

It is believed that after buying a new laptop or computer is ready to use. In practice, this is not true, and before starting to use a new laptop, you need to perform a number of actions.

Laptop setting

Our readers often send us questions: I bought a new laptop and what to do next, where to start, how to configure the new ASUS laptop, how to configure the new Lenovo laptop, how to configure the new Acer laptop, how to configure the new HP laptop. The procedure for setting up a new laptop is the same and does not depend on the manufacturer. It is worth noting that it is more profitable to purchase a new laptop with a pre.Installed operating system, and not separately the laptop and the Windows operating system. In addition to the fact that buying a laptop without an operating system and Windows will separately cost more, you may have to use the services of a specialist in installing the operating system on a laptop.

Creating an account

When the laptop is first turned on on the Windows operating system when entering the settings, the system will ask to set the user name and password. It is not necessary to create a password if it is not created, it will be possible to enter a computer without a password. If the password is not created at the first launch, it can be created if necessary in the section of user accounts. Do not expect that the password will reliably protect against unauthorized access to the laptop, it will not be difficult to quickly drop the password for the entrance to Windows and gain access to the system. We wrote about this on our website in the article how to reset the password on Windows. The password to the account will help to limit access to the laptop of children and not very advanced computer users. To reliably limit access to the laptop, you need to use more complex settings and special tools.

Section of the hard disk into sections

If the new laptop has only one section, which contains the operating system and data, it must be divided into two sections. This can be useful in the future, if you need to reinstall the operating systems. When reinstalling the operating system, all the user data on the disk on which the operating system is installed will be destroyed. If the data is placed on another disk (after the hard drive is broken), they will remain after reinstalling the operating system. In Windos 8 and Windows 10, you can break the hard drive in several ways.

Windows with regular means. To call the disks controls, press Winx, from the menu that appears, select disks control. Complete your volume compression (using the right mouse button, click squeeze the volume) and create a new section on the free space of the disk. We recommend leaving a section with a system of at least 100 GB.

Using third.Party programs. There are many programs to break the hard disk, as well as other actions to manage a hard drive, both free and paid. We recommend Easeus Partition Master Home Edition. The program is free for home use, no Russification, program in English. When breaking a hard drive, you need to be very careful and careful. Often manufacturers create hidden sections on a hard drive, where they place a backup copy of the operating system. You can accidentally delete hidden sections and remain without a backup copy of the system. Also, with the wrong work with a hard drive, the system areas can be removed and Windows may not boot.

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Removing trial versions (trial) and unnecessary programs on a laptop

Laptop manufacturers additionally earn on the installation of trial versions of various programs. Often the antivirus programs and the office package Microsoft are often installed. After some time, the program stops working and begins to “ask for money”, offering to purchase a full version. If you do not plan to purchase these programs, it is better to delete them immediately. Each user has programs that he is used to using and that he trusts. It is better to immediately purchase and install a paid and free necessary on.

We are often sent to us the question: what programs need to be deleted from a new laptop or computer. As a rule, laptop manufacturers set a trial version of the antivirus program, which ceases to be updated and sometimes working, 30-45 days after the launch of the antivirus program. Many users do not know anything about it and after a while remain without antiviral protection. If you do not plan to purchase the installed antivirus, it is better to immediately remove it and install one of the free antiviruses, which provides basic protection against viruses. We have a review of free antiviruses on our site.

A lot of programs can be installed on the laptop, the appointment of which is not known to the user. As a rule, most of them are trial versions and programs with limited functionality. To get information about the program, you can dial its name in any search engine. After information about the program is received, you can decide whether it is needed on a laptop. There is a rule that the less programs are installed on the computer, the more stable it works. It is better to immediately remove everything that is not necessary and install the necessary. There is a danger of overdoing, do not delete programs from the laptop manufacturer, with which you can update the drivers on the laptop. There is an opinion that it is better to immediately reinstall the operating system, and install the necessary drivers and programs from the laptop manufacturer’s website on a clean system.

Installation of drivers, operating system updates

On the new laptop, you need to install all available updates of the operating system. Updates must be set as they correct the found problems found, eliminate problems in work, increase the stability and speed of the operating system. On the website of the laptop manufacturer in the support section of this model, you can download and install all the latest drivers and the latest version of the BIOS. Some laptop manufacturers install special programs with which you can download and install new devices drivers.

Installation of codecs and flash player to play all video formats and audio

On the new laptop, some video and audio formats are often not reproduced by default, video and audio recordings on various sites, for example in contact and classmates, may not be reproduced. The decision to play video and music on sites will be updating the version of the Internet browser to the last and installing Adobe Flash Player and setting up its automatic update. To play various video and audio formats on the computer, you need to install a package of codecs K-Lite Codec Pack. Flash player and codecs can be downloaded from their official sites.

Launch laptop Lenovo from a flash drive via BIOS

To go to BIOS, you need to actively press the F2 key immediately after turning on the laptop. Or use “novo button menu” for this, as I showed above. Read more in the article: how to go to the BIOS laptop Lenovo.

In the BIOS menu you need to go to the “Boot” section (using keys to the right/left).

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 15IMH05, 81Y400J6PB Gaming laptop enter bios, install windows, upgrade ram

Next, it is necessary to highlight our drive and using the keys F5 and F6 put it in the first place in the list.

Again, there may be two sections: Efi and Legacy. If you are going to install Windows and you have an EFI section as in the screenshot above, and when installing you are faced with the error “Installation of Widnows on this disk is impossible. On the selected disk there is a table of MBR Persons, ”you need to set the“ Legacy First ”in the“ Boot Priority ”menu instead of“ UEFI First ”.

And put the USB HDD in the first place in the load list, as I showed above.

How to install Windows on a new Lenovo laptop

Hello everyone, I’ll tell you how to install Windows 8.1 on the Lenovo G50-30 laptop, this article is a continuation of the article how to replace HDD with SSD with a lanovo G50-30 laptop. It seems that the installation of Windows is a simple thing, but there are troubles with laptops, it’s good that they are solved.

Turn on your laptop and insert a loading flash drive if you don’t know how to make it 7 ways to create a boot flash drive. Laptop load will begin, and you will immediately see that it swore that there is nothing to install the system.

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-02

We see the warning Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-3

We reboot and we need to get into the BIOS, this combination of FNF2 keys is done

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-01

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-05

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-06

We move to the Boot and Boot Mode menu and set the Legacy Support mode, this mode is needed for installation from a flash drive or in my case with Zalman boxes.

Install Windows 8.1 on laptop Lenovo G50-30-07

Everything is saved by the FNF10 buttes and everything will start loading from your device. After installing Windows 8.1 after a day my laptop Lenovo G50-30 did not load and there was a black screen, I advise you to read how to fix it.

Setting BIOS Lenovo G50-30

To get into the BIOS Lenovo G50-30, you need to press FNF2 or on the left next to the power button, there is a button on the side, by clicking it, you will call this window. Choose BIOS Setup.

In the point of Windows License, it is clear that there are no built.In keys. You can also see Lenovo G50 30 Technical characteristics.

First of all, it is necessary to reset the default settings, go to the Exit point and select Load Default Settings.

Now at the OS Optimized Default item, select the Win7 OS item.

We go to Boot, where you should be exhibited:

The next step will be the Configuration item where select USB Mode on USB 2.0, this is done so that you can install Windows 7 64 x in Legacy Support mode.

Again, go to Boot and at the Boot Priority point, select Legacy First

We save all the settings at the Exit Saving Changes item or click F10.

Next, call the boot menu Boot Menu and select your boot carrier, whether it be a boot flash drive or Zalman Virtual CD-ROM, from which you can start installing Windows 7 on G50-30.

It is also important to install Windows 7 64 x, it should either be from a DVD disk if there is or from a carrier of the port connected to USB 2, on USB 3.0 I had blue screens

Laptop setting after installing Windows 10

The first step is to install the requirements of drivers.

I go to the device manager and see devices on which drivers are not installed.

How to Install Windows 10 on DOS Laptop. | Lenovo Laptop me windows kaise install kare?

Since the laptop is suitable for games, I update the drivers to the GTX 1650 video card from the NVIDIA website

How to break the hard drive Windows 7

Next, you will move to the settings of the hard drive, where you will have to remove all existing sections.

install, windows, lenovo, laptop

All data will be erased.

Necessarily everything, otherwise you will not be able to reformat a screw from CDA to NTFS. To delete, click on the right of the disk setting. Select one section and click delete.

And don’t forget to think that you are losing the factory guarantees. And if for you the change of operating system is more important than guarantees, then we continue the preparation of the hard drive.

install, windows, lenovo, laptop

Now we need to create 2 sections, one more, which the system will create the size of 100 MB, we do not count. To do this, click on the right, choose the desired size (I put 200,000 MB. A little less than the second section) and click OK. We also do with the rest of the unoccupied space, only we do not set the size, but leave as the system offers.

With the breakdown of the hard disk, we finished, select the second section (the first is busy with system files and has only 100 MB of space) and click on the installation. Further there will be no features, the installation of Windows 7 will go as usual, just follow the instructions of the system.