How to Install Windows 10 on Dell Latitude

This article is about installation on a Windows 7 computer via BIOS. The most common case of installing the operating system using external storage media: flash drives or CD / DVD is considered.

Via the BIOS, select the device to start the installation of Windows 7

Step 1. Insert the Windows 7 disc into the DVD drive of your computer / laptop and reboot it. Enter BIOS: this can be done when the computer / laptop starts to boot (the first boot screen appears). In most cases there is an inscription on it (Fig. 1) inviting you to enter “BIOS Setup”. For example, it might look like this: Press DEL to enter SETUP. On different computers call “BIOS Setup” can be done differently: by pressing a button F1 (found in individual Phoenix BIOS implementations), F2 (on Intel motherboards and in the case of some versions of the Phoenix BIOS), F10 (another option for Phoenix BIOS), Esc, pressing combination CtrlAltEsc, CtrlAltIns or Ctrl alt. Simply Del. the most common option. Usually the way to enter “BIOS Setup” indicated at boot time, it can be found in the manual for the motherboard or in the computer / laptop. If necessary, you can find general information on how to enter the BIOS.

In BIOS’e enter the menu “Boot” (Fig. 2). “Boot device priority” and for the first paragraph “1st boot device” set value “Cdrom” (Fig. 3) or “USB flash” (depending on the storage medium).

How to Install Windows 10 on Dell Latitude

Fig. 1. The initial screen for loading a computer or laptop. To enter the BIOS, press the desired key combination

Fig. 2. After entering the BIOS, select the Boot partition

Fig. 3. In the Boot section, you must select the priority of device polling

By the way, sometimes it is not possible to boot the OS. This is due to hard disk errors.

Starting the installation of Windows 7 through the BIOS on the computer

Step 2. As soon as you select the drive / usb drive with Windows 7 OS to boot, a window will appear prompting you to press any button (inscription: Press any key to boot from CD or DVD) Press any button, for example a space. Here is the window:

Fig. 4. Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. To download installation files, press any key

Fig. 5. Progress bar or indicator of loading installation files that appears after pressing any button

After a few seconds, you will see a window “Install Windows 7″:

Fig. 6. The first window to install Windows 7

Settings before installing Windows 7 on a computer or laptop

Step 3. Select “Russian language” and click “Next.” After that, the following window will appear:

Fig. 7. Second window to install Windows 7. Click “Install

Click the Install button. Next, you need to familiarize yourself and accept the terms of the license agreement by setting the flag opposite “I accept the terms of the license”:

Fig. 8. The third window for installing Windows 7. Accept the terms of the license agreement

Click “Next”. In the next window, you will be prompted to select the installation option for Windows 7:

Fig. 9. The fourth window for installing Windows 7. Selecting an option

I recommend installing a clean installation of Windows. “Full installation”. With this option, the system disk is formatted and, accordingly, the previous version of Windows and all data, parameters and settings will be completely deleted, which will help to avoid possible crashes and errors. This is the most reliable installation method.

There are times that Windows is buggy for one reason or another: either the file is missing, or something else. In this case, you can try updating Windows by selecting the first item. “Update”. With this option, all program settings, drivers and your data will be saved. But, since everything is saved, with the same “success” all problems of programs or other errors are saved, which can lead to failures in the work of a newly installed Windows. If the system starts, then the Windows 7 update is best run from the Windows environment itself.

Next, you will be prompted to choose an installation location:

Fig. 10. The fifth window for installing Windows 7. Choosing a location for installing the OS

If the disk is new and not marked, then there will be a picture like mine. If it is divided into partitions, then all your HDD partitions will be presented here.

Choose a disk “FROM”. Format it to erase all information. To do this, click on the link “Disk Settings”. Next, an additional menu should appear:

Fig. 11. Additional hard drive formatting menu

Click on the “Format” link. After formatting the hard drive, click “Next”. It will go directly to the installation of Windows 7:

Fig. 12. The sixth installation window of Windows 7. Installation progress

The main work is done. The installer will do the rest on its own. The installation procedure will take about half an hour. No intervention is required from you at this time, so you can safely move away from the computer and go about your business.

So you almost managed to install Windows 7, there was nothing left.

After the installation is complete, you will need to create your account. Come up with a username and enter it in the “Username” field:

Fig. 13. Complete the installation of Windows 7. Choosing a username

Then you will be prompted to come up with a password for your account, a password is optional and if no one else uses your computer except you or you don’t have any confidential information that you need to keep in a secret, you can leave the password blank.

Fig. 14. Complete the installation of Windows 7. Password selection

In the next window, enter the serial number of your copy of Windows 7:

Fig. 15. Complete the installation of Windows 7. Key selection

Select your Windows security settings. In most cases, the first option is suitable. “Use recommended parameters”:

Fig. 16. Complete the installation of Windows 7. Choosing a system protection option

Set the system time:

Fig. 17. Completing the installation of Windows 7. Setting the system time

Select a network option. For most users, the option “Public Network” is suitable:

Fig. 18. Complete the installation of Windows 7. Choosing a network option

And after all these small settings, the desktop of the newly installed Windows 7 will load before you.

That’s all. As you can see, installing Windows 7 is not at all difficult, no more complicated than installing any other program. And available to absolutely any user. Therefore, if you have doubts about your capabilities, drop them and start installing the operating system on your own and do not be afraid.