How to install WhatsApp on your smartphone

How to install and connect Whatsapp on Android

Whatsapp for Android is a “virtual platform” for the organization of full-fledged communication between users within their network. In addition, the program supports the exchange of various multimedia files.

Whatsapp can be seen as a replacement for the built-in text messaging service in the Android operating system.

Additional advantage of the application is that there’s no need for users to make up cunning logins and passwords. for authorization on the application servers the phone number of the end device is used as a username, and the password is generated “on the fly” when first connecting to the service. But before you start using the features that Whatsapp provides you, you need to install the client program and configure it properly.

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How to run WhatsApp on iPad

Important clarification: WhatsApp Web pulls chats from the smartphone you use to connect, even if the phone number is the same. So, when I was using my Android phone, the chat lineup was one thing, but when I connected to my desktop with my iPhone, it was completely different.

Since WhatsApp can now run on 4 devices at once, you can use WhatsApp on iPad simultaneously with Mac and iPhone. Personally, I did:

WhatsApp Web works great on the iPad without limiting the mobile version

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have a separate app for the iPad. However, you can use the web version, which works in the browser. Despite this, the messenger works just fine in Safari. You’ll be able to message, call one-to-one, video chat, and do exactly the same things you did on WhatsApp on your iPhone or computer, with no restrictions.

Different ways of communicating

Changing your security and privacy settings Privacy and security settings on WhatsApp are easy to understand and easy to personalize. Read more about this on our privacy page.

Verify the information you receive To limit the spread of false information, we recommend verifying the authenticity of messages you receive. Some of them may not be true. If you don’t know the sender of the message you received, we recommend that you contact official verification organizations. Read more about how to prevent the spread of false information in this article.

Forwarded messages To help prevent the spread of false information, we set a restriction on forwarding messages. Recognizing forwarded messages is simple: you’ll see a Forwarded Message label. When a message is forwarded from user to user many times, it will be marked with a double arrow symbol. Read more about messaging restrictions in this article.

How to install Whatsapp without a SIM card

You can use WhatsApp without a SIM card if you have another phone that works. This can be any device that supports text messaging or calling. Even if it’s a regular phone.

  • Download and open WhatsApp on your phone without a SIM card.
  • Enter the phone number of your other phone.
  • Press “Next.”.
  • Make sure your number is correct and press OK.
  • The app will send a text message to your active phone.
  • Get the code and enter it into your phone without a SIM card.
  • It should work for you!
install, whatsapp, your, smartphone

WhatsApp error “Not supported on your device

If your tablet uses only Wi-Fi connection and does not support SIM card, you may see the error “Not supported on your device”:

This is due to the fact that the application is optimized to work with the network, so you will not be able to install WhatsApp from Google Play on your tablet. In this case, we recommend downloading the APK file from the official website ( and install it manually. How to do this, we told in one of our previous articles.

In other cases, we highly recommend using Google Play to install apps to avoid problems and errors.

Installing WhatsApp using a file.APK

In addition to the standard option, there is a way of how to install WhatsApp on your Android phone, if it does not have Google Market. To do this, you will need to:

  • Now the system will ask you to read the terms of service and privacy policy, which you should agree with by clicking “Accept and continue”.
install, whatsapp, your, smartphone

Now the messenger will be ready to work. The settings of the installed application can be changed depending on your own preferences. WhatsApp allows you to send messages to “Favorites”, change account functions, manage chats and notifications, select data storage options, etc. д.