How to install Viber on iPad

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How to recover deleted Viber from phone

Uninstalled or, for example, erased when you reset your smartphone to factory settings, you will restore the Viber application in any case, and your account remains intact after deleting the client. But the return to its place of the contents of the chats is feasible only under a certain condition. the presence of a backup. Therefore, once again we recall the importance of ensuring backup of information from the messenger, if the information generated during the use of the system client is of any value to you.

Recover after Erasing iOS Content and Settings or Moving to a New iPhone

In order for the recovery of deleted Viber after the processes, including the unlinking of the iPhone from Apple ID, to proceed as efficiently as possible, it is important to take into account the factor of the previously established relationship between the messenger program and the account in the services of the Cupertino giant.

    On the iPhone, log into iCloud using the Apple ID that was used during the operation of the uninstalled messenger program.

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If you are already logged into the Apple ecosystem, for example, when activating the device, check the compliance of the account.

Install the messenger using any method that you usually use.

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Launch Viber for iOS and go through the registration procedure (in our case. authorization).

How to Setup Viber on iPad

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Upon reaching the screen with your registration data, click “Finish” at the top and then follow steps 5-6 of the above instructions for restoring Viber in the iOS environment.

Recovering Viber on a smartphone after deleting

If you accidentally deleted the Viber application from your Android smartphone or iPhone and are worried about the safety of the information accumulated during the operation of the system, do not rush to despair. Almost always, you can restore Viber on your phone in just a couple of minutes and continue using it. In this article, we will consider options for actions that can be taken to return the messenger to the state before uninstallation.

Recovery immediately after deletion

First, let’s look at the easiest and fastest way to restore the messenger. If after deleting Viber you did not leave your iPhone from Apple ID and did not change your account in the “apple” ecosystem, the instruction is as follows.

    Open the “App Store”, tap on the upper right on your profile picture in Apple services. Then click “Purchases” on the screen that opens.

Scroll through the list of all programs ever received using Apple ID, find “Viber Messenger” in it. Click on the bubble with the arrow to the right of the messenger name.

On the Welcome to Viber screen, click Continue. Your phone number, used as a login in the messenger earlier, will automatically be inserted into the field on the next screen, here again click “Continue”. Next, confirm the correctness of the identifier by tapping “Yes” in the request window.

If you restore Viber on the iPhone immediately after deleting it, a screen with the profile data loaded from the system will be displayed, click “Finish” at the top right. If after uninstalling the program in question a lot of time has passed, you may need to enter a combination of numbers sent by the system in SMS.

The final stage is the restoration of the chat history. A screen with a proposal to return the correspondence to its place will open automatically if you have previously provided a backup in Viber. Click “Restore Now” and wait for the operation to complete.

This completes the restoration of the messenger, but please note that you will have to configure the client program again.

Recovering from an Android factory reset or device replacement

If Viber was removed from your device as a result of serious interference with the Android OS or you want to restore the messenger on another device, the algorithm of actions will be slightly different from the one suggested above.

    Install the Viber Android client application in any preferred way.

The easiest way to install is by following steps 1-3 from the previous instructions for restoring the messenger in this article, but having previously logged in to Google Play using the account you used before.

In the case of Viber, logging into the system is similar to registration, only you do not have to personalize the account. the profile data will be downloaded from the server.

If you need to restore your chat history, follow the link below

and follow the instructions from the article that opens.

Viber on iPhone is no more difficult to recover than in the Android environment described above, and here it is also possible to use one of two slightly different action algorithms.

How to install Viber on iPad

The Viber program is a multifunctional system that allows you to make calls, send text messages, and transmit various information. This service was created for many platforms and makes it possible to communicate completely free of charge at any distance.

The main condition in this case is the connection to the global network and the availability of the program. How to install Viber on an iPad, many owners of such devices are asking this question today.

Installing Viber on iPad. instruction

The contact telephone number is used for installation. Installation of the program on the device will not cause any particular difficulties for the user.

In this case, you only need to download from the official Viber resource, wait for the process to complete and confirm the phone number. No more difficulties will arise during the operation of the tablet device, among the main options of which there is no support for 3G connection, in other words, there is no SIM card slot.

For example, certain iPad models do not have this feature. But to solve such a question regarding the implementation of the installation of the application, there are a number of options.

  • In iOS, the book with contacts is installed automatically, for this reason, when the service is loaded, a request for direct access is made, which must be confirmed. As a result of these actions, the process of synchronizing contacts begins.
  • After that, you need the phone number of the device. When the phone model has a 3G connection, then in this case not the slightest difficulties will arise, you just need to accept the activation code coming in the SMS message. But when there is no such function in the device, then you can use any contact, calls to which are made regularly. In this case, the number must necessarily be real in order to obtain the required code, without which the procedure for activating the service function is impossible. In the future, this number will no longer be used.
  • Next, you need to set up an account. This procedure is carried out fairly quickly. The client must enter a name that will later be displayed on the tablet device, as well as upload his photo. If you want, you can use the image from your account. This program has a function that notifies about sending SMS with a proposal to install the contact system from the existing address book.

This is how the service is downloaded and installed. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The whole procedure takes a few minutes. How to install Viber on an iPad. the full answer is given above and using the instructions presented, you can make the connection on your device limitless.

But most importantly, the presence of this application makes it possible to communicate with people who are in different parts of the world. At the same time, communication is absolutely free, which also acts as one of the main advantages of this excellent messenger.

Setting up Viber on iPad

The Viber setup initially assumes the following:

  • Launching an app on iPad.
  • View the greeting and click on “Continue”.
  • Allow access for the application to contacts from the phone book, which is confirmed by clicking “Ok”.
  • From the list presented, you need to select your country, after which you should indicate your mobile phone number and click “Continue”.
  • It is worth checking if the number is correct and confirm by clicking “Ok”.
  • After that, you will receive an SMS containing an activation code. This code must be entered in the request field and click “OK”.
  • If necessary, Viber can be synchronized with your account.
  • privacy level,
  • notifications,
  • make a backup,
  • make general settings,
  • sync with your PC or tablet,
  • change chat background,
  • make settings for media gallery.
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After you make all the settings, using the messenger will become as comfortable and pleasant as possible. You can communicate with users from all over the world, and only a good Internet connection is required.

App compatibility with tablets

Since Viber is available on a tablet and can be installed, what operating systems is it possible with? Based on the system requirements, Viber is available for the following devices:

  • for iPad;
  • for all tablets on Android platform from 4.1 and higher.

Before installing Viber, first familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your system through the settings menu, and only then proceed to download the program.

If the device is without a SIM card, then it always acts as an additional one, and the smartphone will be the main one. Using the phone in which the SIM is inserted, you must register in the system and set up your profile, and then bind other devices to it. On the additional device, calls, correspondences and contacts will be fully synchronized. However, important functions will still be assigned to the phone.

How to install Viber on a tablet without a SIM card

Viber is a popular application that is convenient to use not only on phones, but also on other devices. laptops, tablets, stationary computers. The developers did their best and made it adaptive to different operating systems. If you want to always stay in touch or communicate with your friends from a tablet with a large screen and a powerful operating system, then you can download and install Viber on your tablet, even if it does not have a SIM card. How to do it, and what difficulties you can face?

Using a phone without Viber

Those who do not want to have Viber on two devices at the same time can install the application without being tied to a smartphone. The procedure is standard for any device where registration in the Viber system is performed primarily:

  • Download the application to your tablet via the App Store or Play Market.
  • Run it.
  • In the installation window that opens, go through the registration. indicate the country and mobile phone number.
  • The phone receives an SMS-code for confirmation.
  • Enter it in a special field, click “Continue”.
  • Access to Viber opens and you go to the main page of the application.

In this case, you can use both a smartphone and a push-button phone, the main thing is that the SIM card is active, and a verification code has come to it. The list of contacts will be transferred according to your phone book of the registered SIM card. Since in this case the tablet will act as the main and only device, you can make any changes to the profile settings and the application itself.

Installation methods

Using Viber on a tablet is very convenient, especially for viewing videos, photos and pictures. Also, due to the larger screen, video conferences can be arranged. If you decide to install Viber on your tablet, then check out how to do it with and without Viber on your phone.

Using a phone with Viber

The tried and tested method is to connect an additional device to the main account. The main account is assigned to a device with a SIM card, and it is a smartphone. Therefore, first you need to install and register in the application on the phone, and then do the same on the tablet and synchronize the two devices. In this case, the circuit looks like this:

After the camera scans the QR code, the main page of the application will automatically load on the tablet. It will be the same as on the phone. The interface is no different, which means it will be easy for you to understand how the application works. Two devices. a phone and a tablet, will work under one account synchronously. Correspondence, calls and settings will be the same.

In the phone, through the settings in the “Computers and Tablets” item, you can see the associated additional device and, if necessary, disconnect it from the main account, which means completely deactivate.

Is it possible to install Viber on a tablet without a SIM card

Can I use Viber if your tablet doesn’t have a SIM card slot? Yes, of course you can. The application will work fully, perform the same functions and have the same interface as the mobile version. But there is a condition here. A device without a SIM can only act as an additional one, and the registration itself takes place through a smartphone, under whose mobile number the phone works. That is, you must already have a valid Viber account on your phone, and you can link any other device to it, including a tablet.

Why do I need WhatsApp on iPad

For many, iPad is more than just a device for watching videos, playing games and reading. A number of users use the tablet as a work tool.

During correspondence in the messenger, it is very inconvenient to be constantly distracted by a smartphone. Agree, it is much more convenient to receive notifications directly on iPad.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad (finally!)

The popular messenger WhatsApp turns nine this year. The monthly active audience of the service has more than one billion people.

But in. who owns the messenger are in no hurry to expand their client base. WhatsApp is available for Android smartphones, iPhones, Windows and macOS-compatible laptops and computers, but still cannot be installed on iPads.

Officially not. But there is an unofficial way to launch WhatsApp on iPad, and we will tell you about it today.

Installing WhatsApp on iPad

Note: This method provides for the installation of an unofficial WhatsApp client and we do not undertake to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of correspondence.

On iPad, open the Safari browser and go to

Click on the “Download App” button. An icon with a loading TweakBox application will appear on the Springboard.

Wait for the download to finish. During installation, TwekBox will ask for permission to install the profile. Select “Install” and enter your master password.

If such a request does not appear, go to Settings. Profiles and select “Trust this application” in the TweakBox settings.

After finishing the installation, launch TweakBox and go to the Apps tab. Tweaked Apps.

Install the Watusi app. After the installation is complete, the long-awaited WhatsApp messenger will appear on the screen.

Run the application, enter your phone number and enter the verification code. A few seconds, and the setup of WhatsApp on iPad can be considered complete.

Of the obvious disadvantages of this installation method, there remains the lack of proper adaptation of the messenger to the iPad screen and the periodically appearing advertising strip.

On the other hand, today this is the only way to launch WhatsApp on iPad until she herself decides to release a full-fledged client.

How to download the latest version of Viber

Let’s figure out how you can download the latest build of Viber for iPad. The installation will take a few minutes. To register, you need a phone number, you do not need to come up with a login and password.

After activating the account, you can call and send messages, the phone book will be copied from iPad to Viber automatically, all friends will receive notifications when a new user appears on the network.

Instructions on how to install Viber on iPad:

Advice. It is not recommended to jailbreak a mobile device to install an unofficial version of the messenger. Such programs may become unstable and damage the iPad.

How to install Viber on iPad. instructions for users

Viber is a common messenger that can be installed for free. It works on mobile devices and computers and is equipped with modern options and useful features. Let’s consider how to install Viber on iPad, how to enter your profile on the mini version, which does not have a SIM card.

How to sign in to your Viber profile

Viber for iPad does not differ from the version for Android tablet. The user has access to the same options, themes, ringtones settings, secret chats, emoticons.

To log into your account, you need to use the number of the SIM card that is inserted into the tablet. If you use a tablet without a SIM card, you will have to synchronize the messenger with your mobile phone, this is a simple action that does not require entering a password or phone number.

Instructions on how to enter Viber on an iPad with a SIM card:

  • Start Viber using the icon, it will appear on the home screen automatically.
  • A window with a user agreement will open, click on “Next”.
  • If the tablet has a SIM card, a window will open asking for contact information.
  • Enter your phone number, select the country where you live.
  • You will receive a confirmation code in the form of an SMS message, enter it in the special field.
  • Enter your name, enter your email, select an avatar and year of birth, confirm the action with a checkmark.

For tablets and phones with a SIM card, the entrance to the Viber profile is the same. To register, you need a contact who will receive a code or receive a voice call. If your iPad doesn’t have a SIM card, the steps are slightly different.

Important. Enter your phone number carefully. If an error is made, the code will not come and the registration will not be completed.

Installing Viber on an iPad tablet

You can install Viber for iPad in Russian. The messenger will work even on a device without a SIM card, but this will require synchronization.

Can I use Viber on iPad mini

The younger version of the iPad mini comes without a SIM card. How to install Viber on such a device? Installation is the same, download the app through the Apple Store, but there are differences in the authorization process.

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Synchronization is required to work with a device that does not have a SIM card. Viber can be synchronized with a computer or tablet, the only condition is that the application must be installed on a mobile phone and activated.

You can connect Viber on an iPad without a SIM card and on Android, here’s how to sync:

  • Open the installed messenger, tap on “Next”.
  • Enter the number if required.
  • QR appears on the display.
  • Enter the scanner on your mobile.
  • Scan QR from the tablet screen.
  • Confirm to start syncing on both devices.

After completing the operation, all messages and contacts will appear on the iPad. Calls and incoming SMS will be displayed on all connected devices, it is more convenient to read texts, watch pictures and videos on the large iPad screen.

Attention. If you opt out of syncing, your contacts and messages won’t be downloaded.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viber for iPad

Viber for iPad is free to download. The application works in Russian, registration will not cause problems even for a child.

  • clear interface in Russian;
  • is automatically installed and does not require complex configuration;
  • works on devices with and without a SIM card;
  • does not require the purchase of paid subscriptions, basic options are available for free;
  • automatic download of updates.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • no web version, Viber cannot be launched through a browser;
  • the application often crashes and slows down on outdated devices.

You can install Viber on your iPad for free. All options are available after registration. If problems and errors are found, each subscriber can use the help of a specialist and write to the technical support service.

Problems installing Viber on older iOS versions

How to install Viber on an iPhone is seemingly easy to figure out. However, quite often during the installation process, difficulties arise and the operation becomes impossible to complete. The reasons for these problems can be:

  • incompatibility of the Viber version and the operating system of the gadget;
  • insufficient memory in the phone;
  • lack of a registration code;
  • overflowing cache;
  • poor quality of the Internet connection;
  • a crash in the operating system;
  • temporary problems in the messenger server;
  • conflict between different programs.


This program is official, it is offered by Apple to work with devices of its brands. Until version 12.7 was released, the program connected to the appStore and using the simplest actions downloaded the required version.

ITunes version 12.7 has lost this function, so for a successful installation of Viber, it is recommended to use an earlier version 12.6.3. The step-by-step sequence of actions in this case will be as follows:

  • You will have to uninstall version 12.7 from your computer (as well as the iTunes directory). If version 12.6.3 is installed, be sure to check if the function of automatic download of updates is activated. If yes, then disable it.
  • Find and download the required version of the program. At the same time, you should not use the official website of Apple, as the latest version of the program will be downloaded.
  • Be sure to disable the self-update function while downloading.
  • After the installation is complete, go to the “Edit menu” tab, from there one by one to “Programs”, “Programs for the iPhone”, and then to “Programs in the appStore”.
  • In the search engine, type “Viber”, and from the list of files select “Viber medie sarl”.
  • From the list that appears, select “Viber messenger” and download it. During this action, you will need to log in (you need an ID and password).
  • Once the file is downloaded, install it.

It is important to remember that such actions will lead to the desired result only on the iPhone 5 and higher.

When downloading an old version, you need to disable automatic updates

How to install Viber on modern iPhone models

To install an application on a modern phone, you need to ensure that certain conditions are met:

  • the presence of a sufficient amount of free memory on the device (the size of the application is 308.5 MB);
  • the operating system must be at least iOS 0 (for models 4, 4s, you need to select earlier versions of the program that will be compatible with the installed OS).

Viber is one of the most demanded applications

Note! Before downloading, you need to make sure that the selected Viber is designed specifically for iOS.

Therefore, the instructions for installing Viber on the iPhone will vary depending on the features of the phone’s operating system:

  • if the current version of the application is suitable, then it is downloaded from available sources;
  • if an older version is needed, then the archive file with the ipa extension is downloaded, and it is installed on the phone via a computer. Since the installation is done manually, this makes it possible to choose such a version of the program that will be compatible with the operating system used.

Viber logo. an off-hook phone on a purple background

Given the features of the phone model, its operating system, Viber version, you can use several sources to download the program:

  • iTunes;
  • iTools;
  • appStore.

How to install Viber on iPhone 4

Viber is by far the most widespread and demanded application. That is why many owners of not the latest versions of phones are often interested in how to install Viber on iPhone 4. The algorithm of actions is quite simple:

  • Open the iTunes program on the computer (if not, then it is advisable to install it from the official website).
  • Log in to iTunes (you need a username and password).
  • In the appStore section, find the Viber program and download and install it.

How to install Viber for free on any iPad

Registration is required to run the program

How to update Viber on iPhone

To update Viber on your phone, you will need:

  • Go to Google Play on your smartphone.
  • Move the screen to the right to bring up the menu.
  • Activate the section “My applications and games”.
  • On the screen that appears with three sections (“Updates”, “Installed”, “Library”), you need to find the Viber icon (in the first two of them).
  • Click on the green “Update” rectangle that appears opposite the icon. After that, you should give the device some time to download and install the update. If only “Open” appears in the green rectangle, it means that there are no actual updates for this device yet, the latest version is used.

It is better to download programs from trusted sites

You can also activate automatic program updates. For this purpose, do not leave Google Play and click on the “Open” rectangle located opposite the icon. At the top of the screen in the right corner, click on the “Three dots” icon. There should be a check mark next to the “Auto update”.

To update an outdated version of Viber on an iOS phone, you will need:

  • open appStore;
  • find Viber in the “Updates” menu. If new versions are available, an “Update” button will appear opposite the messenger. By clicking on it, install the new version.

Automatic installation of program updates will occur if you press the “Viber” button in the iPhone settings at the bottom of the list, and then activate “Content Update”.

ITunes 12.6.3 allows you to download older versions of the program

How to install Viber on iPhone 4 and iPad

The iPhone, not even the latest model, is stylish, versatile and comfortable. Recently, however, it has become problematic to download some new applications, namely Viber, on phone models released several years ago. To download Viber on iPhone for free and install the program in Russian, you need to know certain tricks and be able to bypass some restrictions.


Another way to install the required program is iTools. To do this, using iTunes through the appStore, you need to download a file that will be in the ipa format of the messenger, but always in the appropriate version. It should be saved in the “Mobile applications” folder on the C drive (located in iTunes Media).

After that, you will have to download and install iTools on your computer. The program is freely available on various information portals. In addition, it can be downloaded from the developers’ sites. After the program is launched, you can go directly to the Viber installation.

The iOS operating system allows you to install the Viber application

The undoubted advantage of this method of installing Viber is that it can be used to install the messenger on any version of the iPhone. You just need to find the appropriate version.


Important! To avoid infection with various viruses, you need to download the appStore program only from trusted sites.

How to download apps on your old ipad or iphone.

How to install Viber on a tablet without the help of a specialist

When can I use free communication

You can use all the functionality of the program when you yourself have activated the application, installed an avatar and specified a Name. You can call a person who also has a vibe installed on their tablet or phone. This contact is automatically added to the list of available contacts and you can call him for free.

At the same time, the connection quality in the application is very good. Users note that messages arrive instantly. In addition to text, you can insert emoticons and even special stickers with cool cartoon characters in them.

Additional features on iPad

Viber provides a number of additional features for iPad owners. Even users of basic devices on other operating systems do not have them. Thus, the owners of Apple tablets have access to the unique features of the program:

  • Multitasking. From now on, Viber users can use the application simultaneously with another program. To do this, you need to swipe your finger across the screen and access other applications by opening them next to the Viber window. The screen seems to be split into two parts. But the advantage given by the developers has its drawbacks. it will be impossible to use the camera from the application.
  • Drag and drop function. It works on tablets using iOS 11 and newer. To use this function, you need to press and hold a message or other object, and then drag it to another chat in the Viber window.
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On devices based on Android or Windows Phone, all of the above is impossible.

How to install Viber on a tablet (7 viber optimization chips)

Hello everyone! We all know that social media plays a big role in our life. They are not lagged behind by messengers, which are aimed at communication between two users, regardless of their location and country of residence.

One of these programs is Viber. Today I will tell you in detail how to install Viber on a tablet with iOS and Android operating systems. Well, let’s talk about everything in order.

Registration errors pop up

It so happens that you have entered a number and even a code that came via SMS, but the program still does not allow further filling in personal data. The problem may lie in the fact that previously there was a vibe on the tablet and when it was removed, the account settings were not erased.

To fix the problem, you need to deactivate an existing account. To do this, on the tablet, go to SETTINGS, select the PRIVACY menu and disable the account opposite the program.

About the benefits of Viber

  • Chat with 100 friends in one chat or create a video conference with 250 participants.
  • You don’t need to re-enter your friends’ contact information into the app. The messenger will automatically transfer them from the phone book and tell you which of the contacts already has Viber installed.
  • Download Viber for iPad in Russian is completely free.

Download Viber for iPad

Today, the Viber messenger is very popular, as it provides excellent communication for free, via the Internet.

In this regard, the developers of the application have tried to optimize it for all possible operating systems and for various devices, be it a computer or a phone.

The application is easily installed on most gadgets from Apple. And fans of the products of this company can enjoy free communication and a convenient interface of the messenger.

How to download Viber for iPad

If Viber is already configured on your smartphone

  • Initially, we turn to the application on the phone and check the relevance of the Viber version. We update it to the latest edition, if necessary.
  • Go to iPad and download the app.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Click “Open” and then “Continue”.
  • At the end of the installation, we select the country.
  • Now you need to enter and double-check your phone number.
  • We scan the QR code that appeared on the phone.
  • Now you can communicate in the application.

How to install Viber on iPad

The application can be installed in two different ways, depending on whether you use it on your phone or you only need it on your iPad.

If the iPad has a SIM card and you use it as a phone

  • We select the country and enter the phone number. Please note that the number must be entered without spaces and termination codes.
  • We double-check the number and click “Next”.
  • Allow the application to use the address book.
  • We are waiting for SMS notifications with an activation code.
  • We type the received code into the window that opens and click “Enter”.
  • Enter your name, transfer personal data from a photo from or VK with one click. We press the button “Update Details”.

When you have not waited for an SMS with a code, you can go the other way. To do this, take care of the presence of a pen and paper in advance:

  • Click “Request a call”.
  • Enter your phone number and click “Get Code”.
  • After a while, they will call us and tell us the activation code.
  • Enter the recorded code in the required field.

Please note that this service can only be used once a day.

If at the time of application activation you are abroad, you can either agree to the offered roaming services, or use another SIM card.

Upon completion of activation, Viber for iPad will be fully operational. Call, write and communicate in other ways through Viber completely free.

Sign in to your iPad profile

When you log in for the first time, Viber will ask for your phone number. To sign in to your profile on your iPad, follow the instructions:

  • Launch Viber, click on the “Next” button.
  • In the window that opens, enter the number of your SIM card that is connected to the iPad.
  • Confirm the action, wait for an SMS message, it will contain a confirmation code.
  • After entering the code, Viber will open a page for editing your profile, enter your name. Optionally, you can specify an e-mail address, date of birth, set an avatar.
  • Confirm action, grant permission to use microphone, camera, GPS sensor, access to phone book.

Viber version for iPad allows you to send and receive messages, join groups, communities, call friends for free. You can express your feelings with stickers and emoticons. For working in the dark, Viber has a black theme. The messenger can be customized to your liking by changing the privacy and notification settings.

Where to download the latest version of Viber

Let’s figure out how to download Viber through the developer site:

You can also find Viber on your iPad tablet, for this:

Important. Download speed depends on the quality of the internet. Connect iPad to WI-FI to speed up loading.

Install Viber on iPad in Russian. step by step guide

How to install Viber on iPad? Proceed in the same way as in the case of the iPhone. just download the application and register. We will figure out how to download Viber for iPad for free Russian version, how to run messenger on iPad mini.

Install Viber on iPad

To install, you will need to download the official Viber application. When registering, the number of the SIM card installed in the device is entered. If there is no SIM card, you can connect Viber as an auxiliary application by synchronizing it with your mobile phone.

Advice. For verification, a confirmation code is used, it comes via SMS. When entering the number, carefully check it for errors.

Launching Viber on iPad mini

How to install Viber on iPad mini? The version of the application is the same, the main difference is the way you log into your account. An iPad without a SIM card also allows you to install any applications, however, Viber will work as an auxiliary application. The messenger needs to be synchronized with the phone, this is done using a QR code.

  • When the version of Viber for iPad is already installed, run it.
  • A code will appear on the screen, if it does not appear, click on the use button without a SIM card.
  • Pick up your phone, open the scanner through the “” menu.
  • Scan QR, Viber will ask to sync.
  • Confirm syncing on your phone and tablet.

The version of Viber for phones and tablets is no different. A SIM card is required to work, but if it is not there, you can connect the messenger as an auxiliary version.

How to write a message

Installing Viber on iPad in Russian is not difficult. The messenger is downloaded for free, you can connect on a device with or without a SIM card. Immediately after entering the profile, you can start correspondence, the phone book is scanned automatically.

  • Click on the button for creating a new SMS.
  • Select a friend from the phone book. You can search for a contact by number, by name or by scrolling through the list.
  • Tap on the “Write a message” area, type your text and send it using the triangle button.

Installing old versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2

With this guide, you can easily install applications (VK. Viber, Skype, YouTube and others) on iPhone 4, version iOS 7.1.2.

To install older versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2, you will need:

Computer with iTunes installed and Internet access;

iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and Internet access.

I. Installing iTunes

Go to the official site to download iTunes.

After going to the iTunes download page, click the Download button, after which the installation file will start downloading (Fig. 1).

In this guide, iTunes is installed on Windows 7; installation on other versions of Windows and Mac OS is done in the same way. Run the installation file, in the window that appears, click Next (Fig. 2).

In the installation parameters window, click Install, after which the installation will begin (Fig. 3).

After the installation is complete, check the box next to Open iTunes after exiting the installer, then click Finish (Figure 4).

II. Downloading Apps to iTunes

In iTunes, select the Account tab, then click Sign In (Figure 5).

In the window that appears, enter the Apple ID and password of your iPhone 4 in the appropriate fields, then click Login (Fig. 6).

In the search field, enter the name of the iPhone application you are interested in (note in this manual, as an example, the VK application is selected, but you can choose any other) and press Enter, select the required application in the search results, then click the Download button. After finishing downloading the iTunes application, you can close (Fig. 7).

III. Installing older versions of applications on iPhone 4

Connect iPhone 4 to the Internet (approx. Wi-Fi or mobile Internet) and go to the App Store (Fig. 8).

In the lower right corner, select Updates (Figure 9).

In the Updates menu, select Purchases (Figure 10).

Select the required application (in this manual, as an example, this is VK App) and click on the download icon from the cloud opposite the application (Fig. 11).

In the window that appears informing you about downloading the latest compatible version, click Download, and then the application will start downloading. After the download is complete, the application can be used (Fig. 12).

Now, using this guide, you can easily install any old versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2!