How To Install Viber On A Computer Without A Phone

How To Install Viber On A Computer Without A Phone

Detailed instructions for installing Viber on a PC without a smartphone

❗ This describes how to install Viber on a computer without using a smartphone. It is not so simple and you have to use an Android emulator, but, unfortunately, there is no other option. The developers firmly tied the product to the phone number and tried not to use it without the latter.

  1. First you need to download the program on the official website of Viber. We made sure that you did not surf the net in search of a messenger and place the original distribution package on your site. Download it below the link.
  1. We agree with the Viber license (check the box indicated by the number “1” in the screenshot) and click “install”.
  1. Installing Viber. It does not require much time, for example, on our PC it took 30 seconds.
  1. Next, we are faced with the question of whether there is a Viber on our phone, we respond positively and click “Yes.”
  1. We indicate the phone number and click the “Continue” button if you have Viber on your smartphone, if it is not there, go to the instructions “Installing BlueStacks”. We need this program to fake or emulate a phone on a Windows PC.

Install BlueStacks

You can download the latest version of the best BlueStacks Android emulator from the official site at the link below.

After the distribution is downloaded, run the file.

  1. Installation of the emulator begins with unpacking. We wait until the process is completed, it will not take much time.
  1. This is the first step in installing BlueStax and at the same time a welcome message. All you need to do is click Next.
  1. Specify the directory in which the installation will be conducted. By default, it is a little non-standard, if you want to change the path, select it using the “Browse” button, then click on “Next”.

Note: it is better not to touch the target directory without need. This should only be done if there is not enough free space on the system disk.

  1. Another important point. Make sure that both flags remain on, otherwise the functionality of the emulator will be truncated. Click “Install.”
  1. Installation of the application has begun. We are waiting for the end.
  1. That’s all, BlueStax is installed, click “Finish.”

Some settings

In order to log in to the program and install Viber from Google Play, we need a Gmail account. You can register directly in the program.

To begin, press the key with the inscription: “Login via Google.”

Registering with Google via BlueStacks

Those users who have mail on Gmail do not need to read further, skip this section and proceed to the section “Authorization and Configuring BlueStacks”. If there is no account yet, we proceed to registration.

  1. Select the item “Other options”.
  1. Click the “Create Account” button.
  1. Now we indicate the information about ourselves (you can not enter the phone number) and click on the button indicated in the picture.
  1. We agree to the conditions that offer us.
  1. That’s all, we got a Google Account. Click on “Continue.”

Authorization and configuration of BlueStacks

Now we need to configure the emulator itself. This is a one-time procedure, in the future it will not be required.

  1. You need to come up with a name for yourself, then press Done.
  1. We do not need geodata, turn them off.
  1. But we put the interface language in Russian, naturally, if you yourself are Russian.
  1. By clicking the button with the inscription: “OK” we once again accept the license.
  1. Using various checkboxes, we select the Google services we need.
  1. Enter data about yourself.

The emulator is installed on the computer, now you can run any application or game on it directly from the Play Store.

This is what BlueStacks looks like.

Install Viber via BlueStacks

Now let’s do what everyone started it for, we need Viber emulation on PC.

  1. We write the word Viber in the search line and select the desired result.
  1. Click “Install.” She will start the Viber installation process.
  1. We accept the access request from Viber.
  1. And we observe the installation of the program.
  1. Done! Our messenger is installed.

We launch Viber through the emulator

  1. Open Viber on our emulator and indicate the phone number.
  1. Then we select the option “The camera does not work for me”.
  1. We will be asked to copy the authorization code and enter it in the phone’s browser. We will do so, just enter the password in the browser of the emulator.
  1. Copy the code and paste it into the BlueStacks browser
  1. Viber is ready to work, it remains only to log in.

Activate Viber on PC

Again, back to the suspended installation of the desktop version of Viber. We do the following:

  1. We click on the inscription marked in the picture with a red rectangle.
  1. After that, Viber will issue an authentication code. We enter it into the browser of the emulator.

Congratulations! Viber is activated!

What Viber can do

Weber. It is a messenger for text and voice messages, calls and communications. It is installed on smartphones and computers. A remarkable feature of Viber is its good work in slow mobile networks where the famous Skype can no longer cope.

The program has a unique selection of both simple and animated stickers and emoticons. You can create an emotion yourself, there are several pencils and colors. Both dialogs and conferences are supported.