How To Install Vibe On Microsoft Lumiya

How To Install Vibe On Microsoft Lumiya

Viber is one of the most popular text and VoIP services. For a long time, the application supported only Android and iOS operating systems, but now Viber has released a version for Windows Phone. Viber for Microsoft is a limited version, so you can’t make calls from this application, but the rest of the messenger works fine. You can download Viber to Microsoft from the Windows Apps on Microsoft Store for free.

Viber for Windows Phone

The simple Weiber messenger for Microsoft is designed with the platform in mind. Viber on Windows Phone synchronizes with your Microsoft account, so you do not need to enter additional information to register with the system. All contacts from the phone book are automatically copied to Viber and you will see all users who use the application.

You can download Viber at Microsoft Marketplace and the official Microsoft website for free. Viber is available in Russian and you can use the messenger to send messages, photos ands immediately after installing the application. To manage your account, it is recommended that you create a profile on Windows Live.

How to install viber on windows phone?

Viber for Microsoft has the same interface as the versions for other software. The developers plan to fix the lack of calls in the near future.

As Microsoft’s mobile operating system is gaining ground on a wide variety of phones, there’s nothing strange in the fact that more and more users want to download Viber to Microsoft. But at the same time, probably not everyone has a clear enough idea of ​​how and where this can be done. In practice, it turns out that everything is quite simple.

Where can I download Viber for Microsoft

Oddly enough, but by going to the official website of the project at: It’s impossible to get the coveted Viber for Microsoft phones. Computer versions are available for download here. for Windows, for Mac OS and even for Linux. as well as for Android and iOS. But for MS Windows Phone. alas, Viber on the Microsoft phone on the official website is not available.

However, this does not mean that users of this OS are in a hopeless situation. After all, you can always, for example, look at the Windows Store at: And there is a large number of third-party resources, including torrents, where a large number of programs for mobile phones with OS from Microsoft are available. Of course, you need to approach the selection of resources carefully: after all, no one has yet canceled the dangers of viral infection on the Internet.

Download, installation and first launch

Viber can be downloaded on Microsoft Lumiya 640, and on many other models of smartphones. Each user will cope with this without difficulty. It will be enough to just follow the link. and download the installation file. Then it opens in the existing file manager. and starts the installation. Everything else happens in a fully automatic mode, the user will not be required to perform any special actions.

As soon as Viber is installed, the corresponding icon of this program will appear on the desktop of the smartphone. Click on it. the program starts. The program will also offer to scan the address book of the smartphone and transfer all contacts to your contact list. It is recommended that you take this opportunity not to enter data manually.

But at the first start, you will have to register a new user. For this:

  1. We inform the system of your mobile phone number;
  2. An SMS with an access code will be received at the indicated number;
  3. The received code fits into a special Weiber field;
  4. If the codes match, you can start using Viber.

Viber features on smartphones

Being launched both on the Microsoft Lumia 535 phone and on any other smartphone, Viber provides the user with the following features:

  • Exchange of free messages. both in group chat, and in tête-à-tête mode;
  • Public chats are available, organized by world celebrities or famous companies;
  • You can attach a variety of files, stickers, clips (up to 10 megabytes in size) to your messages;
  • You can even call for free from one Viber to another Viber. over, not only traditional voice calls are available, but also calls through communication;
  • You can also make calls to mobile phones that are not registered in the Viber system, and even to the most ordinary city numbers. True, this is already being done for money. But the tariffs in the Viber Out service are still more profitable than dealing with various kinds of roaming.

Many years ago, Microsoft pleased all users of personal computers with the first version of the Windows operating system. Since then, the axes under the auspices of this family come out with enviable frequency. A huge number of programs have already been written for them, and some even switch from other platforms. A vivid example of this is the Viber messenger, which was originally created exclusively for smartphones and tablets on mobile axes. Now, downloading Viber for Windows is as simple as possible, especially if you use our site with specially prepared links for this.

Features of the Viber program for Windows

It is known that the “Windows”. very versatile operating system, which gives its users the maximum ability to customize the interface. Viber developers decided to keep up with this indicator and did everything possible for their users so that they could optimize their work in the program thanks to special add-ons and widgets. Now managing the external shell has become much easier and more interesting, and all the function keys are located in convenient and correct places. Download Viber for Windows (Viber for Windows) for free in Russian without viruses and ads, you can directly from our website by clicking on the link.

In addition, depending on the version of the operating system, the graphic design may also change. Corporate colors remained unchanged, but some design elements nevertheless underwent certain metamorphoses.

Opportunities Viber (Viber) in Russian

For those who already had the pleasure of using Viber on their phone or tablet, the features of the program will not come as a surprise. Here you can still:

  • Write and send text messages;
  • Use a variety of smiles and “stickers”;
  • Make voice calls;
  • Send and receive various files in the form of music, photos,s, etc.;
  • Create black and white lists;
  • Sync contacts with notebook, etc.

How to install Viber on a Windows computer detailed instructions

Before installing the Viber application (Viber, Viber) on your computer, make sure that the application is already installed on your smartphone.

  • On our site, click the green Viber download button;
  • Run the installation file ViberSetup;
  • The installation window will open, click the start button and wait for the program to install on your computer;
  • Run the installed program;
  • To authorize in the program, enter your phone number;
  • Scan the code using your phone;
  • Synchronize application data on your phone and computer;
  • Done! You can use the application on your computer.

Viber program (Viber)

That is, practically nothing has changed in this part of the application, which is very convenient if you are an experienced user and do not want to relearn.

System requirements

Viber is a rather undemanding program that will work reliably even on old computers with outdated Windows operating systems. You do not need powerful “hardware” serious hardware. But it would be worthwhile to purchase additional devices in the form of high-quality speakers or a headset. Then you can fully enjoy all the positive aspects of the program.

Viber is one of the most popular chat apps. Convenient and fast messenger allows you to exchange text messages, calls, photos, as well as make free calls to numbers that are registered in Weiber.

To use the application you need a connection to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. You can call those numbers that are not in Viber, but you will be charged for this separately.

If your Windows 10 phone (Microsoft, Nokia Lumia, etc.) does not yet have this wonderful application (which mobile operators hate so much), then it’s time to install it. In this instruction I will tell you step by step how to download, install, configure and connect Vibe on your smartphone.

How to install

That’s all. We registered and installed Viber on the phone of Nokia Lumiya. The process is similar for other Windows smartphones.

Initial setup

As soon as you start Viber, numbers that already use this application will appear in it. All will be synchronized. If you move to the right or left, you can see the tabs “All” (these are all the contacts that are in the phone book), “Calls” and “Conversations”.

In the main window of the program there is an opportunity to make a call, add a new contact or find an existing one in the phone book.

To start a conversation, click on the contact name. After that, you can call him or send a message. An additional menu (3 dots in the lower right corner) allows you to send a voice message, attach a file, block a contact or add conversation participants.

as well as multimedia. scanner. The very last item is resetting if something went wrong.

As you can see, everything is simple, concise, convenient. Everything else you can configure at your discretion.


When using Viber, some users sometimes experience various problems and errors. I will consider the most common of them that have noticed the owners of many models (Lumiya 630, 800, 610, 535, 430, 510, 710, 520, 640, 520, 720, 550, 900, 920, etc.)

How to update Viber to the latest version?

The application in Windows 10 Mobile is updated automatically after the release of the new version. The device will inform you of this. If the messenger has not been updated, then go to “” (at the very bottom of the main screen) and find the Viber icon. Under it will be the inscription “update”.

I can’t download Viber, what should I do?

There can be many reasons, both in the settings of your device and on Microsoft servers, which sometimes may not be available. Usually some error code appears, for example, 805-8011, it is described in detail about it. If you encounter a similar problem, you can write in the comments.

This list will be updated as problems are discovered.

Cons Viber

Despite all the advantages, the application has disadvantages:

  • For many users, after updating, the application starts to crash often during operation;
  • Another common problem. calling does not work, does not load files and does not send them;
  • It also happens that registration flies, after which you have to re-register, while neither rebooting nor resetting the device helps.

What is better Viber or Vatsap for Lumiya and other winphones

Both messengers have similar functionality and as for Viber, then his work on Lumiya, in my opinion, is much slower. But the problems that I described above have never arisen. Therefore, I believe that Vatsap is much faster and more stable. But this is purely my personal opinion. Many of Weiber’s errors are caused by developers who do not release updates as often as, for example, for Android.

Although the Windows mobile platform is not as popular as its counterparts, the developers of Rakuten created a version of their messenger for her as well. This allowed them to increase user activity and attract new customers. Today, Microsoft-based devices are also gaining momentum, so the decision to release a special client was very true and timely.

Free chat for everyone

Satisfied Microsoft users immediately appreciated the new Viber, as this popular application provides free and high-quality communication, both voice and streaming.

The main advantage of Viber is its synchronization with all devices. This means that the service can be comfortably used even from a personal computer running any operating system, even from a smartphone, from a tablet, and even from new-fangled smart watches.

How to download Viber Microsoft

  • A safe and effective way is to download only from official sources. What can be considered the services of device developers. Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, etc., as well as the official website of the developer Rakuten;
  • If the first method does not work, you can find the apk file in search engines, or download Viber to a Microsoft phone for free from our website. Although the installation will not be as convenient as in the first version, it is possible to install an older version if the current version is not supported by your device;
  • Torrents and file hosting services may also contain program installation files. But you need to download them from such resources with caution, since the probability of infecting your gadget is extremely high. If you still decide to download. check the file with antivirus;

Regular support

In addition to the fact that the company released a client for Microsoft, it regularly updates it to eliminate possible problems associated with both the platform and the general functionality of the application.