How to install Twitch on your LG TV

Twitch app for Smart TV

The new models of Samsung TVs almost all feature unique Smart TV technology. They replace the computer to some extent, because they are able to provide access to the network. Thanks to Smart TV TV TV is used to watch movies online and install interactive applications. These include Twitch.

Live streaming is now possible not only from the browser, but also with Samsung Smart TV. At some point, customers began to complain en masse about Samsung and LG not launching the Twitch app. But after some modifications, the bugs have been removed and it is now fully functional.

Making a Smart TV out of a regular TV with the help of a set-top box

We’ve already figured out that you can make a regular TV “smart” by using a Smart TV set-top box. Now I will try to explain what kind of devices they are. Smart TV boxes (media players or TV-boxes, also known as this) are often in a separate small box, or in the form of a stick (as a large flash drive). For example, I have two different set-top boxes from Xiaomi: Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick. These are some of the most popular set-top boxes on the market. It looks just like this:

Probably somewhere around 95% of these set-top boxes run on Android. Basically, the box contains the hardware from your tablet, but the screen is your TV. But it is important to understand that there are set-top boxes on Android TV (the system, which was optimized specifically for Smart set-top boxes and smart TVs) and the usual Android (which is installed in phones, tablets). I would recommend buying an Android TV set-top box because it was originally designed for these devices. The most popular are Xiaomi (which are in the photo above). Also X96 Mini/Max Plus, Rombica and others. In fact, the choice of these devices is very large.

If not on Android, I recommend checking out the Apple TV 4K. Especially if you have a lot of Apple devices. It’s a very cool set-top box (but not cheap either). that will work perfectly with other Apple products in your home. For example, you can easily stream the screen from your iPhone or iPad to your TV. There are Smart TV set-top boxes on Linux and Windows (kind of mini-PC). I would not recommend these devices. Especially for the average user who is not very tech-savvy.

  • When choosing, pay attention to the maximum screen resolution that the TV box supports. If you have a 4k TV, then you need a set-top box with 4k support.
  • The more RAM and built-in memory. the better.
  • Almost all modern Smart TV set-top boxes connect to TVs via HDMI (directly to the port or with a cable). Even regular, older TVs usually have at least one HDMI input. If you have a very old kinescope TV, you will need to use a video converter to connect.
  • Set-top box can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN (with a cable). Depending on the model there can be only Wi-Fi (for example, as on the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick). There can be Wi-Fi and LAN input. Or just Wi-Fi and the ability to connect an external network card via USB (like on Xiaomi: Mi Box S).
  • Media player can be controlled by remote control (sometimes it comes with an aeropult). On many set-top boxes it connects via Bluetooth. You can connect a mouse or keyboard (via USB or Bluetooth). Also if the model supports Bluetooth, then you can connect wireless headphones, speakers, and other devices.
  • Applications can be installed either from the Google Play store or through APK files. This is on Android consoles.
  • If you want (by installing special applications) you can set up free movies, TV shows, TV channels, etc. ะด. YouTube you can watch for free (with ads). Netflix, MEGOGO, ivi, Amediateka, START. these are all on a subscription basis (some content can be watched for free, but not much).

How it works?

We connect the set-top box to the TV with HDMI cable or directly to the HDM-port, and connect the power (from a wall outlet, or from a USB-port on some models). I’m showing using the Xiaomi Mi Box S as an example.

Turn the set-top box on (with remote control, or it will start by itself after turning on the power). Wait for it to load and see the home screen. If no picture appears on your TV, select the HDMI input to which the set-top box is connected in the signal sources.

Important! If the Smart TV set-top box is new, then the first time you will need to perform a simple configuration.

In the case of an Android TV media player, the main screen looks like this:

If desired, the set-top box itself can be hidden behind the TV (for example, glued to a double-sided adhesive tape). Only if the remote control is connected via Bluetooth and you don’t need a direct line of sight to the set-top box.

I also recommend reading the following articles:

In those articles I showed in detail how to connect, set up and use Smart TV set-top boxes on regular TVs. Find even more useful and interesting articles in “Smart TV set-top boxes.

If your TV is very old and you don’t have an HDMI input

If you wish, you can connect such a set-top box even to a very old TV. Perhaps even a CRT. The main problem is that your old TV usually doesn’t have an HDMI input. In that case you’ll need a video converter. It is a kind of HDMI to RCA converter. Just type “HDMI to av video converter” in the search box and you will understand which device we are talking about.

Another option is to buy a Smart set-top box with AV output. But there are very few of them on the market right now.

install, twitch, your

Smart TVs have a lot of potential and opportunities that need to be used. To do this only with the forces that are provided in the factory applications, it is impossible, so you need to download new ones yourself. TOP.10 applications cover basic needs (sports, weather forecast), extend functionality (keyboard) and provide access to a huge media space with entertainment and educational content from Russian and foreign producers.


What to do if I can’t access Wi-Fi on my Smart TV?

Here are some of the things you can do: change your Smart TV’s DNS, check your network security, check your password, and finally make sure the problem is not with your router.

How to restore LG TV to factory settings?

Power off the device.2. Press and hold the power and volume keys.3. When the LG logo appears on the screen, simply release the power button and then press the power button again.4. When “Factory data reset” appears on the screen, release the.5. Use the volume keys to select the word “Yes” and press the power button to confirm.

How to reset my Samsung TV to factory settings?

Enter the Smart TV menu.2. Scroll through the menu and select “Help.3. Select Self-diagnosis.4. Select Reset.5. Enter Security PIN. Remember that the default PIN consists of the code 0000.6. Select Yes to perform a factory reset.7. The TV will automatically turn off and then turn back on, and the set up screen will be displayed.

How to clear the memory of your Samsung TV?

Connect to your Samsung TV.2. Press the “Home” button on the remote control.3. Open the settings.4. Select Apps.5. Open system applications.6. Select the application whose cache you want to clean.7. Select “Clear Cache”.8. Confirm by pressing OK.

Ways to install the “Twitch” application for “Smart-TV

Widget installation

“Widget”. a program that opens access to visit TV sites.

Located on the user panel, the Smart Hub feature allows you to log in to the official Samsung Apps store and download “Twitch,” then check the filters you want.

After installing “Widget” on the screen are icons for quick access to the desired sites. The installed program takes up little space on the drive and does not affect the quality of your TV.

Via USB flash drive

  • create a folder;
  • download the widget;
  • Unpack the archive to a folder;
  • turn on the TV;
  • plug a flash drive into the special slot.

Once the USB cable is connected to the device, the application will be in the Smart TV list.

What to do if Twitch doesn’t work

If Twitch stopped working on the TV, the reason could be a software error or incorrect work of the online resource. To fix bugs you need to take the following measures.

For TV devices with the Android operating system and the official application:

  • Reboot your TV device. Often it is enough to make the application work again.
  • Check the memory for free space. If necessary, clean it by clearing the cache and deleting unused programs.
  • Check the version of the Twitch app and update it if necessary.
  • Update the Android version (if the system prompts you to do so).

In case you have streaming TV players installed in your TV, you need to update the playlist or change the DNS address to an alternative one in order to restore the broadcast.

How to uninstall an app from your LG TV

By integrating the Internet, LG Smart TV has become a multifunctional device with which you can not only watch digital and satellite channels, but also enjoy the possibilities of interactive services like apps and games, as well as communicate in social networks, view media content and much more.

This is possible thanks to the WebOS operating system specially developed for LG TVs. It belongs to the open source operating system. This means that third-party developers can create apps for LG Smart TVs. The advantages are obvious: The owners of Smart TVs have access to a large number of applications from which they can choose services and games based on their interests.

How to install the app on your LG Smart TV, read here.

But from time to time unused apps from the TV need to be removed. Despite the fact that LG TV producers have provided the devices with a large amount of memory, due to the excessive number of installed applications and games it can overflow, which will lead to a deterioration of the quality of TV.

How to figure out what’s in a TV LG Memory is full?

  • You can’t download new apps and games.
  • When you try to open a photo or video, a “Not enough memory” message appears on the screen.
  • Your TV reacts more slowly to remote control commands, taking longer to load Internet pages.
  • Apps are interfering and crashing. For example, applications crash or freeze.

If you have experienced one or more of the above problems, you need to clear your TV’s memory. And the easiest way is to uninstall unnecessary apps.

Uninstalling apps from your TV LG Smart TVStep-by-step instructions

  • Turn on your TV with the remote control.
  • Locate the “Smart” button on the remote (it is in the center of the remote and has a correspondent note) and press it.
  • Wait for the app menu to appear on your TV screen. Find the “Edit” section (depending on the firmware version the section can be either on the right or on the left side of the screen).
  • From the list of apps and games that appear on the screen, select the ones you haven’t used in at least six months and tap “Uninstall”.
  • Press the “Smart” button on your remote control (it’s in the center of the remote control and has a corresponding item on it).
  • Wait for the app menu to appear on your TV.
  • Select the app you want to remove from the list and drag it to the upper right corner of the TV screen.
  • Wait until the “Uninstall” button appears on the screen. Drag and drop the app into this area.

The easiest way to uninstall apps from your LG Smart TV.

  • On the TV screen, use the remote to highlight the app you want to remove and drag it to the lower right corner. There’s a “Uninstall” button.

Uninstall apps from your LG TV using the LG Magic Remote:

If you use LG Magic Remote, it is just as easy to remove unwanted apps with it.


If there is one app that stands out as the best, it would be YouTube.

Many modern smart TVs don’t even need to download this app, because it’s preinstalled on the Smart TV.

YouTube is without exaggeration the world’s largest video hosting site. You can find just about anything you want here. There are videos, movies, music videos, streams, and more. YouTube is the most popular channel in its segment. It’s a fact.

install, twitch, your

The functionality of the app is constantly being expanded, new features are being added.

WARNING. Owners of Samsung’s Smart TV may encounter problems when installing this application if the TV was released before 2012.

The application is simply not installed on outdated models. In other respects, there are no complaints about the program and there can’t be any.

In terms of the number of downloads and users among Smart TV owners, the official YouTube application has no competitors. And that’s a fact.

The list of good, useful and noteworthy applications does not end there. There are a lot more of them than some people might imagine.

The only question is what exactly the user needs and what benefits or features he wants to get by downloading the program and installing it on his Smart TV.