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Bygone fate, trade between the United States and China led to the imposition of American sanctions against Huawei, through which Google was banned the pressure of its services. Already at once in sales in Ukraine, new apparatuses of the company without Google were needed. P40 Pro, P40, P40 Lite and P40 Lite E, to whom we sent you a guide about those programs that can be installed on Huawei smartphones, and that you can send a server to the server. Google.

Bygone fate, trade between the United States and China led to the imposition of American sanctions against Huawei, through which Google was barred to push its services. Already at once in sales in Ukraine, new apparatuses of the company without Google were needed. P40 Pro, P40, P40 Lite and P40 Lite E, to whom we sent you a guide about those programs that can be installed on Huawei smartphones, and that you can send a server to the server. Google.

Most of the current smartphones on the Android platform Vikoristovuyt GMS (Google Mobile Services). a set of tools for developers, which allow them to simply implement the development functions of storages.

For example, it could be done so that the program could start a quick start, show a picture, send a message, accept a payment, show an advertisement, pick up statistics for a week.

GMS to lay down the life of the dealers and tamper with the zasosuns with the help of handy for koristuvachiv, albeit with the whole stench I will be monitored by Google, like the programs of the company.

Smartphone; 2 or 1 SIM memory card; screen: 6.4 “; IPS; 2310×1080; memory is built-in: 128 GB; RAM: 6 GB; processor: Kirin 810; OS: Android 10; battery: 4000 mAh (unknown); camera: 48 (wide. f / 1.8) 8 (wide) 2 (macro) 2 (bokeh) Mp; color: green.

Win is not practical without GMS, which is not possible in the firmware of the virobnik through sanctions. And for їх installation and activation on the annex, required singing tools.

The HUAWEI P40 lite smartphone has a 6.4-inch IPS-display occupying practically the entire area of ​​the face surface, and a 16 MP front camera is installed in a miniature viridine screen. The 8-core Kirin 810 platform is productive, allowing you to cope with the usual staff, including games, on a comfortable basis.

You can install the necessary settings from AppGallery

For all Huawei devices with EMUI 10 standard set of programs: browser, mail, view, camera, calendar, notepad, alarm clock, gallery, weather, calculator, health, voice recorder, file manager, as well as SwiftKey keyboard from Microsoft.

To that, if a smartphone is not needed as a “dialer”, then AppGallery can help you expand your options.

How to get Google Play on Huawei 2021. in just 2 mins

To start, you can add a selection of popular programs.

The standard browser in EMUI 10 is worth the shit behind the design of Chrome, ale Opera has been built to shine.

Spіlkuvannya: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp

Popular in Ukraine messengers Telegram and Viber є in AppGallery, clean the stink without problems. WhatsApp can be installed directly from the website by the programs.

Maps: OsmAnd, web version of Google Maps

For navigation in the place in AppGallery є the number of stasisunks, ale, mabut, the best. tse OsmAnd, which is based on OpenStreetMap. Have a new є offline mode and reach a lot of points of interest. Well, you won’t name a smart robot with programs.

Given the availability of the possibility of adding Google Maps, the web version of the maps is not readily available, and it is functional.

Krim of an awakened music player, in which you can add your music, in AppGallery there is only one service of streaming music. Deezer.

Replacing Google Translate with AppGallery in Huawei smartphones, even in the past.

For robots with documents on Huawei smartphones, the Office add-on from Microsoft is installed out of the box. Fast for everything, the programs of the American company may not be bargained for in the AppGallery.

A quick and quick list of references, which, in the non-koste version, allows you to keep a list of references with naduvany and planuvati zavdannya by day.

Hand-held, padded notebook with auxiliary synchronization and small outbuildings.

Social networks : Instagram

There are no problems with the blockage of problems, it can be blocked from the site of the social network, and it will be automatically taken care of. Z that Instargam Trochi іnsha situation. the service does not give an immediate add-on of the client, ala web version, as we do not compromise on the program.

Kino and Seriali: Megogo, Netflix in the browser

AppGallery has a number of popular online cinemas in Ukraine: Divan.TV, Sweet.TV and Megogo. Ostanniy pratsyu nicer. Krym, you can marvel at Netflix through a browser, just one, so don’t see it, you can use it for offline viewing.

Dodatok YouTube is not possible without GMS, so you can be amazed by the video only through the browser. Yak i have a vipad with Netflix, there are no problems with peeking, ale to add the video to a smartphone, if you have a premium, not vyde.

Dodatki popular in Ukraine taxi services are not available in AppGallery, ale voni dobre go through the browser.

It’s simple, even if you have to finish the zruchyny zostosunok for reading e-books. It’s a pity, without the ability to synchronize with other outbuildings.


In addition, you can log into Google Drive and Google Photo through a browser, for synchronization and backup of data from Huawei smartphones you can choose to go to the company.

How to Download Your Favorite Apps with the Huawei AppGallery (Step-by-Step Install Guide)

Vona allows you to take contacts, photos, files, voice recorder recordings and notes from a notebook. At the same time, Huawei declare that the data will not be transferred to China, but for its safety, the compliance of the GDPR (HUAWEI ID) is given by the Irish company Aspiegel.

Local programs: “Nova Poshta”, OLX,, Privat 24, monobank, “Multiplex”, “Kabanchik”, and інші

AppGallery has announced to fill up a lot of storage points for local services and banks, while the list of products will be updated.

Another way to add programs to a new Huawei smartphone is the Phone Clone utility. First of all, the main feature is the transfer of the man from one annex to the other (contacts, photos, history of calls and occasional calls), you also allow transferring more of the program.

Alternative dzherela zasosuniv

If the program does not start without GMS, then Apps will show an alternative. With this help, you can add a quick link to your smartphone with the necessary set of programs, as for robots you do not need Google services.

Not all Google programs can run without GMS. For example, APKPure can be used to install the Google Chrome browser, Google Maps, Google Translate and the Files file manager. Smell of the robots, but I can’t go away from your Google record.

Є Accept two programs, which are not required, Gboard keyboard and Snapseed image editor.

Smartphone; 2 or 1 SIM memory card; screen: 6.1 “; OLED; 2340×1080; memory is built in: 128 GB; RAM: 8 GB; processor: Huawei Kirin 990; OS: Android 10; battery: 3800 mag (unknown); camera: 50 ( wide-angle camera, f / 1.9) 16 (ultra-wide-angle camera, f / 2.2) 8 (f / 2.4, teleobjective, OIS) Mp; color: black; NFC: flare up

Besides, the lock of the car navigation Waze also has a strong picture of the authorization system, so it’s because Google doesn’t get stuck and it’s okay.

Nayblich is an alternative to Google and parts of the stasis. Microsoft programs. Leave the smell not all available in AppGallery, or through APKPure you can put the Edge browser, an email client with Outlook calendar, OneDrive for syncing files and photos, as well as OneNote for notes.

In general, with the help of Apps and APKPure, you can install a lot of popular features that do not require Google services.

The HUAWEI P40 smartphone has a top-level Kirin 990 processor with advanced 5G technology and sophisticated Ultra Vision Leica optics. absolutely new photo and video capabilities

How to put WhatsApp and Instagram?

To launch something on your smartphone that is not in the official market, you just need to download the APK of this application and then install it safely. Where can I find the APK? Most of the archives are on sites like APKPure and APKMirror. You can install a separate Installer program, which is available here. This is a third-party application that contains APKs of most popular services. they can also be installed on a smartphone.

Despite the abundance of options, the principle of downloading is the same at all sites. Let’s analyze it using APKPure as an example, but our instructions are suitable for both APKMirror and Installer. We go to the site, look for the search bar. it is at the top. Then we write the name of the desired application. for example, WhatsApp. The site immediately offers the corresponding archive. It remains to tap on the download button. If this is the first time you put something from the browser, the smartphone will ask for permission.

We are waiting for the APK download. the file weighs 30 MB. After that, WhatsApp will automatically start installing, and we only need to authorize the work of its services. That’s it, now the program can be used. Instagram is put in exactly the same way.

How to put YouTube?

With YouTube, the situation is a little more complicated. To download the archive, you must first install the APKPure application. it is there, in the browser version of the program. After that, go to the APKPure program and enter YouTube in the search bar.

There is only a nuance. If you put the official client from Google, then on the latest HUAWEI models it will not start. it will require other Google services on the smartphone, which are not there. Therefore, we are looking for an untethered version. It is called exactly the same, but its author is not an IT corporation, but a man with the nickname MD Sajeeb Hossain. It will work quietly and without any “googlaps”. There are no more differences from the “white” application.

We have launched YouTube client on HUAWEI P40 Lite. It took us less than a minute

A matter of a couple of clicks. How to install popular apps on HUAWEI smartphones?

It’s no secret that the latest HUAWEI models come out without some actual apps. And although AppGallery, which replaces Google Play, has more and more useful services, there is still something missing. But there is no need to panic, because installing the missing programs on HUAWEI is as easy as shelling pears. This will take exactly half a minute of your time. Now we will show you how to do it. we will supplement the fresh P40 Lite with WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube clients.

And other applications can be downloaded in this way?

Yes. Anything stored on APKPure or Installer can be installed in two clicks. For example, Telegram, disgraced in Russia. Or Gmail too. We tested this method on HUAWEI P40 Lite, but it works equally well for any other smartphones.

Let’s summarize. If you’ve been thinking about buying a HUAWEI but were afraid to run out of your favorite apps, don’t worry. Any service can be easily installed in 30 seconds.

Alternative sources for installing applications

However, I note that not all Google programs do not work without GMS. For example, from APKPure you can install the Google Chrome browser, Google Translate, and the Files file manager. They are completely working, the only thing is that they will not be able to log into your Google account. But there are at least two programs that don’t need it, the Gboard keyboard and the Snapseed image editor.

In addition, the Waze car navigation app also uses its own maps and authorization system, so it does not depend on Google and works fine without GMS.

For me, the closest alternative to the Google cloud and part of the applications is Microsoft programs. While not all of them are available in AppGallery, so from APKPure I installed the Edge browser, an email client with an Outlook calendar, OneDrive for syncing files and photos, and OneNote for notes. There was also hope for the Microsoft To-Do list of tasks, but so far the program, when launched, swears at the lack of Google Play, although it fully works and synchronizes data.

What alternative to GMS does Huawei offer??

Conventionally, all applications on the Android platform can be divided into two categories: those that depend on the GMS, and also completely stand-alone. For example, programs from Google are absolutely independent, the application of the social network and WhatsApp can be downloaded directly from their website, and at the same time they will be updated by built-in tools. A similar situation is with Office and Translator, which Microsoft has quietly laid out for installation in AppGallery. But if the application was originally created with GMS components, then the developers need to adapt it for HMS, otherwise all functions will not work in it, for example, maps.

social networks:

By itself, the phrase “Android without Google” drives a little into a stupor, because since the release of the first Android smartphone HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) in 2008, the notion that Android is Google has taken root in the minds of users. Not least due to the fact that most modern Android smartphones use GMS (Google Mobile Services). It is a set of tools for developers to make it easier for them to implement different features of their applications. For example, make it so that the program can determine the location, show maps, send notifications, accept payments, show ads, collect usage statistics, and more. That is, GMS make life easier for developers and make their applications more convenient for users, but at the same time they are completely controlled by Google, like the company’s programs.

Is it possible to install all the required apps from AppGallery?

By default, all Huawei devices with EMUI 10 are equipped with a standard set of programs such as browser, mail, messages, camera, calendar, notepad, alarm clock, gallery, weather, calculator, health, voice recorder, file manager, and Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard. Therefore, if a smartphone is needed not as a regular “dialer”, then with the help of AppGallery you can expand its capabilities, although not in all.

The default browser in EMUI 10 is pretty good and resembles Chrome in design, but Opera seemed to me a little faster and, more importantly, it works better with PWA (Progressive Web Apps). And if the user plans to limit himself to installing programs only with AppGallery, then they will be needed, and then I will tell you exactly how.

Communication: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp

The popular messengers in Ukraine Telegram and Viber are in AppGallery, they work without problems. WhatsApp can be installed directly from the application website.

Maps: OsmAnd, Google Maps web

You can find several applications for navigating the city in AppGallery, but as for me the most convenient is OsmAnd, which works on the basis of OpenStreetMap. It has an offline mode and a lot of points of interest. However, there are questions about the speed of the program.

Despite the lack of the ability to install the Google Maps application, the web version of the maps has not been canceled, and it is quite functional. over, Opera runs it in a separate window as a web application (PWA) and in terms of basic capabilities it is in no way inferior to a separate program. The only thing is that it does not support car navigation.

I could not find a good program for navigating the city by car in AppGallery. It is possible that this will change with the release of the joint application Huawei and TomTom, the development of which they previously announced.

In addition to the built-in music player to which you can upload your music, AppGallery has only one well-known streaming music service. Deezer.

Translator: Microsoft Translator

As a replacement for Google Translate from AppGallery, you can install a pretty good translator from Microsoft.

Documents: Microsoft Office

To work with documents on Huawei smartphones, the Office application from Microsoft is preinstalled right out of the box. Apparently, other programs of the American company will also appear in AppGallery soon.

Convenient and quick to-do list, which in the free version allows you to keep a to-do list with reminders and schedule tasks by day.

Convenient free notebook with support for synchronization between different devices.

Social media: Instagram

As already written above, there are no problems with the application, it can be downloaded directly from the social network site and it will update itself in the future. With and Instargam, the situation is a little different, the services do not allow you to directly download the client, but they have web versions that are in no way inferior to a separate program. This is also a Progressive Web App that the Opera browser can launch in a separate window.

Movies and TV shows: Megogo, Netflix in the browser

AppGallery has several popular online cinemas in Ukraine: Divan.TV, Sweet.TV and Megogo. But the latter works best. In addition, you can watch Netflix through a browser, the only thing that will not work is downloading movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

The YouTube app does not work without GMS, so you can only watch videos through a browser. As in the case of Netflix, there are no problems with viewing, but downloading the video to your smartphone, if you have a premium subscription, will not work.

The applications of taxi services popular in Ukraine are not yet available in AppGallery, but they work quite well through a browser. Like other PWA applications, they can be launched using the Opera browser in a separate window.

A simple yet quite handy e-book reader application. Unfortunately, without the ability to sync with other devices.

Cloud storage and photo sync: Huawei Cloud

In addition to the ability to access Google Drive and Google Photo through a browser, you can use the company’s own cloud to synchronize and backup data from Huawei smartphones. It allows you to save contacts, photos, files, voice recorder recordings and notes from a notebook. At the same time, Huawei states that they are not transferred to China, and the Irish company Aspiegel is responsible for their security and compliance with the GDPR (HUAWEI ID).

Local applications: Nova Poshta, OLX,, Privat24, monobank, Multiplex, Kabanchik, and others

At the moment, a lot of applications for local services and banks have appeared in AppGallery, while their list continues to grow.


Blocking features built into apps

As a reminder, messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp have been offering password blocking systems for some time now. Therefore it would be useless to install third party apps to add this functionality.

So if you are trying to lock an app that already has this feature, I suggest you use this feature because it will be more difficult to bypass the app locker. See this WhatsApp guide I already wrote for a better understanding of what I mean.

In addition to hiding programs, using Hide it Pro, you can block them, that is, set a password to open.


  • Launcher Android
  • App to hide Android app
  • Hider App
  • Android app lock app
  • Storage
  • App lock features built into apps
  • Nova Launcher

    Since the Launcher interface is approximately the same, its installation is similar. The interface is slightly different, but the functionality is the same.

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to hide an application from the desktop. Someone will say that it is easier to put a password on the desktop, but this does not apply to cases when you need to transfer your smartphone into the wrong hands. We have already described how to set a password for the application. You can use this method, but if you use a Huawei smartphone, you can do it much easier. the creators of the firmware have provided one cool trick.

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to hide an application from the desktop. Someone will say that it is easier to put a password on the desktop, but this does not apply to cases when you need to transfer your smartphone into the wrong hands. We have already described how to set a password for the application. You can use this method, but if you use a Huawei smartphone, you can do it much easier. the creators of the firmware have provided one cool trick.

    To hide the application on a Huawei smartphone, you need to tap with two fingers on the smartphone screen and spread your fingers apart. as if you were enlarging the image.

    The “Hidden Applications” section will open. Tap on the “Add” button.

    Click on the apps you want to hide so that a checkmark appears. Then tap on the OK button.

    These apps are hidden from the desktop.

    To bring them back to the desktop, make a gesture of magnification with your fingers on the desktop, click “Add”.

    Uncheck the specified applications, click OK.

    Apps reappeared on the desktop.

    Sometimes, it happens, you want to hide some application when you pass your smartphone into the hands of another person. Can you do this? Depends on smartphone and firmware. So, in the early versions of EMUI, such an opportunity existed, but later on it was abandoned. The reason, obviously, is that this method is not reliable, since you cannot set a password.

    And this is done very simply. you need to press with two fingers on the display and spread them apart from each other, that is, this is a similar movement as if you wanted to enlarge the image on the smartphone screen. Next, add the applications that you want to hide.

    In the latest versions of EMUI, you cannot hide applications, but you can set a password on them, which is much more reliable. Go to “Settings”.

    Open the “Security and Privacy” section.

    Tap on the line “App Lock”.

    Go to your desktop and open the gallery.

    Enter your password to show Gallery content.

    A fingerprint scanner can also be used to unlock the app.

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    • You must register in the application.
    • The program logo must be clamped.
    • A menu will open where you will need to select the applications you want to hide.
    • Clamp “Ok”.

    Through phone settings. without root rights

    The above method removes the downloaded program from the main panel only. To restrict access to it, it is really possible to set a password in this way:

    Modern versions of phones that are equipped with fingerprint scanners allow you to lock not only a pin, but also a fingerprint scan, in some cases even Face ID (photo unlocking) is available on the user’s face. It is unreliable in only one thing. your close relatives, very similar to you, can access the utility if the system considers that this is the same person.

    Now, each time you start this application, you will need to enter a code that only the owner of the phone knows.

    Practical methods for hiding programs and games from the desktop on Honor and Huawei phones running EMUI or Magic UI.

    By setting a password

    In older versions of the EMUI shell, you could hide applications in the corresponding section of the “Security and Privacy” section. Now this feature has been removed, but users can put a lock code on certain programs. For this you need:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Select the section “Security and privacy”.
    • Select subsection “Blocking”.
    • Enter unlock code.
    • Select a program and drag the slider to the “On” position.

    Now, each time you start this application, you will need to enter a code that only the owner of the phone knows.


    A free app called Vault lets you hide photos, videos, messages and apps with a password. After installation, grant permissions and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. Enter your password and confirm it.

    Now select the App Lock option and select the apps you want to password protect. Then select the Lock option. Then select the Basic App Lock option and click Ok. Then set up administrator rights for the application to work correctly.

    You are finished. The apps you selected will be blocked correctly. When you open it, you will see Vault “intrude” by asking you to enter the PIN that you configured.

    Launcher Android

    • Access to the list of applications
    • Choose which app to make it disappear
    • Click on the “Options” icon in the list of applications.
    • Select the Hide / Show Applications option
    • In the new list, check the application to hide
    • Confirm the operation by clicking the appropriate option.

    If you were able to use this feature, it means that the launcher installed on your Android, be it Android Pie or another version, supported this feature to make apps invisible on Android. If not, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

    Application bar

    The application panel is a special menu where all the icons of installed programs, software, games, launchers, and so on are located and grouped. It is possible to hide application icons using this method if your operating system is higher than Android 4.0. The procedure is as follows:

    If you want to undo the actions and make the icons visible again, follow the same instructions, only remove the selection from the programs.

    Installing Play Market on Huawei

    In order to install Google Play on Huawei, you need:

    Then, from the Play Market, you can download all the programs, games and utilities of interest to the user that are supported by the Huawei smartphone.

    How to install apps on Huawei

    Huawei smartphones are the most advanced and most technologically advanced solutions on the market. They have it all: a powerful hardware base, an attractive design and a well-designed, easy-to-understand EMUI interface. New gadget users may have a question about how to install applications on Huawei. Well, if you became the owner of a smartphone straight from China, without pre-installed Google services, this article is for you.

    How to install an app from a third party source

    To install them on your Huawei smartphone, do the following:

    • Find the program or game you are interested in on the Internet, download it to your smartphone’s memory.
    • Run the downloaded APK file, then the user will be asked to access the information on the smartphone.
    • The penultimate stage of the installation. By default, installation of applications from unknown sources is prohibited on all Huawei gadgets. This is done in order to protect an inexperienced user from viral and other threats. This protection must be disabled in the “Applications and Security” settings.
    • Install the application, wait for the process to finish.

    So, for most games and utilities, the above actions are sufficient. But what if a program on a Huawei smartphone requires installing a cache? Let’s figure it out.

    • Some heavy games require additional files for stable operation. cache.
    • To install such applications on a smartphone, download the cache file on the network, and then place it in the root of the memory card.
    • The page where the program or game was downloaded from will indicate where the additional files should be placed. For example, it can be a folder along the path: “SDcard \ Android \ obb”.
    • After installing the cache, you should launch the target application and check its performance. If the game or utility does not start, you need to look for the problem in the file path. It is possible that additional files were placed in the wrong folder or there was a mistake in the name of the new directory.

    Thus, it is possible to install applications from third-party sources on Huawei smartphones:

    Is it possible to bypass the ban?

    American companies’ apps will stop updating if Huawei is blacklisted. At least this will affect Google software.

    Customization and use

    Here’s how to set up Play Store on your tablet:

    How to install the Play market on Honor, if it is not there by default

    This method of installing Google services on Honor smartphones can be used by anyone who has ever added applications to the system. It is based on installing a virtual machine in a smartphone.

    Why the play market is not installed in honor phones

    But lately, the creators of mobile devices are trying to separate from the usual service and offer their own in return. For example, there is already a Galaxy Store on Samsung mobile phones. By the principle of operation and functions, it practically does not differ from the Play Store.

    Allow installation

    By default, downloads of programs from third-party sources are prohibited on Android. Only official services are available. Before connecting the Play Market, you need to remove this restriction. Do the following:

    • Open device options.
    • Scroll down and go to the Security menu in the Personal Information section.

    In the “Security” menu, find the item “Unknown sources”

  • Find there the item “Unknown sources”.
  • In older versions of Android you need to check the box, in newer versions. move the checkbox to the “ON” position (it will turn green).
  • Now you will be able to run the installation APKs that are in the device’s memory.

    Installing recovery

    Before connecting the Play Store on the tablet along with GAPPS services, you need to set up Recovery. For this:

    Google services

    The app store is part of the set of Google services. Google Apps (GAPPS). It is built into all official firmware, but in unofficial it is sometimes removed. There are rarely used programs that cannot be removed without superuser rights. Therefore, in “lightweight” firmware, unnecessary functions are removed.

    But along with all the GAPPS, the Play Market also disappears. How do I restore it? You can download Google services yourself. To do this, Recovery must be available on the Android device. this is a recovery mode through which you can work directly with the system. To enter it, turn off the device and try:

    • Simultaneously hold down the lock button and one of the volume keys.
    • Hold down the lock button, home button and volume keys.
    • When you turn off the device, a list of possible actions should appear: “Turn off the power”, “Restart”, “Flight mode”. There may also be “Recovery”.
    • Use programs to restart. For example, “Root Booter”, “Rebooter”, “Recovery Reboot”. Their APK can be found on the internet. Root rights are required for these utilities to work. You can get them using the applications “KingoRoot” or “OneClickRoot”.

    This will work if you have Recovery installed. If there is no recovery mode on the device, you must add it yourself.

    Google owns the rights to the Android OS and the useful Google Play service

    Installing applications through the Play Market

    This method is characterized by maximum convenience and ease of implementation. Play Market is a standard application and is included in the smartphone by default. To install applications on Honor using the Play Market, the user will need:

    • access to the Internet;
    • mail with username and password registered in the service.

    If you do not have a mailbox, you should register.

    When you have access to the Internet and e-mail, you can proceed to the procedure for installing applications on Honor.

    • After selecting the application, click on the “Install” button.
    • The download will start and then the app will automatically install.
    • At the last stage, you can open the application by clicking the corresponding button.

    The method of installing applications on Honor using the Play Market is the safest and most reliable, since all applications are moderated and verified by the administration.

    How to install the app on Honor

    Often, owners of Honor smartphones can face a number of difficulties when using the device. For example, when installing applications. Although, as practice shows, it is very easy to accomplish what you want using one of the methods.

    Installing third-party applications through explorer

    Situations arise when the desired application is not in the Play Market, what should the user do then? In this case, you can use the application search in the smartphone browser. Any Android application has the.APK extension. Take this into account when downloading the app from your browser to your Honor device.

    This method of installing applications on Honor is also convenient, since there is always access to the downloaded file, which is very easy to find. The scheme of actions is as follows:

    • You should find “Files” in the phone menu, press.
    • Next, you need to go to “Downloads and Favorites”.
    • Click on “Downloads” if the file was downloaded using the built-in browser.
    • All downloaded and third-party applications can be seen here.
    • You need to select the application you want to install.
    • Click on it.
    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • After the installation is complete, you can open the application by clicking on the “Open” button.

    It should be remembered that when installing games, you also need to install the attached cache, which is an archive with game materials.

    There are other ways to install apps on Honor. For example, these include the method of installing applications through a computer. But the most popular methods are those described above: installation via the Play Market or Explorer on an Honor device.: