How To Install Programs On Ipad 2

Cydia Impactor

A utility similar to TweakBox using Sideload technology. It assumes that having a paid developer account, the user can download and install applications bypassing the App Store.

First, we need to install the program on the computer and download the file with the IPA extension (the format used for archiving programs and games for Apple devices).

Please note. Some applications and their versions may not work correctly (crash, slow down, etc.). Try downloading a newer IPA file if you have problems.

Before working with Sidia, we need to generate a special password.

  1. Go to the Apple website and enter your Apple ID login / password.
  2. In the opened window of the “Application password” section, click “Create password.”. Enter any name for the shortcut and click “Create”.

How To Install Programs On Ipad 2

The system will generate a unique password.

Whatsapp installation process in Cydia Impactor

    Open Sidia and connect the iPad to your computer. In the Cydia window, select the device you just connected. Transfer the IPA file to the program window and click “Start”.

In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID login and click “OK”.

Enter the password generated on the Apple website.

  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Before opening the application, you must enable the trust function in the iPad settings.

      Open the settings, go to “General”. “Profiles and controls. Device “.

    In the “Developer Software” section, find your Apple ID and tap on it.

    Press “Trust” 2 times.

    Now the user can find the WhatsApp icon on the desktop and use it. Unfortunately, the app is not adapted for iPad.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad

    Today WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers that allows you to exchange messages, photos, and documents. This application is especially often used on smartphones and tablets for greater mobility.

    Web version

    Almost all popular instant messengers have their own web version, which can be viewed through any browser. All basic functions for working with dialogs, files and documents are the same as on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the user will not receive notifications of new messages, which some will not like.

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      Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the WhatsApp web site. Click on the Share icon in the top bar. Then click “Full Site”.

    The next window will contain a QR code. It needs to be scanned through a phone that has WhatsApp installed and an active profile.

    Pick up your phone, go to the app and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Tap “WhatsApp Web”.

    Find the plus sign.

    Scan the code displayed on the iPad.

    The open tab on the iPad will be updated and the user will see all the usual functionality of the mobile messenger on the tablet screen.

    The advantage of this method is that the web version is convenient to use, as the image is adapted to the iPad screen.

    Installing WhatsApp on iPad


    Using TweakBox, iPhone and iPad owners can download and install various mods and applications that cannot be launched on this device or are not available in the App Store. Tweekbox works without jailbreak the system, being its alternative. Tweakbox uses developer tools for its work.

    First, download, install and configure TweekBox correctly, as its normal performance depends on it.

    1. Open the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the TweakBox website. Click “Install Now”.

    Select “Allow” to go to profile setting.

    In the window that opens, click “Install” and enter the password to confirm.

    Tap “Install” and then “Finish” to exit the settings.

    Go to “General”. “Shenzhen Span Logistics Limited IEAP”.

    Press “Trust” and then again a similar button. We have completed the initial TweakBox setup.

    Now let’s move on to the installation of Wotsap itself.

      Open the downloaded and configured TweakBox app.

    Agree to the privacy policy with the “I accept” option.

    Go to “Apps”. “Tweaked Apps”.

    Scroll down the list and find “Watusi for WhatsApp”. Click on it.

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    Tap on the “Install” button. Confirm the installation by choosing the appropriate option.

    Find the WhatsApp icon on your desktop and click on it. You will see the standard initial setup of your profile with a phone number entered.

    After installing and activating the application, the user will receive message notifications even on the locked screen. However, there are several drawbacks to this unofficial WhatsApp client: the presence of ads in the messenger and the lack of adaptation to the large iPad screen.


    It is easiest to install applications on jailbroken Apple devices bypassing the App Store. This can be done through such file managers as iTools, iFunBox and iMazing. For more information on how to use them to download IPA files to your device, we talked in Method 5 of the next article.

    So, in the article we have covered all the ways to install the WhatsApp application on the iPad. This can be done both through the standard App Store and using third-party programs.

    Installing any software on iPhone or iPad bypassing AppStore without jailbreak

    One of the constant drawbacks that users present to Apple products is the need to download applications only through the AppStore and iTunes imposed by developers. The adherents of “apple” technologies put up with such conditions, but would not mind if this drawback disappeared. Today we will tell you how to install ipa applications on iPhone and iPad.

    How to install third-party apps on iPhone and iPad. General information

    With the release of the latest iOS updates, Apple has not only significantly expanded the functionality of the iPhone and iPad, but also opened up new opportunities for users. For example, a program for installing applications on the iPhone has become available. Sideload, which allows anyone to download and install applications and programs without using the AppStore. This program will tell you how to download / install your application on the iPhone.

    Originally the standard version of Sideload was only compatible with Mac and only if the Xcode package was installed. This greatly limited the circle of users who could fully experience the opportunities that opened up before them. The solution was the release of the Cydia Impactor utility, specially prepared for installing applications on iOS. This software product allows downloading IPA files to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from personal computers under different operating systems. The program allows iOS to install applications not from the App Store.

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    Installing programs on iPhone bypassing AppStore without jailbreak

    If your PC supports macOS, Windows, Linux (32-bit) and Linux (64-bit), then Cydia Impactor will definitely work. Check if an iTunes update is required. Upgrade to the latest version if required.

    The Cydia Impactor algorithm will tell you how to download apps without the App Store and how to install the app on iPad and iPhone. It is noteworthy that in this way, you can install ipa applications for iPhone on iPad (there are utilities designed only for Apple smartphones):

    • Download Cydia Impactor using this link.
    • Download the IPA file of the application, which we plan to download to our mobile device.
    • We connect the gadget to the PC. As soon as a question appears on the screen about whether you can trust this PC, click “Trust”.
    • Launch Cydia Impactor, which we downloaded at the very beginning.
    • In the window that opens with a list of available devices and disks, select the connected gadget.
    • We transfer the IPA file to the program window.
    • Next, when prompted, enter the login and password of your Apple ID account.
    • After the Apple Developer Warning appears, click “OK”.
    • Then everything happens without our participation (of course, provided that all the previous steps were performed correctly). The utility will prepare files and upload the IPA file to the device.
    • Go to the “Settings” iPhone or iPad. Then we go to the subsection “Basic”, then to the subsection “Device Management”.
    • Select a development certificate and click “Trust” twice.

    Similarly, paid applications are installed without jailbreak, games are installed on the iPad