How To Install Play Market On Maize

How To Install Play Market On Maize

Instructions for installing Google Play on Meizu phones

Support for installed Play Store on Meizu

As you know, developers with “Meizu” when working with the OS went a special way, developing on the basis of the “Android” OS a modified operating system called “Flyme OS”.

One of the features of this system was the rejection of pre-installation on the phones from Meizu M3 and M5 of a number of programs from Google, in particular, the Play Store. This decision, dated in the fall of 2016, was due to the decision of “Meizu” to avoid problems in the operation of outdated versions of applications from Google when a user purchases a new phone to Meise.

Meizu decided to abandon the Google Play Store pre-installation on their phones

Instead, the company proposes to install the latest version of Play Market (and other applications from Google) using a special installer called “Google Installer”. At the same time, the installation of these applications from Google is possible only for official Meizu devices sold in Russia (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) with a confirmed IMEI. If you bought your smartphone on Chinese trading floors, from unofficial dealers and other dubious vendors, then to install the Market you will have to look for various workarounds.

Method number 1. Use the Hot Apps or Best to Install Play Market

To download and install Play Market on Meizu smartphones, do the following (you need an Internet connection):

  1. Find the “Hot Apps” or “Best” icon on the desktop, and tap on it;
  2. In the appeared applications for installation, find “Google Installer” (in some versions. “Google Apps Installer”);

Method number 2. Download Google Play using the App Center app

To install Play Store on Meizu M5 and M3, do the following:

  1. Find and run the App Center app;
  2. Click on the search button (usually at the bottom), and enter “Google” in the search bar. You will see a list of applications whose names are written in hieroglyphs;
  3. The first of these applications is usually the Google Installer. Tap on it, install, and then open this application;

Usually the first application will be “Google Installer”

  • It will contain the Google software package for further installation (in particular, the “Play Store” we need);
  • Click on it and you will see empty lines. The first usually means downloading using mobile Internet, the second. downloading using Wi-Fi. Choose the method of downloading convenient for you, and install this software. After downloading, reboot your device;
  • The Play Market shortcut appears on the desktop of your gadget.
    1. Open the Meizu App Store app;
    2. Click on the search icon below, and in the search bar enter “Google Installer”;
    3. In the list of found programs, run the first (top);
    4. Follow the instructions below.

    How to download Play Market on Meizu

    In addition to the described options for installing Play Market on Meiza gadgets, you can use the direct installation of the apk file of this program on your mobile device. To do this, just click on one of the links below, download the mobile application as an apk file, and then install it on your gadget.

    • Download Play Market from;
    • Download “Google Installer” from (register on the forum);
    • “Google Play” from the website (register on the forum).

    Download the apk file from

    If after the specified manipulations the Play Market does not open and does not work for you, then there may be the following reasons for this:

    • Your device is not certified (you can check by IMEI on the site;
    • The “Download Manager” application does not work correctly (to correct the situation, go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Download Manager”. “Erase data.” Then restart “Play Market”);
    • There are problems with your Google account. To correct the situation, delete the old account in the phone settings, create a new one, and try to enter the Play Market. Please note that when you delete an old account, all decisions tied to it will disappear, in particular, your game results;
    • Phone malfunction. To resolve the issue, delete all the services available on the phone from Google including the Play Store, Google Framework (uninstall GMSInstaller), restart the phone, and reinstall GMSInstaller;
    • Reset your phone to factory settings. In this case, all your phone data will be lost, therefore, use this method only as a last resort (Setting. About Phone. Storage. Factory Data Reset. Factory Reset. Start Reset).