How to Install New Version of Android on Phone

How to Install New Version of Android on Phone

In order to install the new version of android on the phone, you must first download it. It offers to work only with the official version, which is available on Downloading files from other sites is not recommended, as there are several reasons for this.

About them will be discussed below in the article, and now you need to understand what is needed to successfully complete the case:

  1. The presence of a mobile phone that runs on android
  2. Availability of the ODIN program
  3. The presence of the latest firmware version, which can be found on the official website of the OS firm
  4. USB cable available
  5. The presence of BACK UP-files that will help restore the system in case of errors
  6. Presence of a charged battery

Using these six steps, you can conveniently and quickly install a new android on your phone. All that will be necessary for the portal user is to follow strictly the steps that are indicated at the bottom of the article (in the proposed list). After they are completed, a person will be able to start using completely new applications that will work on an updated version of the software.

IMPORTANT: Flashing the phone should only be performed with the original OS program. It is necessary to get it through an appeal to the site-manufacturer of the software, because it is there that it will be completely clean from viruses and free from harmful code. It is worth noting that the creation of the article is 2014. It is for this reason that using the data in it means solving the problems of working with a mobile phone that needs to be updated in time. All the necessary questions or difficult points are best written in the comments.

How to rearrange software on Android?

Software updates can be beneficial for those purposes so that subscribers can conveniently work on installing new applications. It was said above that newly released programs may not be compatible with the old version of the firmware, so it is best to replace it with new files. Download only and only from or from analog sites that have extremely great authority and trust.

  1. Now the portal will tell you how to install android on your phone. First of all, you need to remember that any work should begin with creating a backup database file. Why? It happens that during the installation of a particular software, the phone turns off for certain reasons when this cannot be allowed. In this case, the entire program breaks down, so turning on the mobile phone will not work. What to do? Only again put the old firmware on your mobile, because in this case it will roll back to its previous state. Creating a database is available in each program, with which you need to flash the android.
  2. Updating the version of the android on the phone should be carried out further in this way: you need to find a program of the type “Odin” on the Internet. It is available at a price of 0 rubles, however, it is required to download it only from those sites that do not force the user to confirm their presence on the site by sending an SMS message. This is almost always fraud, while the program file will not be received after the notification is sent. So, as soon as the program is on hand, you can start downloading the firmware from the official site. Next, you need to connect the mobile device to a USB cable and to a laptop.
  3. In the case when there is a certain incompatibility (it is not possible to identify the device on the PC), you need to download the driver for the USB cable for the phone, which will be in operation. Again, you need to look on the Internet. As soon as the drivers are installed, the system recognizes the mobile device, after which it is necessary to go into the flashing program itself and select the files there that are located at the address “”. This is the necessary firmware file. The best thing is to try downloading it from the official site. ”
  4. Next, you need to enter your mobile phone into data download mode. To do this, the mobile phone turns off, and at the same time keys of the type “ON” “Volume” “Home” are pressed. Then enter the program, see “0: (COM10)” there and press START.
  5. The mobile will be flashed, during this time it will be rebooted several times. This should not be scared: this is completely normal.

IMPORTANT: It is immediately worth noting that you need to use the flashing capabilities only when the mobile device is fully charged or charged with at least 50% of the battery. Otherwise, the process will be lost, because the mobile phone will simply turn off, and you will have to do Beck AP.

Wishes to users

The article indicates the approximate steps that will help to promptly reflash a mobile phone through a USB device and Odin program. In order to protect yourself from unnecessary problems with the firmware, it is best to download it on the official website.

over, do not forget to make a BEK AP before each action to change the software.