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Ways to add emoticons from iPhone on Android

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The iPhone operating system is famous for its emoticons, and it is not surprising: Emoji is bright, colorful, regularly updated, to use them in correspondence is a pleasure! Many smartphone owners would like to have the same beauty on their devices. If earlier in order to install the iPhone emoticons on Android, it was necessary to change your set of smiles under the root, now you can download a special application from Google Play.

In order to install iPhone emoji on Android, download a special application.

Applications for adding Emoji

In the Play Store you can find many applications that add a special mod with iOS-umodi to Android. Although there are no identical to the iPhone, there are a lot of similar.

  • Open Google Play and find emoji.keyboard or font with Emoji.
  • Here are examples of such applications: Kika Emoji Keyboard, FaceMoji, Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons.Select the application, download it and install it on your phone.
  • To use the keyboard, go to the Settings General Settings Language and Vacation keyboard by default.
  • Select a keyboard superstructure with emoticons.


This is an absolute number that puts Rainbowkey in front of all in most directions. A multifunctional application for emoticons boasts more than 5,000 emoticons, stickers and fonts.

Having at the disposal such a reputable library of emoticons, you will always have a lot of funny emoticons and stickers to express your feelings.

Interestingly, Rainbowkey also allows you to configure the keyboard of your device. You can choose from many colorful pictures and cool fonts to decorate the keyboard.

In addition to tuning, functions such as a set of text with one hand, gestures of styling, auto.correction and accurate prediction, make it a convenient application for the keyboard. Although Rainbowkey is available for free, you will need to spend a few dollars to unlock all goodies.

Install: iOS (free purchases in the application start with 0.99)

New Emoji LiveMe

If your thirst for emoticons cannot be satisfied with only a few emoticons, you will need a free New Emoji LiveMe application for iPhone. This application offers so many options for emoticons that you will fall in love with it.

Emoji Free offers a wide range of various types of emoticons that you can add to your texts and / or emails.

You get the usual fixed static emoticons, amazing animated emoticons and the most popular session patterns, where you get different images made from different emoticons connected together.

The appendix also has cool fonts-umji fonts that can be used to give text reports additional attractiveness.

Install: iOS (free purchases in the application start from 0.99)

Setting Iphon Smilers Zfont

After installing the iPhon smiles in the smartphone, you still need to make some settings. Therefore, click on the gear on the main screen.

Select “Wallpaper and themes”

Now you can return to the main menu, open messages or messenger and write a message with iPhone emoticons on your Android phone.

What is Memoji

Memoji is a user prototype. The program, scanning the face and oval of the face, automatically creates the same animated character, a cartoon version of the person himself who copied his face appears. Also in the iOS system there is an opportunity to edit the resulting character, change it of your own free will.

Apple manufacturers literally struck everyone with such the appearance of a new function, because for it you do not need to download additional functions and applications. This novelty conquered all the owners of the iPhone, because now their phone is available such an interesting opportunity as editing and creating their own animated man.

You can watch in more detail about this function in this video

How to install iPhone smiles on Android

Now we need to start the ZFONT program and scroll down the page down to the “Emoji” section on the Home tab. You don’t even have to go far. in the top of the popular we immediately find emoji iOS14.2. We will use them.

Further, to make iPhone emoticons on your Android telephone, you will need to click on the “Download” button and, after the layout with emoji loads, press the “Apply” button to apply changes. The next step will be shown the instruction what to do specifically for your smartphone. I will show for the two most popular brands now. this is Samsung and Xiaomi.

How to change their emoticons for Xiaomi Redmi

After applying the package with iOS Emoji on the Xiaomi phone, you will see a choice of three options that allow you to put the smiles on the iPhone smartphone. I chose the third method signed as Latest, that is, the latest and most relevant.

Then the window jumped out with further instructions, where it was written that it was necessary to activate the topic in the manager of the top (Apple Me) iOS14.2. That I immediately did.

Please note that in the manager of topics I left only a checkmark at the System, and from the items “Desktop”, “The lock screen” and “icons” I removed the checkmarks, since I do not need them. I only need emoji. Then the phone will demand it to restart, after which the changes will come into force.

Put the iPhon smiles on Samsung

With Samsung smartphones with their fashionable One UI installation of new Emoji is much more complicated than Xiaomi. There is one very important condition without which you will not be able to make iPhone emoticons on Samsung. you should have a working account at Samsung Account. Then you will see such a list of actions:

The first five actions are the installation of the Circle Rounded Flipfonf application, changing the font by defending the instructions specified in the instructions, maintaining the backup settings in Samsung Cloud and deleting this application.

Then you need to install the selected iOS Emoji package, change the font on Default and restore the settings from the previously made backup to the cloud.

Attention! You only need to restore the settings. There is no need to restore anything else!

Well, that’s all! Now you need to check the iOS smiles on the keyboard. They should be replaced on the scale of the entire system, that is, in all applications!

Setting Iphon Smilers Zfont

After installing the iPhon smiles in the smartphone, you still need to make some settings. Therefore, click on the gear on the main screen.

    In the settings window, find the point “Wallpaper and themes”. In some firmware, before this you need to visit the “screen” section;

Now you can return to the main menu, open messages or messenger and write a message with iPhone emoticons on your Android phone.

How to make emoticons like iPhone in Xiaomi

Chinese company Xiaomi makes a huge number of smartphones for the whole world. Every year there are more and more models of this manufacturer on the market. The next way to get iPhone emoticons is suitable for telephone owners from this company. Each Miui firmware is equipped with an application called “Topics”.

Here are not only those that were created by developers, but also topics from people’s craftsmen. To obtain emoticons, you need to open topics:

  • Find the search line by topics;
  • Write on the line “iOS Emoji”;
  • Find a font with this name in the results and download it to the phone;
  • Reload your mobile device;
  • Now try to open any editor and select a set of emoticons.

They should be exactly the same as on mobile devices with the iOS operating system. Now you have the opportunity to boast of your friends that you write a message from a brand new iPhone.

How to use Memoji on Android

Android mobile devices do not have memoja in standard messages. They “live” only in iOS. But it is not necessary to purchase a new smartphone to use animated emoticons that can repeat our movements. We can use mobile applications from the Google Play market. It is here that we come for the additional functions of our smartphones. To use an unusual function, we will use the Kwai application. so go to the market and download it.

This application is a developing social network for Android. And is an analogue of Likee and Tiktok applications. And it has a function we need.

    We open the application and press the camera icon in the right corner;

By the way, there is no restriction on the recording time. Therefore, you can create at least a clock. But there is also no way to create your own memoja. Animated emoji on Android is not as mobile as in the iPhone. But repeat the movements of the lips, heads and some bright emotions.

Make animoji in Android via Zepeto

There are already a lot of applications in Play Market that are trying to repeat the success of Animoji. But so far, many of them do it bad. And all of them are not able to offer us the creation of a new Memoji on Android. But finally appeared an application that worthy of our attention. Zepeto. Download it for your smartphone with Android. It is a game, but the character’s editor has what we need.

Showing emoji option in keyboard | keyboard problem solved | UNIQUE CENTURIES

    Install and run Zepeto on a mobile device;

In this way, you can record Memoji and send it to your friends through SMS or in messages on social networks.

Other applications to make your own Emoji

Stickers can be a widespread trend right now, but the emoticons are eternal. And if you were looking for a way to go beyond the usual set of emoticons available on your phone, Emojily may be the perfect application for you. He offers great control over each aspect of the process of creating emoticons.

  • By choosing the “New” option, you will see a basic template for your emoticons, to which you can add elements such as eyes, eyebrows, hands or other and create something like this:
  • After you completed the Emoji design, click the saving button on the left to upload your creation to the photo library. You can also click the “Share” button to the right to send it directly to someone.

Note: Emojily gives you access only to limited elements in the free version, and you need to buy blocked elements for more control over the design. This will make the process even more exciting.

As you can see, Emojily is one of the best applications for creating emoticons on this list, but it is available only on Android devices.

Nevertheless, you do not need to worry, since Moji Maker (free purchases in the application start at 0.99) on iOS devices work in the same way. It is easy to use, and the creation of your own emoticons is an absolutely funny task.

Gboard minis

Well, if you do not want to download any additional applications and use GBOARD on your Android or iOS device, now you can create your own Bitmoji stickers, which are called Minis.

To recreate your face in the form of a sticker, just make a selfie, and proceed to the setting itself.

After creating Minis, they will become available in the “Stiches” section and you can send them to friends, as you did with any other stickers package. in any report of the exchange of messages that you use.

There are about 100 styles of stickers, which are included in 2 different packages, including Sweet Minis and Bold Minis.

How to enable the Emoji keyboard on samsung

The keyboard Samsung has an emoji function in accordance with the standard. The emoticons are contained in it in full, they are easy to find and simply insert them into the text. Therefore, most often there is no need to install a third-party keyboard on a smartphone, if only for some reason the application from other developers is more convenient for the user.

Emoji keyboard for Galaxy is located next to the text field on the left (the butt with the emoticon). When you press it, a panel shall appear, divided into blocks. Each category of pictures is collected on its page. You can move on the screen between the blocks to select the right emoji on the screen.

The program remembers emoji, which a person most often uses, and offers them primarily a separate category. in the tab with a clock. This is convenient when the user most often chooses only a few of his favorite smiles and he does not need to look for them every time in the large list of emoji.

Keyboard settings key

For quick access to the base of emoticons, an additional function is provided. If you hold the settings key (to the left of the comma), then the keyboard with smiles will start. This is another quick and convenient option for access to emoji for Samsung phone

To return from the emotion panel back to writing the text, you need to click on the ABC key. Then Emoji will close, and the keyboard will again be ready to enter the letters. This method for those who cannot find the missing emoji on the keyboard is not always the key in sight, in some Samsung models, the developers decided to hide it.

GBOARD functions

Google virtual keyboard has a number of features that make life easier and accelerate work with the text. Among them are a translator, rapid deletion of part of the sentence, applying the register to the already written text, entering fractions, the presence of all emoji and many other useful functions.

  • translator. Allows you to instantly translate the text and send a message in the right language. The line is introduced into the line in Russian, which must be translated, and the system gives the answer how it will look, for example, in English. The translation can be sent immediately.
  • Cursor. An interesting opportunity has been added to the keyboard. with a swipe by the gap button, you can control the cursor. So the developers decided to facilitate management, since it is not always possible to quickly put the cursor in the right place with a standard click on the screen.
  • Convenient search and insert of emoji on the keyboard.
  • Removing tips. If a hint appears when typing that does not fit or is never used by you, then it can be removed. To do this, clamp it with your finger, move on the screen and transfer it to the emetoled urn on the screen.
  • Punctuation marks and special systems. The main layout has a point and a comma. For cases when you need to choose another sign, quick access to the extended panel is provided. So that it appears, click and hold the point. this allows you not to switch to another layout each time.

As for the function of Emoji, we will figure it out in more detail.

Smiley on Android: how to install them

Why in the heads of modern users there is more and more likely such an idea: how can I install funny emoticons on my gadget? Yes, because funny balls are very detailed to the interlocutor their mood. Earlier, Android devices were in demand without this bonus, but with the incredible increase in the popularity of various social networks, users began to need more.

  • We go to the Google Play store at this link;
  • We load the TouchPal X Keyboard utility;
  • We install the application on our smartphone;
  • All! You are now the owner of a bunch of cheerful emoticons.

It is also necessary to clarify that while loading the application, your smartphone will show warnings like “DACK PO collects personal data from your device”. There is no need to be afraid. this keyboard does not save anything important and is not going to transmit anyone, this message arises only thanks to the work of the security system of a smartphone.

How to install emoticons on Android

If you do not have emoticons in the keyboard, then you can always download it to the link, as shown earlier. It is necessary to warn about some features of the emoji keyboard: this utility is installed on the phone by the type of one of the languages. As soon as you want to install a set of emoticons in the message, you will need to make all the same manipulations, as if when moving from English to Russian keyboard layout. Only for this it will be necessary to slip on the symbol of the globe in the lower left corner of the display, where emoji will be located. To choose a picture, you just slip through it.

Another utility emoji is known that in it you can create emoticons manually. The program carries with it a set of “spare parts” for funny faces, which on an ongoing basis are supplemented by the creators of this product.