How to Install Music on Samsung J7

So that put contact ringtone on Samsung Galaxy take the following steps:
1) To begin with, it is necessary that the contact to which we want to set a personal melody should be stored in the phone’s memory, otherwise there simply will not be a field for choosing your melody. This is the main problem when setting a melody to a contact when the contact in the phone book is on a SIM card.
2) Open “Contacts” and select the desired number that is in the phone’s memory.
3) Now we need to edit it, usually click on the pencil icon.
4) Next, select the item “Ringtone”.
5) After you go to the ringtone, you will be asked to choose a place from where to set the contact melody. Usually offered “Multimedia storage” or “ES Explorer”, you yourself can choose what is more convenient for you. If you choose “ES Explorer” you’ll have to look for tunes in different folders. And if you choose “Multimedia storage” then there you will see the available tunes, if the desired melody is not in the list, then you need to click on the button “Add” and find the melody you need.
6) After you select the desired song, click “Done”.

How to Install Music on Samsung J7
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